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                                       hey man, this is the newest quadlite production !!  it is called:     death of a lamer     and is dedicated to all assholes and lamers which are hanging around on the amiga      even if we are not the biggest metal fans, we thought it would be a nice idea to make such a demo !!   special thanks go to  romeo knight *for this really cool tune also thanks to   dr. disk    *for the great picture and to    skyhawk    *for the maiden char !!   here comes a note from zeronine to all guys who want to crack a game on the amiga:    check first if the programmer of the game has nothing against your intention, cause he could be a real mean guy !!       also a note to all guys who have the insolence * to say something against such groups as   red sector  *: please, look at yourself before you are talking shit about others, then you will see who the real lamer is !!!        some special   pc engine   *greetings go to    doctor f   *and    kazuhiko   *!!!     amiga greetings to red sector, defjam, unit a, threat, oks import divison, doctor mabuse, steel pulse, fashion, slarti bartfas, gillie, indy inc., mr. cursor, ultimax  (der elch!)  *, marc aurel, andreas starr, ramon, subway, wild copper, jungle command, lord blitter and pat, bamiga sector 1, megaforce and to all who like our demos ...  okay that is all for this time, see you next time    releasing date:  xx/aa/00 !!  *          bye