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                                               QUADLITE PRESENTS   PSYGNOSYS' OBLITERATOR    CRACKED BY MAJOR ROM !!!        THIS VERSION PROVIDES AMIGADOS-GAMESAVING.รพ     GREETINGS TO   UNIT A     E.C.A.     MR.ZEROPAGE     AND ALL OUR FRIENDS !!!                ANTIGREETINGS TO   HARALD (THE EX STAR-FROSTIE)         CRACKMAN-CREW (FOR DESTROYING THE CRM-LEGEND)      THE MOVERS            SOME DRUNKEN GUYS OF RED SECTOR              WATCH OUT FOR OUR DAVID-WHITTAKER-SAMPLER.         WE HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT TIME !!!            INTRO-CODING BY ZERONINE             QUADLITE 1988                                                QUADLITE 1988                                                QUADLITE 1988                                                QUADLITE 1988