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     zeronine          from quadlite        welcomes you     to a new quadlite       production       quadlite members          are              major rom           zeronine             mark ii             and alf        this demo contains    some swinging          effects           i called it        copper cabana     because the copper    is very busy in      this program      the main part of      the demo was      finished in ~†…„   but i had not much   time in this year  but finally it is   ready to hit your      s c r e e n       all programming     done by zeronine     music coding by        mark ii        watch out for some    quadlite cracks    antigreetings to     the lightforce    next time you use       our music            mention          the programmer{      greetings to          unit a          mister zeropage    sodan|magician       supra soft inc|    unknown|  esteban|   the mad thinker          ming              phr crew        dry lerning englis    garfield|swi        the mystery|rbc     bitstoppers            e|c|a               s|c|c              mr|ram             and to all        front     fans      so thats all for    todays greetings    try some f keys     to knock of some    parts of the demo  i am bored by all   those copy parties   see you at the          cebit ……             b y e         zeronine    †|€|……