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SHIFTRIX 2+ 1 PART AND CRACKED                                                    UNLIMITED TIME         YES              START LEVEL            001                     START   GAME                                                                    DONE BY ICE!                                                        THIS GAME WAS SUPPOSEDLY CRACKED BY                                                     SECTION 8 - DRAWN X                                                       BUT THEY FORGOT TO PLAY THE GAME                                                  AT LEVEL 4 THERE IS PASSWORD                                                     PROTECTION.. AND THANKS TO                                                        A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE!                                                               IT IS GONE!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      @ÿ          CALL OUR COOL BOARDS!         ----------------------------------------                                            FASTRAX WHQ     +1-201-939-4543         CHERNOBYL AHQ   +61-ELITE ONLY          ENTERPRISE AHQ  +61-3-364-9656          TREASURE ISLAND +44-992-451980          HOLY HOLE IHQ   +39-2581-06572                                              ----------------------------------------                                          SPECIAL GREETS TO-                                                              CADDY/DEFJELLY - REEETMON - LOVERBOY       SKELETON - VOYAGER AND FAMILY!            T.D.B - DONT HAVE A COW!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       @ÿ>01  THE PUNISHERS PRESENTS ANOTHER COOL RELEASE  !!   >02    THIS TIME I BRING YOU   --- SHIFTRIX - 1 PARTED - TRAINED AND ALSO CRACKED ---        DONE BY ICE! AND A PAL FOR THE CRACK             A BIG SORRY TO LEGEND FOR LEAVING THEIR NAME OF TANX.. BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO BE SO JUVENILE ABOUT IT!         I AM SO FUCKING TIRED SO SLATER...     WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW TALENT ESPECIALLY CODERS.. WRITE TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESSS IF YOU ARE INTERESTED..     >03  FOR ELITE MAIL TRADING CONTACT US AT THESE ADDRESSES...  >01   P.O.BOX 688    VICTORIA 3185     - OR -    P.O.BOX 298    VICTORIA 3042     - OR -    P.O.BOX 238   QUEENSLAND 4101    OR GIVE OUR BBS A CALL..