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 A woooommmm ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  B  reval of pulse here ... welcome to the seventh issue of B       the verdict     S  let^s go on with the credits... B code by A       donk of pulse   BS    sfx and gfx by A       strike of pulse BS    the pulse logo was drawn by A       bobby b of pulseBS    packed by A       reval of pulse  S                  if you want to support this pack then send your own prods to:       reval/pulse     S              nico cebron     S              otto blesch 13/1S              78315 radolfzellS              germany         S       B everybody who supports this nice pack will get his disk back with the newest issue of >the verdict> ... this addy is also 4 swapping ..........  well,this issue is a little bit delayed,becoz of lazyness...  btw ! you can find da modules from cooltunes also on disk !!!   warning ! sum intros don^t work on a1200,so killaga rulez !  anyway,enjoy da stuff and now hang on 4 da greetz^n messys..   reval and donk of pulse send hellos to : A.............    phython,2fast,trash head and norby/trsi    petshopboy and dr.randy/cadaver    posdnuos/ram jam    redman/mad elks    airhead/d29    netrunner/chrome    john peel/desire    techno and sonic flash/manitou    mr.keel/nova    muddy/phase    backfire/alchemy    radavi and stranger/effect    ripper/team extreme    zak/kool    nike and rokdazone/infect    bross/movement    cockroach/dcs    the hitcher/angelica prod.    suhu/banal projects    decadence/vision    flynn/outlaws    walker/interactive    mr.king/scoopex    darky/parallax    amon/mystic    qba/illusion    deceiver/decnite    slurry/black fishy    warlock and crusader/hangover    grand duke/diffusion    pervert/silicon ltd.    gold dragon and suicidal/unlimited     mdb and cocoon/bonzai    eager beager and cr8y/savage    gandalf/academy     air/obscene    al bundy/jewels    krusen/metro    lenin/freezers    splatterhead/black jack    too nice/krafted    baizon/g.a.c.    mic/principes    mac/stellar    immortal/technology       dj mellownoise/recall   xfx/independent    heptagon/flying cows inc.     2dd/tedp    vadium/independent    chung mu/independent    willy/epilogue    all in pulse and so on...  oki,that^s it.... let^s send out sum messys..... B dr.randy/cadaver : yo ! kewl idea to come back to da scene !   dj mellow noise/recall : yo dennis ! nice photo from you !   airhead/iris : have fun in ya new group !!!   immortal/technology : hope we^ll have a nice swapptime !   sam/bronx : all clear ? hope 2 hear soon from you !   grand duke/diffusion : thanx 4 contacting ! hope 2 hear soon from ya !   mac/stellar : hope we^ll have a nice swapptime !   python/trsi : hope 2 see soon sum kewl prods from ya group !   petshopboy/cadaver : nice cadaver prods !   posdnuos/ram jam : yo cristiano ! good work with the charts !   redman/mad elks : enjoy my tape ! hardcore rulez !!!   gandalf/academy : thanx 4 contacting !!!   norby/trsi : good luck with trsi poland !   netrunner/ind. : well,hope you^ll find a kewl group !   air/obscene : hope 2 see soon obscene prods ?!   john peel/desire : good luck in ya new group !   techno/ind. : what^s up ? send soon !   mr.keel/nova : salut alexandre ! j^espere voir des cool productions de nova !   muddy/phase : thanx 4 the candys !!!    backfire/alchemy : yo adam ! kewl work with ya backpack !   radavi/effect : nix miz mee is really kewl !   ripper/team extreme : what^s up ? send soon !   trash head/trsi : good luck in ya new group !   al bundy/jewels : what^s up ? send soon !   heptagon/flying cows inc. : na dann mal viel spass in deiner neuen group !   splatterhead/black jack : kewl work with ya diskmag ! i really do like it !   cockroach/dcs : yo wolfgang ! send soon und schick^ mir geile dcs prods    mdb/bonzai : geile prods from ya group ! geil ? geiel !   2fast/trsi : yoyo jens ! meet ya soon !    the hitcher/angelica prod.: yo tony ! thanx 4 da nice tape !   suhu/banal proj.: what^s up ? send soon !   mic/principes : na dann viel spass im krankenhaus oder watt ?   decadence/vision : es wird zeit...    flynn/outlaws : salut damien ! ya sendings are the fastest ones i^ve ever seen !   walker/interactive : good luck in ya new group !    gold dragon/unlimited : send soon ! oder bin ich dran ?    pervert/silicon ltd.: you^ll soon hear from me !!!        now coming some messies from donk/pulse....         mr.king/scoopex : vielen dank fuer den converter !   suicidal/unlimited : salut matthieu ! merci beaucoup pour la cassette et les textes !!   amon/mystic : hey,what^s up with you ?! send soon !   qba/illusion : 4 disk swapping rulez...    deceiver/decnite : your pack is quite cool.. but not against verdict ! hehe    slurry/black fishy : aga only !! hope you can use the things i sent you     warlock/depth : nice music from you !    sonic flash/manitou : sunbitchen rulez..please longer letters !    darky/parallax : it^s your turn to send...    mdb/bonzai : na carsten,wie waer^s mal wieder mit neuen briefmarken... hehe !    cocoon/bonzai : good luck with your projects !    eager beager/savage : thanx for long letters ! send some new musix from you !    cr8y/savage : wieder alles heile ?! bin mal gespannt auf neue pics !    vadium/independent : gaehhn... tastaturkabel rulez !!    chung mu/independent : pass auf deine telefonrechnung auf ! hehe    bobby b/pulse : yo stephan ! schigg mal wieder,du fauler sack ! hehe         okidoki,that^s all 4 today...    c u  in da next issue !!!!!                           C text restarts ...                                                 

 the verdict  issue # 7 
boom des.....norsu-intro
   pulse - no excuse !