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legal eagle U presents  4yet another pulsar production. hope you like it. as you may have noticed the german section of pulsar becomes legal. we dont know if the french 2and the austrian sector agree with this choice. if they dont like it we will join another crew or we will find a new group together with some friends. so we wait for their 4decisions. but we hope that they will agree. but now lets talk about our plans. the french members will finish soon a new demo called  jail demo. 2705 from the austrian 2Zsection is coding on his  music box demo.  do you need any musics harald? and datastorm  a very good friend and perhaps soon a new member of Zour crew in germany is making a cool vector demo. good luck!  now  lets write down the credits of this demo.   all coding was done by legal eagle. Fthe logo was drawn by    corwin.         thank you for it! did you really cut the letters out of a font as stephan told? then it have to be a great font.  the cool font we got from PU   #sign    3many thanks for it rainer. hope to get more great gfx from you! this nice music was composed by    saclant.      thanks for the fast work. but the music takes more memory than the rest of the demo. <this scrolltext was written by mercy and legal eagle. that are all guys who worked on this demo. to contact pulsar germany try this   postlagerkarte7   o94 828 c           3ooo hannover 1        west germany.    we cant tell you our memberlist because we dont  have the list here at legal eagles place. we just can tell you the members which we remember. in germany are just legal eagle and mercy. soon Zsome very cool guys will join our section! since tmb left pulsar and joined scoopex there is only 2705 in austria. the french dsection is confused because some members joined and some left the 2crew. the leader of the french section is numitor. sorry to all the other members in france but xwe cant remember you or we didnt know if you are already a member of pulsar france.   Zhi numi! i hope to get a actual memberlist of 2your section.  now some hellos will fly out. we dont have a greetingslist from the french and the austrian members. so just some greets from germany. the greets are in no orders. okay now hellos to      alive      byterapers     dominators     darkness     disknet     paranoimia     oracle     atomic circle     alpha connection of atomix    scoopex     datastorm     franky     grawenzel     hellas     #sign     sitrex     vision factory     subway.   and ofcourse some hellos to our friends on the cbm 64. hi to     action     hotline      success     cheyens.   now we say bye to you all    and watch out for other productions done by legal eagle.