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Simple, basic, boring mini-intro by Renegade 1/7/91  

                PRESENT:                                                             HUNTER +6 DOS VERSION                                                        F1 = 50/60Hz Select                                               Welcome to another great compacted game from PSEUDO-OPS.                This time we bring you:    * H U N T E R +6 *        Original cracked by The Company. Trained by Legend.....               NOTE: This is a 100% version, unfortunatly the Legend trainer unwarped its self over the part of the disk used by the Missions in the game!! That small problem has been fixed!                         For more cool compacts, call the PSEUDO-OPS BBS, The M-25 on +44-442-232-973                   If you have an ECS Fatter Agnus you will see an option above to switch betwen 50Hz and 60Hz video modes - I recommend you switch to 60Hz mode! This will strech the NTSC playing area to fill the whole screen. 60Hz mode requires a monitor to work.                   Time now for some personal regards:        Mnemonic/Anarchy - Nice line draw routine Jon! Thanks for the vector tips too.                     Paul/PSEUDO-OPS - Cheers for the logo Paul.                  Rik - Giga thanks for the loan of your printer! I'll bring it back soon - honest!!!                 Greetings to ALL our contacts around the globe and beyond....                         CREDITS:                      Logo By Paul                 Compression,Packing and Coding By Renegade (Using the best cruncher in the world: PowerPacker 3.0)               Music By The Special Brothers.                        And finaly a   * FUCK YOU *   to all the London Taxi Drivers...