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Cthis demo was made totally by quint of powerlords, except the music, which was made by blair zuppicich. Cthose members of powerlords who are here at the shapeZtrc party in porsgrunn will now write some bullshit on their own.       tee djay first.     hi drac - hi geronymho - jeg er i porsgrunn paa kopierings-fest, og det er passe driiit kjedelig.... my contacts: send more ladies!  gaar hjem naa.... (snart) - bye, t.j.       ho folks! octon speaking     i'm so bored now, that i'll write my scroll now. the time is five o'clock in the morning, but almost everyone on this partyis still awake.   when i and zynix came to this party thursday, it seemed like a dull party. but on friday things changed a bit. suddenly a lot of people came rushing in.  there are some cool groups here, for example no limits, imp 666, fraxion, it, the band etc..etc...etc.  i have almost not slept the last three days, and i feel rather strange (can i write with madness_), but not tired.  around me, i can see a few lamers sleeping over their computers, a lot of garbage (after several wars between some commodore 64 groups) and and and ....  enough 'bout that.  i would like to send a special greetto dragon! thanx for your stuff. find yourself a cool group soon!     if you're fast'n'hot, then don't hessitate, but contact me at once!!  a little message to vip-powerlords:     fight for your rights to a party!!!   next time you'll better come with us, when we're going to another copyparty. (when i travelled along with zynix, we ended up loooong away from the party place, coz zynix didn't wake me up when we was supposed to go off the train. therefore we had totake another train back again, and that took hours!     ok, this demo is more that boring enough already, so i'll better quit. remember:  we're cooler than ice cream, cos cool is our rule!!!    zynix here!  no! wait! please don't reset! i don't know what octon has written about me, but it is probably something not very nice, so i would like to send a small hello just in case it is something nice after all. (i like to think well about people, but i never learn.)         that's it i guess. snorring off..... zynix        alec: thanks for the applause. (i hate tomatoes, specially when i  get them in my face. did you get that one_  (why is nobody laughing_) well, well i just thought that i should send a few hellos to: micro (to bad you couldn't come. this is great!(___)) to zorloc of aliens(urk!!!) nice knowing you! and to aber'n (yes, you will get your greet)   ... well alec signing off......         zzzzzzzzzzzz.... still with us_ well, i would have found something better to do by now, like playing chuckie egg or manic mecanic on the spectrum.         a big hello to all members of powerlords u.k., powerlords sweden and the rest of the bunch in powerlords norway