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         Welcome to.....                       %*%Dear Santa%*               ^                               \                            %After a long absense,%POWER@HOUSE&%are back once more with a christmas demo (Just in case you hadn't noticed!).       Oh, before I forget, lets have some snow.....=     Ah, thats much better, don't you think?       Time to roll the credits for this production which is guaranteed to contain no less than 100 percent good vibes!                All Code, graphics, animation and design by%#%Motion/PH%#%      Power House logo drawn by%#%Headhunter/PH%#%      Seasonal Toones by%#%Brutal of FATAl%#%(Thanx mate!)       A special greet to%#$%BUB%$#%of the Bubble Bobble BBs.   Try saying that after a few lemonades... erm, I mean beers!  Honest!  I'm a big lad, look I've even got hair(s) between my legs! Hehe!      A big fat hello to%*%Ocean/Nuance%*%- What a picture!  So how long have you been in the special forces?!   Did I manage to send the ID card to you in time?   Stay cool Scott, and thanx!       I can't take the pressure!!  These deadlines are killing me!   %STRESS%is not a word, it's a way of life!   It's now 11.45am, and I'm in a sweat trying to get this little production finished.    It's the 10th of December today, and it's also my birthday!!    Just in case you're wondering who this%MoTion%geeza is, well it is in fact the%ex-Predator!%of%PoWeR HoUsE&%   I was tired of the old name after all these years, and the death threats associated with a name of this kind.     Hey,%TUT%and%STATION%how is the%PC%conversion of this demo coming along?   I look forward to seeing the game,%BURPS!%    %COBRA%of%POWER HOUSE%- What are you upto these days?   Converted over to the%SNES%scene?   You take care of ya self, ok?   Give me a call some time, when you've got some time on your hands.    %HEADHUNTER%of%POWER HOUSE%- If you want a project then get designing!   I'll tell you what I can handle.   Write or call me soon, croutons muncher!!     %*%Mountain Man%*%- You hang in there!   Keep mellow and think of the good times yet to be had!     %Dave Taylor%- I hope our businesses bear fruit.    Good luck mate!    %Ian Bryant%- I hope you make it into the%MARINES%in one piece.   Keep up the training, see ya soon!     No more, no less!   Enough from me, this demo has to be circulated by Santas work men, or in plain English the postmen and women!   Contact us at - Motion,  25 Melrose Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 6NT, England (The birth place of the scene!!)                                                     

Hasn't it been a long time since we 
      last released anything?       
So, to brighten up these long winter
 evenings,  we bring you a seasonal 
  demo to cheer you up before your  
bank account goes in the red,  as it
     does at this time of year!     
      Enjoy....... Dear Santa!      
The credits in full are coming up...
Here come da credits writer style...
Code, Gfx, Anim + Design .... Motion
Power House Logo ........ Headhunter
Christmas Music ....... Brutal/Fatal
Tune 3 by .......... Hi-Lite/Scoopex
Tune 4 by .............. Oxide/Sonic
Tune 5 by ........... Hydlide/Quartz
 * Press F1 - f5 to select a tune * 
Before we kick the greets in ya face
 I (Motion) would like to announce  
that we have a new member called....
           * Madoka-San *           
Welcome to the crew Dave!  It's good
 to have you back on da scene after 
such a long time! Try and quit those
 cigi's while you can still breath! 
Also an apologie to D-Vize/NerveAxis
 Sorry for not writing back to you, 
  I can understand your decision.  ^
Ok, here come some messages from the
     new geeza, Madoka-San.....     
PHANTOM - Chris, you puff! You can't
code and your Mam is crap in bed!   
GHOST - Harvey,  just what group are
you in now?  UK charts as well,  how
many blow jobs?!                    
SONIC DUDE - PlEASE get rid  of that
jacket, it makes you look sad!      
More from him on next page.....    ^
IAN - Hello, I don't believe it! Get
rid of that rage against the machine
T-shirt - their crap!               
FISH/Lsd - Andy, how are you getting
on?  Still got that fly-over in your
JINX/NEBULA - Gary, we will  have to
meet up at one of  the  next parties
and have a real good talk!          
CRAIG - Why have'nt  you  bought the
Macross II video yet?  Go buy it!  ^
SCOTTY - Well slap my thigh but only
you can squeeze it..... NOT!!       
HOUDIE ELBOW - Get your wages and go
and buy that modem!                 
That's all from Madoka-San, for now!
Coming up is a BBs add for our mates
          in * HUMANE * uk!         
 Stay tuned.....                    
                  Or get harpooned! 
 Ok, call the ABATTOIR - HUMANE EHQ 
       (also For Fun Inc UKHQ)      
       *  +44 (0)21 4579633  *      
          800(!) Meg online         
         1 gig Tape Streamer        
       * Sysop - Meatcleever *      
    Drop by soon..... not later!    
 More greets (oh, no!!) from Motion 
 flying towards these chosen few... 
HOAXERS - Hi guys!  It's a Long time
since you've heard from me, no!? So,
stay mellow, and enjoy this and many
other PH prods coming your way soon!
Merry christmas! To all I met at the
Gathering'93 in April of this year!!
for not writing sooner.  So, how are
things? Nice meeting you both! Bye!^
BuRtOn/Majic12 - Hey, whats with the
  delay? Have you released another  
volume of Dance Diverse yet?? How do
ya access the secret part in vol 1?!
OCEAN/Nuance - Do ya still mess with
the sk8 boards now and then?  You're
my oldest contact Scott!  Keep fresh
         and funky trooper!         
PAZZA/Lsd - You're doin' a great job
with Grapevine!!  When are you going
to get Shaggy to implement the color
      clipart?!  Kick his ass!     ^
Welder/FTA - Thanx  for your  coding
tips and advice Chris.  It's greatly
appreciated!  Call me sometime,  and
  send sooner, you slacker!  Hehe!  
Trixter/FTA - When are you  going to
 release Sound Warz II?  Get busy!! 
Mr.Gumby/Humane - Thanx for  getting
this spread on the boards.   Where's
 your groups promised chrimbo demo? 
Overide/BYTEBUSTERS - So, do ya like
  this mate?  Merry chrimbo to ya! ^
Dan + Nuke/Lemon. - Nice meeting you
  geezas at the Gathering'93. Your  
 style is kickin and oh, so lovely! 
Majic Mushroom/Lemon. - Hey Trev, do
you remember me? I spoke to you once
with Manx/Anthrox  on a conference a
long time ago. Nah, did'nt think so!
Cryton/Apocalypse - Finished editing
the news text yet?!  Nice talking to
you Steve, n-joi  this demo and keep
those wise  and nice articles coming
 at great pace. Yep, ROAR is Crazy!^
Earthshaker/Silicon Ltd - I hope you
 guys make as much of an impact on  
the Amiga, as you've done of the 64!
I look forward to hearing from you!!
Dexter/Delicious - It's your turn to
send!  I'm begining to get impatient
with you!  Send the tune and logo as
soon as poss!  No more excuses Pat!!
Flyer/Ex-PowerHouse - So, why did ya
quit the scene?  Too much hassle, or
what?  It was good having you on the
 team, even if it was a short time!^
Fake/Equinox - It's me!  The guy you
met at Lillestrom train station, and
 then missed your train because you 
got carried away and forgot the time
it was due to arrive! So how are you
after all these months? Write soon!!
Finally a big Merry christmas to all
 the guys in PoWeR HoUsE! Don't you 
just love all this sloppy bullshit!?
Hi to TUT, Qix-Snd, Station, Madoka-
San and of course Cobra + Headhunter
 and not forgetting Cush! The wrap!^
       Merry Christmas Folks!       
********   ***   ***   ********  ***
***   ***  ***   ***  ***   ***  ***
***   ***  ***   ***  ***        ***
********    ********  ******     ***
***   ***        ***  ***        ***
****  ***  ***   ***  ****  ***  ***
****  ***  ***  ****  ****  ***     
*********  *********  *********  ***
********    *******    ********  ***
    PoWeR HoUsE (c) December '93   ^