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Tp5-inv.intro                                C R E D I T S

             System friendly code by :  Sca / Polka B. & Puzzle

             Enjoyable music by      :  Tricktrax / Puzzle

             Lousy gfx & shit design :  Sca / Polka B. & Puzzle

         LMB = Next screen     RMB = Previus screen     BOTH = QUIT

                          I N T R O D U C T I O N

    Awarded as "Most important scene event in 1994" we are proud to invite 
      you to the 5th anniversary of the original scene party; The Party.

                          W H E R E   &   W H E N

    The Party 1995 will be held in Scandinavia's largest Hall & Conference 
   complex; "Dronning Margrethe Hallen", which is located in Fredericia in 
     the middle of Denmark. The Party will be held from Wednesday 27th of 
        December at 10:00 CET to Friday 29th of December at 12:00 CET.

                      F  A  C  I  L  I  T  I  E  S

- Room for 4000 people!
- A quiet, seperate hall for sleeping.
- All info about what's going on will be published on a large bulletin 
  board near The Information and on the big screen.
- A cafeteria and a kiosk will be open all day. Fair prices.
- Extremely  **powerful**  PA equipment (20.000 watt) and a 1000 x 800 cm 
  high quality screen.
- The Party 1995 T-Shirts will be sold at The Information.

                              E V E N T S

         - 50 hours non-stop activities.
         - 9 main competitions with great prizes.
         - Laser Matic - The laser game!
         - Lots of computergame competitions with fine prizes.
         - Traditional party-events like: Body-crashing and DiskOs.
         - Live concerts at the stage.
         - Enormous RAVE-Party!
         - Giant Magic Card tournament.
         - Conferences with Escom and Amiga Technologies.
         - Plus much more...

                              P R I C E S 

- The prices will be presented in extension of the counting.
- The prices will only be presented if the person/group is present at The
- Contributors to the competitions, who are disqualified after the
  competition took place will with no regard to the ranking not have their

                 - Main competitions and prizes:

                 Amiga Demo     Amiga Intro    WiLD Demo 
                 1. $3500       1. $600        1. $3500
                 2. $1500       2. $400        2. $1000
                 3. $750        3. $200        3. $500
                 4. $500                       4. $300
                 5. $250                       5. $100

                 4-Ch. Music    Multi Ch.      Gfx Compo
                 1. $700        1. $700        1. $700
                 2. $400        2. $400        2. $400
                 3. $300        3. $300        3. $300
                 4. $200        4. $200        4. $200
                 5. $100        5. $100        5. $100

Note! The prizes may include hardware.

                         G E N E R A L  R U L E S 

- All contributions must be delivered at the Information before deadline.
  Deadlines for the different competitions can not be moved because of the
  many competitions.
- All contributions must be delivered on 3,5" DD or HD floppy disks and
  equiped with a special party-label, which you get at the Information.
  The label must be filled out with information about:

   - in which competition the contribution participates
   - title of the production
   - group and name/handle of the contributor
   - machine and OS for running the production
   - number of disks total
   - length in minutes
   - how to run the contribution.

- The contributor will be asked for a statement that he/she agrees in the
- The disks will not be returned, so you'd better remember to make backups.
- To contribute, you must actually be present at The Party. Exceptions can
  be made for people from outside Europe in the demo competitions - they
  can participate, but if they win they will not get any prizes.
- If the production needs interactiv control, it must be mentioned when
- Surprise competitions will be announced at the beginning of The Party.
- Every contribution can only participate in one competition, and the rules
  for that competition must be followed.

                 A M I G A   D E M O   C O M P E T I T I O N

- A group can contribute with as many demos as they want to but only one from
  each coder.
- A maximum of 20 minutes will be shown of each demo. Maximum size is 5 MB.
- The demo must be able to run on a standard Amiga 1200 with 2 MB chip and
  4 MB fast. Hardddisk installation is optional.
- The possibility to click through the demo is a guarantee for that the
  demo will be played all the way to the end.

                A M I G A   I N T R O   C O M P E T I T I O N 

- The maximum size of intros is 40K = 40960 bytes.
- A group can contribute with as many intros as they want to but only one
  from each coder.
- The intro must be able to run on a standard Amiga 1200 with 2 MB chip and
  a single floppy disk drive. The intro must run from boot on floppy disks.
  the intro must be exitable.

                              4 K  I N T R O

- The maximum size of intros is 4K = 4096 bytes.
- A group can contribute with as many intros as they want to but only one
  from each coder.
- The intro must be able to run on a standard Amiga 1200 with 2 MB chip and
  a single floppy disk drive. The intro must run from boot on floppy disks.
  the intro must be exitable.

                            W I L D   D E M O

- In this competion there are no hardware restrictions. You can contribute
  with whatever machine and configuration you like. This include pocket
  calculators, Cray computers, Amigas with expansion cards and
  harddisk, Pentium PC's or anything else.
- If your contribution can take part in other competitions or if it is not
  exceptional special it cannot participate in the WiLD competition.
- The machine and configuration will be clearly announced during the
- A maximum of 20 minutes will be shown of each demo.
- You will have to lend us your equipment during the competition.
- Video output must be PAL RGB, VGA or Pal Composite XXXXX!!!!!

                  G R A P H I C S   C O M P E T I T I O N

- The picture must be delivered in IFF-ILBM of GIF format. If that is not
  possible, we will convert for you if we have time for it. Of course we
  cannot warrant against quality loss in conversion.
- Max size is 800 x 600 pixels and maximum 8 bitplanes = 256 colors.
- Each artist is allowed to contribute with one picture.
- We have of course not knowledge about every single picture in the world,
  but anyway; don't contribute with scanned, stolen or redrawn pictures (or
  fractions of pictures).

           4 - C H A N N E L   M U S I C   C O M P E T I T I O N

- No more than 5 minutes of every tune will be played.
- About 20 tunes will be played at the big screen.
- The tune must be delivered in 4-Channel protracker mod.-format.
- Maximum size is 720 K.
- The jury will try to select the best overall tunes from its subjective
  opinions, but will also consider the following more or less objective

  H O W   T H E   C O N T R I B U T I O N S   W I L L   B E   E X E C U T E D 

- Interactive control will be done with mouse/keyboard, if no other input
  device (joystick) is mentioned.
- We decide in which order the contributions will be executed.
- The execution will if possible be done from harddisk and in the full length
  of the production.
- Every production will have an associated number, to be used for voting
  and counting afterwards. Lists with numbers and associated contributions
  will be displayed on the big screen and on the infochannel through the
  competition and occasionally after the competion.

                          H O W   T O   V O T E 

- The voting is public, and votes must be given on the votedisk.
- Votes should be given and delivered before deadline for the voting or not
  later than one hour after the last demo in the last demo competition
  is run if the program for The Party is exceeded.
- The votedisk will be handed over when you register at The Information.
- Three votes must be given to every competition. The votes have priority
  accordingly to the the following values:
     1.)  5 points
     2.)  3 points
     3.)  1 point.
- It's possible to vote in several turns, and regret previous votes.


- Contributions can be excluded if it is detected that they
   * are not original
   * are previews
   * are protected against copying.
- A jury decides if these rules have been fulfilled.
- The exclusion can be done even after the competition is finished.
- If too many contributions are delivered for a competition, as many as the
  competition can cope will be chosen. This circumstance is expected
  only to be relevant for the music competition. The contributions will be
  chosen out of a competent jury.
- The jury is put together of organizers, who are experienced with the
  different competitions.

                              E T H I C S

It's laid on the contributors to have good ethics. Bad ethics is not a
reason to be disqualified, but it will be noticed under the competition.
Bad ethics is:

- To copy someone else's work.
- To scan or redraw pictures.
- To participate with productions released at previous parties.
- To emphasize oneself by blaming others or making them ridiculous.

                           C O P Y R I G H T S

- All contributions delivered for the competitions will be considered PD
- We will copy and spread all contributions.
- All contributions will be available in extension of the Amiga demo
- The winners of intro, graphics and music competition will also be
  available on compilation disks.

                       E N T R A N C E   P R I C E

- Due to the extra facilities, events, competitions and prizes the entrance 
  fee will be dkk 250.

                           P L E A S E   N O T E

- We will not accept anybody selling food, disks, services etc. without our
- Alcohol and drugs are not allowed at the party place. If we find any it
  will be confiscated and NOT given back.
- Intoxicated people will be thrown out or handed over to the police. This
  goes for both alcohol as well as drugs.
- We will not accept any racist signs or acting, weapons, spraycans or
  fireworks etc.
- People who cause any damages will of course have to pay for it.
- We take no responsibility for illegal swapping, software, hardware,
  video etc.

                           A D D R E S S E S
            Party place: 
                            Dronning Margrethe Hallen
                            Vestre Ringvej 101
                            7000 Fredericia
                            The Party 1995
                            Postbox 755
                            9100 Aalborg
            The Party-Phone - for information and registration:
                               (+45) 98 625859
            Modem Registration:
                               (+45) 98 167533
            Net Registration:
            E-Mail (Internet):
            World Wide Web:
            Fidonet:           2:238/67.1

                           R E G I S T R A T I O N

     |                                                               |
     |  Yes, we are coming to The Party 1995                         |
     |                                                               |  
     |  Name / Handle.......................:                        |
     |  Group & Country.....................:                        |
     |  Number of persons coming............:                        |
     |  Number of computers.................:   _Amiga  _Pc   _C-64  |
     |  Do you want to reserve tables.......:   _Yes    _No          |

Fill in the form on the disk, and send it to the Organizer address above.