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Needs "BLOB!DATA" in dir from
which you execute "BLOB!.exe"
Blahh.. Blahh..


Pixie Gives You His Slideshow
' ' B l o b ! ' '
A Polkabrothers Production 1994

LMB down to pause text!
LMB selects picture.
While viewing pic, press
RMB for shitload of text..
Enjoy this damned masterpiece, ok!

Welcome to the world of my mind...
This is probably the first slideshow
in our part of the scene, where there
is such a small percentage of copies
in it. The main thing in this show is
actually that I have thought, formed
and shaped all of the pictures in my
own mind, but still, I want you to
look at my pictures, as you would
look at any other computer pictures.

Actually I had a very good time doing
this show, because I realised that
everytime I sat down by the computer,
nice things would float from my head,
through my hand, into my mouse and
at last it all appeared on my screen,
just as I wanted it to be. It was my
intention to do something bigger, but
the standard A1200 hardware said STOP,
so you'll have to do with this for now.

How I entered the scene...
I October '93 Mount (at that time he was
in Parasite) discovered my graphics
abilities, and he made it possible for
me to join Parasite. At that time, I
didn't know anything about the various
techniques a graphician needs to know,
so all my gfx vere done in hires
interlace. Just before the Gathering '94
I discovered how to do antialias, and I
ended up on quite a good position in
the gfx competition.

I got a job...
Just before the Gathering I got a gfx
job at InterActivision(A/S), so during
the making of this slideshow, I have
also been working on a game, which
(hopefully) will be out soon.

My private Greetings...
Connor - Balance
N-Gin - ?
Greyhawk - Disaster
Liquid - Disaster
Flowerchild - Iris
Blomst - Camelot
Skyhawk - Iris
Slammer - Rednex
Wolfman - Balance

The Whistle - Parasite
Splatt - Parasite
Pearl - Razor 1911
Kollaps - Focus Design
Maytz - Mentrax
Legde - Mentrax
Cash - Mentasm
Black Dragon - Heretia
HP - Heretia
Ultraz sur - Metro
And I have probably forgot
a lot of other people..

I also want to thank Devilstar
for showing me some techniques,
and for making the
''No Copy''-train start rolling!

This is my address if you need it:
Pixie - Polka B.
Esben Toft Jacobsen
Skovbovaenget 78
3500 Vaerloese
-Be happy, be original...

It's time for.. DR-derude..

And now for the CREDITZE.
100 GFX'ed by PIXIE
PROGRAMING.... Airwalk
(And I'm proud of it..)

Blahh.. Blahh.. Blahh..
Blahh.. Blahh..
Blahh.. Blahh.. Blahh..
Blahh.. Blahh..

A Good Pipe of ..?
Phantom Ship
Dead Prisoners Revenge
Friend On Wings
Priests' Anger
Outside The Shire
Papa Was An Alien
The Future
Space Orc Napoleon
Matrix Wasp Virus
Hack Attack

Title: Who?
This picture is
actually a
selfportrait. My
older brother
made a fast sketch
of my face, and
then I did my own
version on the

Worktime: 2 eves
Fin: End October '94
Colors: 32 AGA
A Good Pipe Of...?
This picture is
supposed to be
Gandalf and his big
pipe of...? The
picture was in the
competition at
Assembly 94.
Worktime: 3 Days
(Bit under pressure)
Fin: Just before
Assembly '94
Colors: 64 AGA

Title: Phantom Ship.
When I was a small
kid, my father and
I made a wooden
model of Columbus'
ship ''Santa Maria''.
I held it out in
front of me and
made a fast sketch
on the screen.

Worktime: 4 eves
Fin: June 1994
Colors: 64 AGA

Title: Dragonlove.
First I made a
quick 32 color
version, but I
couldn't make up
any background.
Mount converted
the pic to 16
colors nonAGA,
and made a bg.

8 h's of shading
Fin: March '94
Colors: 16 nonAGA

Dead Prisoners
Hmm.. I copied
the skull and
the right hand
from some fantasy
picture, but the
rest is my own.

Worktime: A week
of very light work.
Fin: May '94
Colors: 64 AGA

Friend on wings.

The dragon took
form in my own
mind, so screw
you all.. (HOHO!)

Worktime: 2 weeks
(what a waste
of time!).
Fin: August '94
Colors: 128 AGA

Title: Priests Anger.
Made this after
the South Sealand
party, to test some
techniques that
Devilstar had
told me. succes??
I know the sky's
a bit pink, but
that is the way
that my mind
rendered it...(?!).
Workingtime: 3 days.
Finished: June 1994.
Colors: 64 AGA.

Outside the shire.
This is probably
one of my best
pic, ehh. It shows
Gandalf in the
beautiful, but
hostile country
of Rhun. It's
100% my own
picture. - Can
you find Gollum?
Worktime: A week.
Fin: October '94
Colors: 128 AGA.

Title: Reflection.
One day, while
I had no ideas,
I saw the reflection
of my own face in
the screen... A
few corrections
to make it look
more evil, and I
had a picture
with perfect light
on it.
Workingtime: 4 hours.
Finished: June-July.
Colors: 16 AGA.

Papa was an Alien.
I started one day
before the South
Sealand party, and
it was in Ventions'
demo at that party.
It popped out of
my own bored brain.

Worktime: 2,53 days.
Finished: June
(4 o'clock in the
morning at that party).
Colors: 128 AGA

Title: The Future.
My good friend
Anders Laerke
helped me with
the sketch, and I
finished the picture
in no time. I don't
like this picture..
This picture was
also used in our
Worktime: 3 days.
Finished: June 1994.
Colors: 128 AGA
(What a waste).

Space Orc Napoleon.
Ahh, this picture
is one of my faves.
The orc-thing
reminds me of
Napoleon at
Waterloo, but still
he is a powerful
As said before, the
picture is my own.
Workingtime: ?
Fin: August '94.
Colors: 16 nonAGA.

Title: Cybersoul.
The Whistle ordered
a nonAGA intro pic
for Dansktoppen 4.
I finished this one
in three days, but
he didn't really
like it, so he got
''A Good Pipe Of...?''.

Workingtime: 3 days.
Fin: October 1994.
Colors: 32 nonAGA.

Matrix Wasp Virus.
Just when I had
finished reading
''Mona lisa overdrive''
by William Gibson, I
started drawing the
paper sketch for
this picture. It is
the breed of my
own mind.
Worktime: A week.
Fin: October 1994.
Colors: 64 AGA.

Title: Hack Attack.
This picture shows
the final highlight
in the book
''Neuromancer''. You
need to read the
book to understand.
It is fostered by
my own fantasy.
After my opinion, it
is my best picture
ever, hmmm...
Worktime: A week.
Fin: October 1994.
Colors: 128 AGA.