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                               * INFORMATIONS *

  Revenge of Mr.Party IV  is  the fourth Croatian Amiga  party  organized by
  PoLARIS team.  Party  will be organized on 06.11.1993 in Siscia/Croatia at
  the old place what  is known for all  dudes from any of  our last parties.
  But  this time  party place has a new name. It is renamed in 'KULTURNI DOM
  MLADIH' (EX PIONIRAC).   Bilding is  still at  the same place! Capacity of
  party  bilding  is  over 200 people. It's not like in Danmark but...  It's
  Croatia!  There  will  be HI quality stereo sound installed in strength of
  1000w  without  people voices  and  noice  of installed  hardware.  Great!
  At some most visible place will be installed a big TV (In colour, he, he!)
  for demonstrations and pictures,  also  for  demo/gfx competitions and for
  fun over all.  Party room is  furnished with all necessary hardware dasks,
  tables, chairs. WC is available, too! There will be no waiters to wait on!

  Party will starts in the morning and will last up to  the late night hours
  with a little brake in 14.00(CET) for relaxation and lunch (or food only).
  For all those that will want to sleep after the party,  there will be some
  sleep places available. During whole  day  you'll be able to purchase some
  food and drink in nearest FAST FOOD trafic also at  any other food shop in
  town. You have to bring with  you your hardware/software and, sure,  pails
  and sockets for energy. Lot of pails! Sure, if you'll  want  your  private
  workplace. There will be enough energy for all, so,  problems of this kind
  will be refused at all. No care for hard  damages caused by energy shocks!

  We  hope  that  this  time will  be  much more  people than the last time.
  With  your presence  you'll support the  croatian  Amiga  scene  which  is
  every weekday so bigger and stronger.

  If something  is not so clear or to get some other additional informations
  you can contact the main party organizer on:

                          oMEGA/PoLARIS:  +385 44 32 245

                                   or write to:

                                 JURICA VUKOVI\
                              Antuna Branka ^imi\a 3
                               44000 Sisak/Croatia

                              * HOW TO GET THERE *

  Siscia is a Croatian town placed about 60Km  from Croatian capital Zagreb.
  If you'll  come to  Zagreb  from any way,  the  best move is to catch some
  train  or bus to Siscia. Be sure that there will be many trains and busses
  on this relation during whole day. Travelling will take you  about 45 Min.
  When  you'll  finally  find  Siscia  (For travelers without train)  you'll
  need to  find  the central train station.  Rotate yourself for 180 degrees
  (in front  of  station bilding - main enterence)  and  walk stright  about
  800 meters.  When you'll come to the end of the street just rotate yoursel
  for 90 degrees on the left side and  walk  stright about 700 meters to the
  the  nearest  little square.  Ask  somebody for  'KULTURNI DOM MLADIH'  or
  for market.  You wouldn't  be  far from the aim.  When you'll finally find
  the  party  place,  enter into the object  but pay  before,  don't forget!
  Party  bilding  is not so big, so,  there will be no  problems with space.

                          There will be many dudes so...

                                   * PRICES *

  Entering price  will take  you a very  simbolic price of 3DEM  that you'll
  need to pay in HRD only.  Competition rewards  are parly  depended of this

  Real   rewards  and  money  for  competitions  will be  defined at  party.
  Everything depend of party sponsors. They  will be our moral and financial
  support for sure.     Without   them  this  party  wouldn't  be  released.

  Food prices and other stuff prices are mainly known.
  Simply:expensive for Croatians and not so expensive(cheap) for foreigners.


  No  credit  cards, phone cards,  sisters(!) or anything  that's not a cash
  at   the  party  entering!   Only  cash   will  be  accepted  as  payment.

  You can check the relation between DEM and HRD at the nearest visible bank
  or in newspapers on the party day!
                                 * COMPETITIONS *

  Traditionaly, and  this time  there'll be  organized a few competitions in
  demo+40KB intro,  music  and gfx classes.  Bad luck this  time is that the
  demo  and   40KB   intro  competitions  are,  in  fact,  one  competition.
  That's mainly because of some technical reasons.
  This  time we dont't expect some  big and serious demo competiton, so, our
  attention  is  turned to the 40KB intro competition. Pointing way is realy
  unknown jet, but you'll be informed right on time.

                                 DEMO COMPETITION

  Only  present  persons will  be  available to take a  part in competition.
  One group is allowed to presents  more then one demo/intro in competition.
  All  demos / 40KB intros   must   be runnable  with  standard  Amiga  500.
  Well, it is A500, 1MB, 1MB Agnus chip, KS V1.3, DF0.

  During  presentation  a  member of the group must be present at the board.

  Every DOS  demo/intro  must be  saved  as an  executable file and 'alone'!
  We'll  accept  only  alone files  on  the disks.   Backups  are  permited.

  Demonstration time and number of used disks are unlimited!
  40KB intros must be compressed or uncompressed but they must not be longer
  than 40960 bytes. Well, no 40962 bytes or more!

                                MUSIC COMPETITION

  The main   rule  here  is that a  composer  must be  present at the party.
  Every  module  must  be composed in ProTracker V2.3 or just playable in it
  or (for example) from FileMaster/DirOpus etc.

  If  some  music is not writen  in ProTracker format, it must be created as
  executable file. Well,only ProTracker and executable modules are permited.

  Every module or exe. module must be alone on the disk (backup is allowed).
  Time limit is 4 minutes.  Length limit is 400Kb.

  All  modules  with  unoriginal  idea  (cultivation(?!?))  are  prohibited!
  Only  personal compositions  are  permited  to take a part in competition.

  Also,  modules  which  are  composed on PC/ATARI/MAC etc. are allowed too,
  but   they  must  be  runnable  with  standard  Amiga500, 1MB,  1MB Agnus.

                                 GFX COMPETITION

  Who  wants to show  his picture (artwork) must  be  present at  the party.
  Every picture must be saved alone (with permited backup) and  they must be
  compressed in standard IFF format.
  Any resolution of original Amiga graphic chipset is permited.
  Picture   must  be  visible   from  DeluxePaint, FileMaster,  DirOpus etc.
  Max. number  of  colours  is HAM-6 (4096).   No  AGA  gfx  this time. Yet!
  Ray-traced    pictures   and   digitalization / scaning  are   prohibited!
  Original  and  unoriginal  picture   ideas  are  permited  except  photos!



       One person can take a part in competition with one product only!
       Sure, you can take a part,  for example,  in music and gfx compo
       but you can't take a part, for example,in music competition with
       more than one music.

                                  * IMPORTANT *

  We expect  this  party without a bad  behave people or someones  that will
  crash  some extreme  behave  rules. So, no harm except heavy energy bills!
  All  the  dangerous and  mad  people  will  be  kicked  out of  the place.
  That will be the end of party for him (them).

  We  know  that Siscia is  located near fire line, so, if there will be any
  Serbian attack before the party, expect some little delay.
  It's in fact because of people safety. But, be  sure that everything is OK
  for  now  and  chanses for future attacks are very low.  So, no fear pals!

  We hope that  you'll take  your hardware with you and, sure, software too.
  Bring  with you  everything  what could  be  interesting for other people.
  Also, this is something so called 'copy party', isn't it?

                            .oOo. THE CREDITS .oOo.

                Main coding ............................ DIABLo
                Advanced cube coding ...................... ELF
                Music ................................... ALPHA
                Panic picture .................... BLUE DEVILLE
                Gfx & fonts ............................. METAL
                Other gfx & design ..................... DIABLo
                Party organizer ......................... oMEGA

                      Invitation was released on 12/10/93


                               (C) PoLARIS, 1993
                                  * GREETINGS *

  This is our old greetzlist.  Some of this groups are dead perhaps and some
  new are borned. Anyway,  greetings to all freaks from (EX)following teams:

    2000 AD            ADDONIC            ADDICTS            AGNOSTIC FRONT
    ALCATRAZ           ALPHA FLIGHT       AMAZE              ANALOG
    ANDROMEDA          ARMAGEDDON         AURORA             AWESOME
    BALANCE            BINARY             BLACK MONKS        BRAIN WAVE
    BRAINSTORM         BRONX              CAPITAL            COMPLEX
    CYBORTECH          DAI                DARKNESS           DEVILS
    DIGITAL            DUAL CREW          ECLIPSE            ELITE
    EOC 1999           EQUINOX            EXTASY             FANATICS
    FUSION             GOTHIC             GRACE              LAZY BONES
    LEGEND             LEMON              LIVE ACT           LSD
    MANITOU            OFFWORLD           PARADISE           PIRATES
    PURE METAL CODERS  RAZOR 1911         REALITY            SAMBA
    SANITY             SONIC              SPACEBALLS         SPIRIT
    SUICIDE            SUPERMACY          SCOOPEX            SYSTEMATICS
    TSB                UNREAL             ZENITH             others...
                                * INFORMACIJE *

  Revenge of Mr.Party IV  je ve\ [etvrti hrvatski Amiga party u organizaciji
  grupe PoLARIS.  Party \e se  odr_ati dana 06.11.1993.  u  Sisku na  starom
  mjestu  koje  je poznato svima  onima koji su prisustvovali  bilo kojem od
  pro^lih  Polarisovih party-a.  Samo mjesto  odr_avanja party-a  promjenilo
  je ime u 'KULTURNI DOM MLADIH' (EX PIONIRAC).  Dvorana se naime jo^ uvijek
  nalazi na istom tlu.  Dvorana prima i osigurava mjesta za preko 200 ljudi.
  Nije  kao  u Danskoj no - ovo je Hrvatska!  Dvorana  je  opremljena stereo
  razglasom snage 1000w (bez glasova prisutnih i zvukova instalirane opreme)
  U   dvorani  na  vidljivom  mjestu  bit  \e  postavljen  veliki  televizor
  (U boji, he, he!)  na  kojem \e   se   prikazivati  demoi,  introi  i  sve
  ostalo  iz  Amige a  naravno i demoi, introi  te  grafika  u  kategorijama
  natjecanja.  ^to  se  ti\e prostorije, WC  je prisutan, stolovi za tehniku
  te stolice, tako]er. Samo nema konobara koji bi vas eventualno poslu_ivao!

  Party \e trajati od jutra pa do kasno u no\ s jednom relaksacijskom pauzom
  za ru[ak,  razgibavanje  i  odmaranje vida u 14.00.  Za sve one koji misle
  spavati nakon partya osigurana su mjesta.  Tokom  dana  mo[i \ete nabaviti
  hranu   u   obli_njem  FAST FOOD   kiosku   ili   bilo   gdje   u   gradu.
  ^to  se  ti\e hardware-a  za  upotrebu  po_eljno je  da sa  sobom dovu[ete
  svoje  ra[unalo/monitor/opremu  i  naravno  produ_ne kablove  koji  \e vam
  omogu[iti  direktno  spajanje  na hrvatski energetski  sustav.  Struje ima
  jo^ uvijek u izobilju tako da oko toga i  nekih nepo_eljnih  elektro^okova
  ne  bi  trebalo  biti nikakvih  problema.  Dakle,  nek se  tro^i  dok ima!

  Nadamo  se  da \e odaziv biti jo^ ve\i no ^to je  to bio slu[aj na pro^lom
  party-u. Svakako,  svojim prisustvom  pridonosite  razvoju  hrvatske Amiga
  scene koja svakim danom postaje sve ja[a i ve\a.

  Ukoliko ovo nije bilo dovoljno jasno, dodatne informacije mo_ete zatra_iti
  kod organizatora ovog party-a na slijede\em tel.broju:

                         oMEGA/PoLARIS:  +385 44 32 245

                             ili pi^ite na adresu:

                                JURICA VUKOVI\
                             Antuna Branka ^imi\a 3
                              44000 Sisak/Croatia

                              * KAKO STI\I TAMO *

  Sisak je grad smje^ten  nekih 60-ak kilometara  od glavnog hrvatskog grada
  Zagreba.  Ukoliko dolazite iz  bilo kojeg smjera u Zagreb,  najlak^i na[in
  da stignete do Siska je vlakom ili autobusom koji redovito i [esto voze na
  tim relacijama tijekom [itavog dana. Vo_nja \e vam oduzeti kojih 45 minuta
  vremena.  Po^to stignete u Sisak  (za one koji ne dolaze vlakom) potra_ite
  _eljezni[ku stanicu.  Usmjerite  se suprotno od glavnog kolodvorskog ulaza
  te krenite niz ulicu prema  centru.  Nakon nekih 800 metara primjetit \ete
  zavrsetak   ulice  pa  skrenite  lijevo  te  nastavite  tom  ulicom  kojih
  700 metara sve dok ne stignete do manjeg  trga. Sad slobodno priupitate za
  'KULTURNI DOM MLADIH' ili za tr_nicu.  Niste daleko. Kad napokon prona]ete
  objekt u kojem se odr_ava party  slobodno  u]ite  no ne zaboravite platiti
  ulaz(?!?) Sam objekat  nije  velik te  \ete se lako sna\i  pa [ak  i sami!
  Ukoliko niste  spremni pratiti ove instrukcije poku^ajte se ^to detaljnije
  informirati  u  samom   gradu  o  tr_nici  tj.o   'KULTURNOM DOMU MLADIH'.
  Mjesto odr_avanja party-a  zasigurno \ete primjetiti  po^to  \e  tamo biti
  ve\i broj ljudi osim, naravno, ako ne proma^ite datum(?!?).
                                  * CIJENE *

  Ulaz za party otrgnut \e vam od vlastitog(?) d_epa  3DEM plativo u HRD-ima
  u protuvrijednosti na dan  odr_avanja party-a. Cijena je zaista simboli[na
  a o cijeni  ulaza  djelomi[no \e ovisiti i fond  nagrada  u  natjecanjima.

  ^to se ti\e nagrada  u  natjecanjima,  stvarne  vrijednosti nagrada bit \e
  poznate tek na party-u.  Sve ovisi o  sponzorima koji \e  kako financijski
  tako i moralno podr_ati odr_avanje ovog amiga party-a.

  Cijene _dera[ine/pi\a i ostalih stvar[ica u gradu vjerojatno znate i sami.
  Jednostavno, skupo za nas u hrvatskoj a jeftino za strance.


  Na  ulazu se ne primaju  nikakve kreditne  kartice, [ekovi, dionice, press
  kartice,  vrijednosni  papiri,  obveznice,  telefonske kartice,  sestre(?)
  i sli[ne stvari da ne bi bilo  nismo znali ili  ne^to bez pokri\a, ha, ha!

  Odnos HRD/DEM  mo_ete  provjeriti kod  prve vidljive banke ili u novinama!

                                 * NATJECANJA *

  Kako je to  ve\ i obi[aj i ovaj put  organizirat \e se nekoliko razli[itih
  natjecanja i to u klasi muzike, grafike i demoa/introa. Na_alost, ovaj put
  \e demo i  40Kb intro  natjecanja  biti  spojena u  istu  grupu kako  zbog
  tehni[kih tako i zbog nekih op[ih razloga. Naime, za ovaj party ne o[ekuje
  se dovoljna demo konkurencija pa \e se vi^e pa_nje usmjeriti na 40kb intro
  natjecanje.      na[in  bodovanja svih  natjecanja  i  na[in  nagra]ivanja
  demoa  odnosno  introa te  grafika i muzika  objavit  \e  se  na  party-u.

                                 DEMO natjecanje

  U demo/intro  natjecanju  imaju  pravo sudjelovati  samo  prisutne  osobe.
  Jedna   grupa   mo_e   se  natjecati s  vi^e  demoa, introa, dentroa  itd.
  Svi demoi tj.   40Kb introi  moraju  biti izvedivi  na  standardnoj  Amiga
  konfiguraciji  sto  obuhva[a  Amigu500, 1MB, 1MB Agnus chip, KS V1.3, DF0.
  Za  vrijeme izvo]enja demo-a jedan  [lan grupe [iji \e se demo prikazivati
  mora biti prisutan za komandnim pultom.

  Svaki DOS intro tj.file demo mora biti sam snimljen na disku pod odre]enim
  nazivom.     Uz  taj  file mo_e  se dosnimiti i  istoimeni  backup file-a.

  Vrijeme trajanja i broj  disketa koje  zauzima neki demo je  neograni[eno.
  40Kb intro-i ne smiju biti du_i od 40960 byte-ova! Dakle,nema 40962i vise!

                               MUZI[KO natjecanje

  I u ovom natjecanju vrijedi  pravilo da  autor muzike mora  biti prisutan!
  Muzike  koje ulaze u  natjecanje  moraju biti pisane  u  ProTracker-u V2.3
  ili  bar izvedive u njemu i odre]enim programima (Filemaster/DirOpus itd.)

  Ako   moduli  nisu  napisani  u  ProTrackeru  uvjet  natjecanja  je da  su
  oni  prera]eni u executable file.   Dakle  svi  formati osim  ProTracker-a
  ne[e se uzimati u  natjecanje ako tako pisane muzike nisu executable file.

  Svaki modul i exe modul  moraju biti sami  (dozvoljen backup) na  disketi.

  Vrijeme  trajanja muzike  ograni[eno je na 4 minute te niti sekunde  vi^e!
  Fizi[ka du_ina  modula  ili  executable file-a  ograni[ena  je  na  400Kb.

  Moduli  koji  predstavljaju obradu  neke kompozicije  tj. [ija  ideja nije
  vlastita (originalna) ne\e se  uzimati u natjecanje!  Dakle, nema  obrada.

  U natjecanje  mogu u\i  bilo kakve muzike  pisane na bilo  kojem  ra[unalu
  (Amiga/PC/Atari/Mac itd...)  izvedive na standardnoj A500, 1MB, 1MB Agnus.

                                 GFX natjecanje

               Tko _eli pokazati svoju sliku mora bit prisutan!

  Slike moraju biti snimljene u standardnom IFF  formatu i, naravno, same na
  disketi  uz  dozvoljeni backup.  Dozvoljene su  sve rezolucije  koje  mo_e
  prikazati originalni Amigin grafi[ki chipset, dakle A500. Osim toga, slika
  mora biti vidljiva iz DPainta,  FileMastera,  DirOpusa i sli[nih programa.
  Maksimalni broj boja je HAM-6 (4096 boja). Dakle,nema AGA grafike. Ne jo^!
  U ovom natjecanju  dozvoljavaju se obrade tiskanih slika no slike ne smiju
  biti  realizirane  u  nekom   trace-programu.    Zna[i,  nema  trace-anja!
  Trace slike ne\e se uzeti u natjecanje!
  Tako]er se ne\e  priznati  skenirane ili digitalizirane slike/fotografije.


  Za sva natjecanja vrijedi pravilo da se jedna  osoba mo_e natjecati samo s
  jednim produktom po kategorijama natjecanja!  O glasanju i na[inu bodovaja
  te o nagradama bit \ete obavije^teni na party-u.

                                    * VA_NO *

  Za vrijeme odr_avanja party-a o[ekuje se red i sudjelovanje pojedinaca bez
  naru^avanja reda.  Dakle,  bez nepotrebnih nereda i izgreda. Svatko tko \e
  naru^avati neka  krajnja  pravila  pona^anja  ili \e na  bilo  koji  na[in
  izazivati  ^tetu na  bilo [emu  prisutnom osim na  ra[unu za struju bit \e
  udaljen s party-a. Dakle, party \e za njega biti zavr^en.

  Po^to se Sisak nalazi  blizu linije  razgrani[enja (front)  upozoravaju se
  svi  potencijalni  sudionici na ovom party-u da \e se party samo u slu[aju
  bilo  kakvih  neo[ekivanih  napada  odgoditi.   No, budite  uvjereni da su
  ^anse za takvo ^to zaista minimalne.  Dakle, nema frke!

  Sa sobom, ako je ikako mogu[e, ponesite  ^to vi^e opreme.  S vi^e opreme i
  vi \ete biti sretniji.  Ponesite  tako]er i sav  interesantan  raspolo_ivi
  software. Ovo se ipak zove copy party, zar ne!