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      yes we are back!    gustav vasa on the keys  but first the credits:  music: shinobi!  logo: lunix!  code: tecon.. for complete credits see boozombies entry. party-fix by olle - thanks! this music video is the first of many   many more to come from us. you agree it being a music video  right? sure it is  coz tecon made this code just to put some nice classic visuals on top of the stylish tune - done last year by our germaniac composer and already released in a nectarine compo... but who cares about compos anyway eh? praahahehahaggehih! btw  that was the famous vasa-laughter.    so what else?   big props from tecon to the one now shouts..... >the rasterline is fully extended!<  come on peeps  again  louder!  - the rasterline is fully extended! .. anyways  that was supposed to be a tribute to photon for all his wasted time on us wannabe coders. gustav vasa says: cheers to all lifeforms and whatever else you can be hobnobbing on a sunday in skovde.. happy mondays you toxic scenebeasts.. see you around! - gustav vasa says: fred slut!                                     wrap