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pirates         W4     proudly presents :       sweet dreams issue 1 W4    released in august 1991 !!!   yezz !! this is disaster smashing the keys !!!   general and me (disaster) are sitting here in front of my machine and we have drunk a lot of berenzer apfelkorn and eckes edelkirsch mixed with milk ... opss ... i mean other shit !!!   so we are very tipsy and our brains are full of alk !!!!    so i give up the keys to general !!!    yes disaster let me write some crap ...    first of all what do you think about the name of this mag ????   yeahh !!! i think its cool, its great, its fantastic, its hypo geil !!!!   arghhhhhh !!! disaster again ....  yo folks .... this name is terrible .... eahhh .... kotzzz ... fuck ..... ierhhhhh .... i must kotz ...      general is back with a important message: disaster go away from the keys and sleep !!!!!     now i tell you something about the history of this cool ... yehhh ... coooooool name !!!    i stole this name from a great song !!!    after a long and bloody fight with disaster i managed to give this mag this wonderful name !!!              some greez goes to our contacts and friends ....  some special thanx must go to all people who send us news and very big thanx must go to chip-busters for the cool code of this mag and general sends a big kiss to ute for a nice fuck time !!!!!      yep !!! disaster again ...  a little note to generals girlfriend ute :   bei ute bekommt keiner nee rute .... hehe ... hehe .....  ohhh fuck !!! i must run away coz general will kill me ...   so make it goodly .....   bye  .....                                  W7