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         THE CREDITS:        
      ALL FOUR MEMBERS OF                       

FUCK YOU      
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TO RAW        


So, you own an Action Replay??? Or you just accidentally sat on one of the numeric keyboard keys?  Well, whatever, also this, the second 'Crystal Symphonies' contains nasty words. The first, and the nastiest go to... (drumroll)   Oistein Eide: How primitive art thou not? Have you, by any chance, got an idea of how ridiculous you are? The worst thing is, you do not even realize it, and never will. This is not meant as a joke, we only want to save this world from mentally deranged people;   find some psychological treatment. You will regret it, if you don't do it. Imagine all the wasted years that you haven't lived, sensed and experienced.   Although we shouldn't, we pity you.      Well, folks there is still contempt left...    To Nightshade/Crusaders: STOP stealing other peoples work and while you're at it, why don't you stop doing Amiga music because you're rather free from talents.....       To all plagiarizers of Phenomena-ideas: Try some own ideas instead of doing the same routines already made by us! And... Fuck off!!!    And now a message to Starfighter, i.e. Hyperion or maybe rather Stornasa? Your feeling for design is wonderful! Spygront och lila, wow!                                                 

Welcome to the second edition of our musicdisk series:     *** CRYSTAL SYMPHONIES II ***      All coding done by: JAS   Music composed by: Mantronix (M.W) and Tip (R.L)      The brilliant graphics by: Color.           All members of Phenomena. This means Crystal Symphonies II is no longer a co-operation, but a pure Phenomena product.        CS II provides, just as its predecessor, a large number of scrollers dealing with different subjects.  This time without the Shakespeare poem though. All the same, we hope you'll find plenty of interesting articles to read while enjoying the music.       And now a message to the ones who think Amiga music sounds better with cotton in their ears: Press the F8 key and you will get what you want.              Much has changed. We're no longer the 'hysteric' computer-music-madmen (everything to avoid a certain, similar word...) as we once were:   coming home from school, immediately switching the computer on, starting to compose, and always doing so whenever there was a minute to spare. That was our life.      But not anymore.  Well, we suppose everyone will experience the same, a recession.   Now we're enjoying real music, life, lyrics and much more, not living in front of a radioactive screen. Still, we made this musicdisk after a lot of hard work, and we think it was worth it.    But, computer-music is rather ridiculous.  If we didn't have such a great passion for music in whole, we would probably have sold our computers ages ago. (Not me! /JAS)   We hope people will like our music because it's music and not because it's better than most other computer-music........       See you in some other scroller...                          Phenomena  -  Competition is none!                                                                    

Yo! This is coool pHenOMena writer... Typing coool tekst foor yo!  Hey man.... Ve pressent koool mjusik disc  Crystal Symphonies II.      It's not good, but very best!!!   I heard yo write yo wanna swap.   So just send  hotstuff to mee, kool pHenOmena!!   Satan perkele voivitto!!!!!!     Yo lame, vodka kool.    And noooow, the koool       ...INSTUCKTIOONS!   Just kidding!  Just send    hotstuff  to me!!!    Hey man... You latest BBS-intro   was kool!    But next time, more kool grafix!     Watch out for next kool pHenOMena BBS-intro!!   It will be very best and kool!! , kool pHenOMena.    Nao,  greetings to cool guyz:    Penti-man of Exoplosion,  Jokka of Skin-Lotion,  Guru-man of SoftwareFailures and KaktusMahoney. (Hey Man! Cool?)      And nao, I want drunk. I will very vodka.  But:  Remember alwayst!  pHenOMenaKool!    And last, I greet Panchor of Bubbles - I know yo lame, but greet anyway!!!             See ya'!!!!!                                         

  Yes, here are a few words about the precious pieces of music on this disk. But first, we'd like to thank a few people for letting us have a few samples from their synthesizers. Thankyou Mattias Wiik, Henrik Tänzer, Per Carlsson (Omega), Thomas Krantz and Jimmy Fredriksson (Firefox). The samples used in our music are taken from the following synthesizers: Roland D-10, U-20 and D-50, Korg M1 and Wavestation, Yamaha DX-7S and SY-77, Ensoniq VFX and Alesis SR-16. A few samples also originate from some of our CD:s.       Alright, let's start with the introduction-piece 'The Sweat-Shop'. This is a very long piece, almost eight minutes, and it consists of four parts. The first part is something of an orchestral two-minute-'intro', made to make the start of this music-disk a bit more impressive (?). It's followed by a quite fast, muzak-sounding part. Nothing to say about it, it's just 'there'. After that you can enjoy a small piano-concerto, followed by what? Yes, a disco-part! Almost three minutes of constantly changing chord sequences. All this is done with less than 190 Kb. And by the way, why don't you look 'Sweat-Shop' up in your English dictionary and try to put two and two together.               Now for the second piece,  'Yummy-Gap'. It delivers a never-before-heard (at least on computers) style of music. VERY hard work is behind the nice echo-effects in the lead voice, but listen very carefully to the bass- and drum-line too, because there are a few things an attentive listener should notice, and find odd (?). Some people may find this piece rather strange, but why should we care?     OK, over to 'Liberation'. This piece was written in joy after getting rid of a here-not-mentioned norwegian.  The nice drums are sampled from 'Mezzoforte'. To Mattias Wiik we can only say that we're sorry that the Amiga's 8-bit sampling possibilities cannot make your 4000 SKR Saxophone cards justice.      Next is 'Disharmony', a name chosen to make a certain person think. This piece uses seventeen different chords (we think!). The bass-string has some quite nice bird-sounds in it, which you'll probably notice. If you're into Amiga music, you'll probably also be quite impressed by this, dare we say it, incredibly musical and musically varied music piece.     And, ah yes,  'Life-Phobia' is something of an experiment that turned out quite nice. Listen very carefully.... How many voices are there?    One, two, three, four and...... Wait, that makes five voices. Well, if you want to know the secret of this piece, then you'd better rip it, because we will tell you nothing further here. Not a very musical piece, but it definately doesn't sound like an Amiga.     The last piece (for this time) is 'The Search For Me'. A very 'psycho' piece that tries to reflect life's ups and downs. After a while this piece goes into a very fast up-beat which is, in our opinion, rather nice. Well, that's it for now.     All we can say is that we honestly think that these pieces are some of the best ever made on the Amiga, and now we're not speaking quality of samples or 'technical work'  (Ouch! Those words tastes horrible in our mouths). No, what we are talking about is what almost everyone seems to have forgotten these days; what music is all about, and that is nothing else than:  musicality and harmony. If your music does not contain these essential factors, it is not even worth to be called music.  This is not boasting, and if you realize that, then you've come a long way. If you don't, we can only say that we're sorry for you and your brain.      Blue-Oyster is definately equal to 47!                                                                       

For any reason write to us: (F6 to pause)     JAS  *  Jacob Ström  *  Ällingavägen 5, D:216  *  S-227 34  LUND  *  Sweden    (CODERS ONLY!)        Mantronix  *  Martin Wall  *  Handskmakaregatan 4 A  *  S-291 54  KRISTIANSTAD  *  Sweden    (NO SWAPPERS!)   Tip  *  Robert Ling  *  Kungsvägen 102 A   *  S-352 44  VÄXJÖ   *  Sweden    (DON'T WRITE!)     Color  *  Robert Andersson  *  P1 2303  Sturod  *  S-451 93  UDDEVALLA  *  Sweden                                                  

A new propaganda-article from us. Are you fed up with them? Good. We're fed up with you too.    Enough hatred.   This text is an expression of our spite towards the common person enjoying 'the scene'. A bit bold? Hate us then.      Frequently one can read similar lines; 'he is a cool person' in disk-magazines, scroll-texts etc etc. The person writing is expressing his admiration, in an intellectual form by using the word 'cool', towards another person, appealing to him.   Well, now we're only wondering what 'a cool person' is!   For the initiated 'scene-freak' it might be (or better: is) a person who:    expresses himself in a vulgar and repulsive way, enjoys porno-demos, adores dirty jokes which are discriminating towards the female sex, always is complaining about other 'lame' people, considers himself as 'the best, the coolest and el macho in town', dresses repulsively (although not actually being aware of it), seldom shaves himself, to make it short - a filthy person (a woman's illusion of the sordid man).   This, dear readers, is 'a cool person' (=the true 'scene-freak') in the circles of 'the scene'.     What an honour being called 'a cool person', isn't it?      The inspiration for this slightly... awkward... text started to flow after having glanced through a diskmagazine, where a (disreputable?) person called: Wizard/Dazzle was showing everybody that he was certainly not a 'lamer', but others could easily be recognized as true morans.     That was rather hilarious.         Hmmm, it's quite hard to express what we feel in words, but we hope you've now realized that everything in life is not about other people calling you cool!                                                       Wrap!                                       

DU, ja, just du. Är du en talangfull, dynamisk, svensk programmerare som sitter och sliter i någon håla? Är din högsta dröm att gå med oss i Phenomena? Varför inte skicka lite prov pa dina färdigheter till oss? Ingenting är ju så bra att det inte kan bli bättre. Känner du dig manad så skriv till:     Jacob Ström  *  Ällingavägen 5, D:216  *  S-227 34  LUND   (Och inga swappers denna gång va? /JAS)                                             

YEAH!     This is COLOR....     Here's some hellos to some of my friends in the scene    FACET/ANARCHY:Arno rules! Nice graphics you made in DAN's trackmo   MACE:Chicken brain! Our game will be great.   ADEC/TRSI:I will write to you soon.   JANITOR/REBELS:Hi Jacob! Thanks for your letter.   TRIX/ANARCHY:Nice party,but what about the sleeping room!?   NICK/REBELS:Have a nice day!   REDSKIN/SCOOPEX:Hi!   OMEGA/REBELS:Also waiting for MONKEY 2 ?!?   TIP:Dikt-Robert!   TOMAS.P:Din kritiker   THE PRIDE/SANITY   JAS   MANTRONIX   And to all PHENOMENA members!..   Here's my address if you want me anything:      Robert Andersson - Pl 2303 sturod - S-45193 Uddevalla - Sweden                Color is off...         (Kort text va? /JAS)                                                 

''I was trapped in a small, dark room. The walls, the celing and the floor were brown, but I didn't know, beacuse to me it all seemed black. The door was locked, there was no window, no communication with the outer world what so ever. I tumbled and fumbled, and eventually, I felt something: A TV monitor? Excited I turned it on, just to se the computerscreen coming up. Damn!   'HELLO JAS' I read. 'REMEMBER YOU MUST FINISH CRYSTAL SYMPHONIES II BEFORE YOU'LL GET OUT OF HERE?    CORDIALLY,   MANTRONIX AND TIP' I had no choice. I loaded Seka 3.2. Then I noticed: Not more than 15 Kb of scrolltext!!!??!! This must be some mistake! So, I sat down and started writing...''   Back to reality. This is an extract of my (JAS') book to come. It will be entitled 'Tears, Fears and Computers'. It contains 1000 (one THOUSAND) pages and I will publish it as soon as I have succeded in writing a cruncher that will crunch the whole thing into one single byte.        As you know, everything stated in this scrolltext is true. When I'm in this honest mood, I can tell you some secrets of programming. Crystal Symphonies II was, as it's predecessor, written in AMOS. Now you might wonder how the code can be so fast in BASIC. The answer is: JAS recently developed MC 60030 software emulator.  It halves the clock cycles making the computer run three times as fast. This small piece of software is itself written in AMOS.      I am currently optimizing the AMOS code, and I think I will be able to release the next version in the near future. I have some problems though, concerning the -moveq- instruction. It's already so fast that it can't be optimized. This causes timing problems on the Gary-chip. If someone thinks he can help me, then send the (AMOS) code on a disk to me at my address ( $dff09a ). See you! /JAS                                                 

We guess everybody in the scene has heard of the Eurochart released by Crusaders. Unfortunately, they have just stopped releasing it, and we miss it.  Even though we know that a chart never can be a 100 percent fair, the Eurochart was close. It was also a thing that motivated a lot of guys out there to keep on doing what they did.  What we're getting at is that we think that the scene NEEDS the Eurochart. We also think that this could be a splendid oppurtunity for an unknown group to become more famous. Based on our own experience, we think it's fair to say that the not-so-famous groups mostly consist of swappers. In other words, the perfect chart group. So, to all groups not doing anything in particular: why don't you start making a chart right away?  And if it inspires you, why don't you call it the Eurochart. Or maybe, Eurochart II?     The scene needs a chart to keep it from becoming too dull........                                                             

Excusez-nous!   This following text is dedicated to all people who have written to us, partly after the release of Crystal Symphonies I, but also to those who have written to us before that.     First of all, we have not answered many. Some persons might feel left out or even angry with us. We want you to know, that there are no reasons behind your unanswered letters like pride and arrogance from our side. It doesn't matter to us whether you're a talented musician or not.   We especially appreciate letters from, if we may say, 'intellectual' people, with something more in their minds than Amiga-music and fame, though.     The reasons for us not answering Your letters are:   our lacking interest in the 'scene' and too much schoolwork. We have got so much else to do.     But this is to all of you: we are indeed flattered by all letters and we feel inadequate not having the time answering your letters.     If we answered more letters, started to grow new friendship etc, we'd only get more involved in the 'scene'. And we do not want this.     OK, we hope we've now said the right things....  If you are one of all those that have written to us, why don't you look in the greetings section? Maybe you will feel a bit better after reading that.......                                                                                      

Hello Oistein Eide! This text is actually dedicated to you.   Of all filth, creeps and 47-chromosomed-guys we've ever met - YOU are the most ridiculous one. You have managed to make a real fool out of yourself, and we've seen right through you and your lies.   We do not bother what reactions from you, or anyone else this text will cause. For finally the time has come to express our hatred against you.     We very much appreciated your article in Zine 11, in which you tried to seem so superior. It was actually 'quite amusing'... You don't know much of us.   Since we do not want any 'omission' (of ourselves), no details of our lives and experiences will be given out. We can only laugh for ourselves. You are 17 years of age.   A last advice in all kindness; drop your act and shave off that 'amusing' moustache of yours.               I am not-     the one I am-     it is not me-     you see laughing-        It is not I-     who live-      for I am death itself,     the obscurity.                     (Good night Norway.)                                                                    

Dunderklumpen is back in town!  My greetings this time will go to (No special order:) Cato/Voice: Are you too haunted by evil musicdisks? *** Mahoney/Life (!!): Too bad you left the scene. See you some day. *** Celebrandil/Phenomena: Ol'man, don't consider yourself a retired man. Make a DEMO! *** Xerxes/Voice: Good luck with your music. *** Firefox/Phenomena: Not heard from you for a while. Do some music, you're really good at it! *** Azatoth/Phenomena: I am REALLY looking forward to seeing your demo! Don't you dare leaving the scene! *** Mr.Gurk/Phenomena: I haven't called you the last six months, but that's because my telephone in Lund only lasts 30 seconds. *** Mace/Phenomena: I really liked your demo! *** Twins/Phenomena: Why not make a ProPacker? *** Omega/Rebels: TYRKISK PEEEEEBER!!!!!!!!!! *** Alta/Rebels: Thanks for the cruncher. *** Oliver/Rebels: You're to release a demo, eh? *** Acro/Rebels: You were very unlucky in Lund. It IS a nice town! Nick/Rebels: 'Baltazar är klar, vi väntar bara på grafiken!!!' I should see you more often. *** Ziphoid/Razor: I haven't seen you for a while. *** Mimos/DeathDefiers: Don't work hard, work harder, and you'll reach the top. *** Pucko/Voice: Latspik! Bara lämna scenen så där!!!! *** d91tm and d86ol of Voids: Thank you for letting me test this on your A3000. *** TOON: Send me letters more often! *** BILLE: Hope you're studying assembler now! Like the music? Additional greetings to: Mantronix * Tip * Color * Uno * M:et * Skrutt * Scud * Sun  * Axis * Nick Tracy * Plasma * XL * Super Riggs * Ischty Berag * Åtilla * DunderKlumpen * Fabian Babian * Arne Weise * T. Peber * Ormen * Zarquon * Oops * Mwe * Mfr *           Those who thought I wanted to swap: Daxer * Breeze * Tzar (Swap food? Noo!)           And to: Blowfly * Rockstar *           And those I forget...                                   

O humble, thou art divine. We kneel for thee...   Mac/TEK.   As we have a lot of 'dedications' included in this musicdisk, we have decided to give one to the very famous music-critic, swapper and universal judge - Mac (our global hero).     First of all, Mac, we hope this music (CS II) will NOT cause you any disturbances or similar complaints. We remembered your saying last time, when we just had told you that PHA would soon release CS II, that you surely hoped 'the quality of the music would be a bit better than the one in CS I'.   So, we've done our best, although it has not given any result at all. The poor modules are just as lousy as in CS I - if not worse! We're simply the worst musicians. We don't deserve to own computers and synthezeisers. We are the most low-life slimes ever. We are deep down in the abyss (as far as one can get). It's amazing we managed to get a coder to program for us! Our music shouldn't be entitled to be called music. It's crap!   We never use own chords, new methods, techniques, musicality etc - always the same major/minor chords and lousy F06-tempo. (+Finnish Vodka)   We wish, deeply that we would possess the talent, the inborn gift that your musician in TEK has. We're sure everybody has heard of him, Banana is his handle.   That's a musician with new samples, cool musical variation and the lot. For everybody that hasn't yet been priviliged to hear his tones from heaven, try to get the party-invitation-demo for The Party in DK by Crystal-TSL.   As Mac always makes propaganda for - Banana/TEK is simply the best.    Neither we, nor anyone else can be compared with him (or the judgement of Mac). That's reality.     Please, break this disk into as many tiny pieces as you're able to. The 'music' (our hard work) will cause you all - nothing but headache.                                                                     

Good Day to you all!    This text is supposed to be a little announcement. As you all know, Mantronix and Tip have released all their music together for the past year, and we intend to continue that way. For although we are different persons, we are also the same soul. So, we would appreciate it if all the charts and diskmagazines can change to -Mantronix and Tip-, instead of Mantronix or Tip as separate names. It is not fair that either one of us should be ranked higher than the other, for we are, and always will be, one, spiritually.                                                                         

A thing we feel elated about - our personal greetings!   Those who are precious (no order):       Per Carlsson (Omega) - A true friend. Växjö wouldn't be itself without you... * * Martina P. * Lottie S. * Ida W. * Hannu S. (Hansie) * Jussi P. (Bruno) - Good luck with your future endeavours regarding your band! *  Facet - A shame you were ill during Christmas. Very nice graphics you've done lately! * Jimmy F. (Firefox) - EPS 16+ it is! * Mr.Gurk - School computers are in! * Dan, Nuke, Rush - We had a pleasant time at The party, see you soon again! * Axel, Chester, Orlando and Oli - Really great to have met you (des rois!). Oistein for president, right? * Seen and Trix - Thanks for a well organized party! We're looking forward to visiting another one soon! * The Pride - Thanks for arranging our tickets home from Denmark! * Chuck, Mack, Walt les autres francais - Votre demo sera bien, n'est-ce pas? * Nick -  Alltid trevligt att rÅkas! * Zaxxan * Alta * Acro * Sim, Murdock, Drake and Codex - Voyage was something special! * Matthew Simmonds * Shorty, Maniac - Nice talking to you both! Why don't you write? * Chevron * Greg, Hornet, PGCS - What hard work creating Odyssey, but it was worth it after all, wasn't it? Splendid! * Maestro - Nice talking to you too! * Milkshake * Icronite * Madfreak - Är Kyd knäckt nu, efter din techno-låt?! * Judge Drokk * Dolby * Per Tufvesson (Mahoney) * Ziphoid * Dr. No * Lord Strangelove * Uncle Tom * Sector 9 * Jawbreaker * Dave * Terminator * Azatoth - Nej, Olle, det kan inte sluta med 'Enigma'!!! * Celebrandil - Nej, Mårten, det kan inte sluta med 'Animotion'!!! * Dream Warrior * Karon - Fan vad mycke' grejor du har! * Mace - Wie gehts med spelet? Lite fler grisar tack! * Plasma - Vi vill ha din VFX! * Twins - Ni har en UNDERBAR Volvo! * Vogue * Alta * Acro * Mogwie *  Audiomonster * Ronan * Rookie * Bjorn A. Lynne * Walkman * Charles Deenen * Timewalker * All people at Digital Image Design - Robocop III was GREAT, but where's the Mediabreak music? * Uno * Invid * Russel (the rapper) * Sir Henry * Thomas Landspurg * Elmer * Brainbug * Oliver, Pucko - Pöka! * Skrutt * Pinhead * Traitor * Corto * Blade * Quest * Bingo * Bootlegger * Alf * Drac * Delorean * Yankee * Bug * Marillion * Vega * Xerxes - Jag kommer och halsar pa nagon dag! * Cato * Blaizer * Zike * Conqueror * Istvan Beres - Puckel! * Riggs * M:et * Swampions * Megaklopparna * Yoggibears * Alf * Mr. Banjo Mr. Mandolino * Dunderklumpen * Arne Weise * Fabian Babian * 4T Thieves * Don * Kervin * Chrome * Splay * Donald Herkes * Olivier Loaec * Slasher * Tex * PGB 666 * Zirbel * Mr.Root * Lizard * Torill Eide * Simon Plumbe * Rancor * Dexter * Magic Duke * Gustaf Grefberg * Christopher Sigmond * Old Fart * Hawk * Waller (the Caveman)                And finally we would like to wish Carl Bildt good luck in his work!!!    (Please note, this is MTX and TIP's very personal opinion!! /JAS)                                           

Some of you listeners out there might be interested in what kind of music we (Tip-Mtx) like, find inspiring etc. Some others might also believe that we listen to all sorts of 'cheap' synth-music. Well, you're wrong. The Amiga is just a tool for getting our profusion of music and ideas out of our (innovative) souls.    So, we decided to write down a few composers appealing to us...     We kneel for you:   WA Mozart, JS Bach, L v Beethoven - the three, from whom a lot of music originates.   Slightly newish music: U2, The Police, Queen, Sting, Genesis, Dire Straits, Lenny Kravitz, F Chopin, Mezzoforte, Prince, The Cure, Nirvana, Accept, Guns'n Roses + others.   Then we mustn't forget old celebrities like: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, George Gershwin (Let jazz live in your chests forever!)   As you can see, our musical taste has a very wide range - which sadly though is not reflected in our Amiga 'music'.                                                                 

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. /Keats.  (JAS: No CS can be entirely free from poems!) Well, At first I thougt of giving this scrolltext the name 'Technical Info', but then I realised I would write the same thing as I did in 'Technical Info' in Crystal Symphonies I, so if your interested, please read that one instead.   But why is it the same code as in CS I? It's simple: I hadn't the time to make a brand new musicdisk, Mantronix and Tip wanted their music out as soon as possible. However, I did some improvements: The logo is in 5 bitplanes, i.e. 32 colours. The main reason why that wasn't possible in CS I was the size of the menues. In CS I they overlapped the logo, and as the computer uses the same address for the sprite colours and the 16 upper bitplane colours, I could only use 16 colours back then. The other changes are most of the cosmetical kind. New logos, new plate, new F-keys, new colours on the balls and the scroller. The greatest diffrent to CS I is the credit-part. I can give you some info about it. The net is made of 144 small lines. It is real time rotated, real time bended and real time drawn, every frame. The lines in front of the ball are drawn in one playfield, and the others in the other playfield. This makes it possible for the ball to bounce into the net.  In front of everything, the credit text is being printed. As I, (as ususal) had used up all my playfields, I made a little colour trick to get it as I wanted. This colour trick forced me to use all six bitplanes. As I had no bitplanes left, the ball had to be a sprite.   The linedrawing routine uses up most of the raster time. To calculate the 81 coordinates, I only rotate 10 points, and use adding algorithms to get the rest. I know it is possible to manage with only 2 points, but then I must use 10 divs or get big approximation errors.  I didn't have the 64 Kb that are needed for a multiplication table but I don't need it anyway as I only rotate 10 points.    Well, well, well. I'm rather glad to have finished this disk, so I can start coding on my demo. You'll have to wait AT LEAST six months to see it, but I hope you won't be disappointed. Until then, have a nice life!                                       

All PD-companies who want to sell this production must sign an agreement with Phenomena. When you have done so, and we've received the agreed amount of money (something around 100 pounds), we will send you a special version of this disk. The only change from the first version will be a new loading screen with your company's name on it. Well, if you're interested, please write to this address: (F6 to pause)  Attn:   Jacob Ström  *  Ällingavägen 5, D:216  *  S-227 34 Lund  *  Sweden                                                   

Dear staff of 'Digital Output'!   This text, to you is rather similar to the one 'EXCUSE US'. However, for you, we decided to write a separate text. We are very honoured by your letter and offer(s). We're though sorry to say, that we cannot get more involved in the 'scene', with new projects, more work and all that causes. We mustn't neglect life, which we've done during our developement as Amiga-musicians.   If your disk-magazine-idea would have reached us 6-12 months ago, we'd have been thrilled;   getting our view upon music out to everyone, being able to write whatever we felt like. That'd have been simply fabulous! Nowadays neither our interest, nor our precious time finds the project 'convenient'.   Of course we still make Amiga-music, but during the time we lived as full-time computer-musicians, we never listened to real music. Our substitute was our very own compositions!     However, things are not like that nowadays.  (Read 'Music for us' to get more details.)     All we can say is that we wish you the best of luck with your project. Who knows, maybe in the future, we'll write a few articles for you.                                                                 

Well, we thought that the last thing we would have to write about Maniacs of Noise (from here spoken of as 'MoN') was written, but after reading an article about MoN in the diskmagazine RAW, we felt that a few things had to be said. In the article the writer attacks the 'new' MoN-guys; Oistein Eide, Mantronix and Tip. Well, at first we must acknowledge the writer (Mårten H.) for being so clear-sighted. Everything he writes is just exactly how we feel. But, if you read the article it seems like Oistein Eide and Mantronix and Tip are of the same opinion, which definately is WRONG! The reasons for us breaking up with Oistein Eide (and not MoN!) are (among others) what the writer tells the scene about in the article. But, what we do not like, and what we cannot accept is that the writer makes us look like arrogant musicians with a slight problem with mega-lo-mania! How can he say that Mantronix and Tip are behind everything that Oistein says, without checking with us first? If you (Mårten H.) have read the article about us and our endeavours with Oistein Eide in Zine 11, you must have realized your very BIG mistake. If you haven't, do it! We simply cannot sit silent when people write things about us that aren't even half true! For example, the thing Mårten.H writes about three to four years of musical training doing music on the Amiga; we (Mantronix and Tip) have only been doing computer music for two years, so that can't have been said by us, can it?        We are expecting an apoligie from either Mårten H. or Lord Helmet/PMC in the next issue of RAW.........                                                                                                 

And now, after having listened to all the pieces of music, read all the scrollers, seen all the graphics, tried all the ball patterns, watched the credits part several times, tested the different scroll speeds, altered the volume from low to high, turned the filter on and off again, tried and failed to make the trackloader crash, turned the menu off to watch the beautiful fireworks and stopped the scroller just to start it again; now we can reveal a little secret: In the Crystal Symphonies I, there was a little scroller hidden. This could be read if you, while displaying the volume, pressed '7' on the numerical keyboard. This certainly doesn't mean that there is a similar scroller in Crystal Symphonies II!     Well, this is the end of Crystal Symphonies II, but maybe there will be a number three, who knows? If so, it will be released after the demo from JAS and Mantronix coming in the far future.   This is the bitter end. We do hope that you have enjoyed everything on the magnetic surface of this disk. But we're sorry to say that this is really the end.    The only thing left to say is:    Long live the Amiga and the wonderful symphonies of crystal.             A phenomenal Phenomena production in 1992.             (C) 1992 Phenomena. All rights reserved.             Increase the Peace