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Vad är detta för någonting? Det måste vara något elektroniskt! Our hidden message: The 'nasty' words go to: Nuke * 4-mat * Romeo Knight * Nightshade: You are the most over-rated musicians in the world... the universe. Hello Istvan Beres, the most famous swapper in northen Åhus. Hello Alta, hope you're enjoying your never ending 'copy-party' as you compared your military service to. Heatbeat: We're so glad you're out of Rebels. Dave: Do you find any bugs? Pucko: Jieeäzz! And finally a word to Saddam Hussein: Klipp dig och skaffa jobb!                                                        

Based on experience......       Phenomena - Rebels - Scoopex are proud to present the most brain-blasting musicdisk ever:  **  CRYSTAL SYMPHONIES  **  First of all, Mr.Gurk of Phenomena would like to welcome Mantronix and JAS as new members of the mighty group Phenomena.                      The idea of this co-op disk started to develop in our sick brains last Christmas. Our aim was to produce THE ultimate musicdisk, containing stunning music, great graphics but also some awesome code. Due to an enormous amount of schoolwork this disk took a very long time to complete...      And the guys behind this utter disk are:         Mantronix/Phenomena and Tip/Phenomena (Music)   - -  JAS/Phenomena (but ex REBEL-lion) (Coding)   - -  Uno/Scoopex (Graphics)              Well, this text is absolutely not going to last long. However, if you are one of those 'read everything' - blokes, then simply press F3 to enter the 'Scroller'-section, where all kinds of litterature may be found!    Even a poem by Shakespeare!!!      Ok, Mantronix and Tip would hereby like to explain a bit about the styles of music on this disk. When you listen to our tunes, you will notice that they are very different from one another. The reason why our tunes sound so various, is that we truly wanted to create 'Your Ultimate Music Well' (YUMW!). A lot of people out there will most likely not realize the musical quality and feeling behind them (although we hope so!). We surely tried to create music of all kinds that WE adore (maybe YOU will too?). Anyway, these music pieces are not some 'usual' ones. At least that was our aim...   OK, enjoy all our hard work.  (Message to Jesper Kyd: So, you think that we only do 'pop-music'??? Listen to these tunes and try composing something that SOMEONE likes!)           See you all in some other scroller!                          If you haven't figured it out yet, move your mouse, and the music-menu will pop up!                                                                   

This piece of software is mainly menu-driven, but you extract the different menus by pressing the Function-keys.       If we start from the lefthand corner, the F1 key will show the 'credits' for you.        If you press the F2 key, the music-menu will pop up. Moving the mouse will do the same thing. From this menu, you can choose among the different tunes. If the menu already is up, it will disappear if you press F2. The music-pieces are selected by pressing the left mousebutton. The chosen one is then loaded and decrunched. If you try to choose the one that's already playing, the tune is simply restarted.       F3: This will activate the 'Scrollselector'-menu. From here you can choose among the different subjects, but I guess you already know that, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!     Anyway, to  leave this menu, you press the right mousebutton or the F2 key.        F4: By pressing this button, you change the pattern of the bouncing balls.       F5: This key puts you into a menu where you can alter the volume of the tunes. The default value is 32 on a scale from 0 to 64.          F6: If you press this key, you will pause the scroll. Another press will restart it.           F7: By pressing this button, you change the speed of the scroller. Four different speeds are available, where the second one is the most useful.          When you're loading and decrunching or changing the volume (in the F5 menu) you can't simultaneously use the keys. You then have to wait for the tune to be loaded and decrunched or (if you're in the volume-menu) press the right mousebutton  to be able to use the keys. However, the pause key (F6) and the speed key (F7) are never blocked.                                                       

If you, the viewer of this program, in any way have purchased this piece of software, please let us know, since we don't want any PD-distributors to profit from our hard work. This disk is meant to be copied freely (the more, the better!). So, if you have bought, hired or payed for copying this disk, then the ones you've given the money to have commited an act of crime. PLEASE, if you have any information concerning this matter, write to this address: (F6 to pause)        Martin Wall      Handskmakareg. 4a    291 54 KRISTIANSTAD    Sweden               Thanks for reading this!                                               

If you want to get in touch with the ones responsible for this disk, you can write to us.     But, we won't answer any letters containing requests of illegal swapping. If you write to us in that matter anyway, we will most likely keep the disks you're sending. However, qualified and talanted people are of course allowed to write. Although we can not guarantee an answer, we'll probably write an answer if you're good enough. Don't look at this as some kind of boasting - we only want to prevent you from loosing disks. All the same, here's the addresses:   (F6 to pause)    JAS * Jacob Ström * Vasagatan 14a * S-291 53 Kristianstad * Sweden     TIP * Robert Ling * Kungsv. 102a * S-352 44 Växjö * Sweden     MANTRONIX * Martin Wall * Handskmakareg. 4a * S-291 54 Kristianstad * Sweden     UNO * Mikael Billborn * Bäverdammsgränd 81 * S-124 42 Bandhagen * Sweden                                                                        

Gnurp Gnarp..... This is JAS speaking. 'JAS?' you laugh. 'Isn't that the name of that so-called-aircraft digging huge holes in the Swedish soil?' 'Jakt, Attack, Störtning?' NO NO NO! My name 'JAS' was invented long ago, when neither the Amiga nor the Swedish aeroplane existed. It's an abbreviation of JA-cob S-tröm, which is my name. However, I am to write about this musicdisk, not about my misfortunate name. I started coding this piece of software some 8 months ago, after having released my latest intro. 'Eight months!' you might shout. 'What a lamer!'. OK. It's quite a long period, but don't forget that I at the same time attended upper secondary A-level school, in Sweden called 'Gymnasieskola'. It was the third year of the 'Naturvetenskapliga  linje', the hardest one in Sweden (if we forget the boarding schools). And of course, in the weekends you don't want to sit down coding assembler 'tout le temps' when there's so much else to do. (Like go dancing, for example!) But what the heck, I had no deadline.           The oldest of my routines is the creditspart. The vectorroutine is quite old, made entirely by me, and not completely correct... When I wrote it I thougt that the formula for the perspective was y = -ln x and not y = 1/x as it is. Therfore the vectorobjects tend to 'bend' in a rather freaky way. If you don't know it, you probably won't notice it. I considered it rather fun, and I never changed the formula. Let's call it 'flexible vectors'... The routine manages about 80 points per frame, not very much.                  After the vector I coded the menu-part. I started with the trackloader, then the scroller. It's a simple proportional scroller although it's hard to discover because all the letters in UNO's font have the same width!     After having done that, I continued with the balls. They are copper-buffered, i.e. I let the copper wait for the blitter and then start the blits, a fairly old but very useful technique, it saves lots of time for the processor.     The balls are bouncing up and down on a marble stone, and behind everything you can see some fireworks. If you've seen my last intro for Fairlight, you'll recognise them. They are now running at full framerate, with different colours every second frame, and the code is very, very optimized... In front of everything is the menu from which you can choose the tunes. But, wait a minute... One, two, three and four playfields!? I'll explain: The balls use one playfield, the marble stone and the fireworks (masked!) use the other, and the menu is made out of sprites. The loader: please try to make it bug-out: Remove the disk, reinsert a new one, make read/write errors on the Crystal Symphonies disk,  (No - please don't - you'll have to recopy the disk!)  - Try a new SYNC mark - the loader will give you the correct errormessage. You can even remove the disk while reading, but for the sake of your drive, don't do it! Anyway, I don't think many people will. This musicdisk should have been released at the Cryptoburners party in Norway-91, but our great coder Oliver (who was supposed to code the scrollselector-part), never got ready, and after one month of waiting I did his work instead. Well, now it's here and I hope you'll enjoy it!                                                            

Bonjour! Ce scroller-ci est ecrit en francais. Il est pour des personnes francophones stupides qui n'ont pas encore appris l'anglais. Je veux vous raconter quelque chose de mon sejour en France. Je suis alle a une petit ville en Bretagne qui s'appelle St Malo, il y a un an. Le sejour la a ete tres agreable, et j'ai appris beaucoup de francais.           Je suis suedois. Je sais bien que l'allemand a beaucoup plus en commun a la suedoise qu'a le francais. Quand meme je crois que c'est plus simple pour moi d'apprendre le francais que l'allemand. J'ai appris l'allemand pendant trois ans, et le francais pendant un temps pareill. Et, comme vous verrez quand vous lisez mon petit text allemand, je ne peut guere ecrire rien. Mais, c'est vrai, je ne suis pas alle en Allemange, pendant que je suis reste en France trois semaines. Pourquoi est le francais si simple a parler et ecrire? Voila la reponse: Il n'y a pas des formes compliques comme le datif, l'accusatif, etc. L'allemand, au contraire, est plain de formes compliques, qu'il faut qu'on apprenne. C'est simple de lire l'allemand, mais de parler, ou (encore plus difficile): ecrire!!.... Certains disent qu'il y a des verbes compliques dans le Francais. C'est vrai, mais si on sait toutes les formes, c'est assez simple.      Si quelqu'un veut savoir pourqoui il n'y a pas d'accents et de circonflexes dans ce text, ce n'est pas pour economiser avec la memoire, (j'ai les lettres Suedoises, åäö et ÅÄÖ), c'est pour je n'ai pas eu l'envie de les faire pour ce petit text.                              Recommencement....  (quel mot!)                                         

Guten Heute, alle Leute!  Mantronix und JAS können gut deutsch sprechen und schreiben!!!!! Wir schreiben diesen Scroller fuer alle deutshe Computer-freaks, die nicht English sprechen können. (Verstehen Sie wirklich diesen Text besser????)    Mantronix sagt: - Hallo Sim, Drake und Murdock in Hannover. Ich hoffe dass ihr diesen Text liest, und versteht!  JAS sagt: - Ich habe meine Deutsch-studien seit drei Jahren fertig gemacht. Sie werden alle sterben, wenn Sie hören, dass ich die besten Noten gekriegt habe. Es gibt in diesem Text zu viele fehler.        Wir gruessen alle junge Leute, die deutsch verstehen.       Tschuess!!!!!                                                              
Ingen diskriminering här, inte! Självklart skall vi ha en scroll-text på svenska, när alla de andra världsspråken är representerade. Ett dansk-mode finns också: Tag bara en rågad slev havregrynsgröt och applicera den i eder mun, så kan ni läsa denna text med fullgod dansk accent. (Danskan är ju, som alla vet, liksom tyskan, bara en svensk dialekt.)              Alla svenskianer hälsas härmed av oss å det varmaste.                                                                    

This musicdisk was originally supposed to be a cooperation between FOUR different groups: PHA, Rebels, SCX AND Razor 1911. Why? As you know, up until just now, JAS and Mantronix belonged to other groups, i.e. Rebels and Razor.      Oliver of Rebels was also supposed to code on this musicdisk.      Oliver never got ready with his code so we did it ourselves, and at the same time we joined Phenomena. That meant Rebels and Razor no longer were responsible for the musicdisk in any way. However, Rebels stayed in the cooperation as you will read further on.       But why did we join Phenomena?       JAS: Besides this bad experience with Oliver, I've always thought of Phenomena as THE group. It fits my intentions perfectly:  Many good demos and not very much else. When I got the chance to join Pha, I couldn't resist.         This doesn't mean that I dislike Rebels in any way.    Nice people, all of them (including Oliver, despite his lazyness).    I also want to explain why Rebels is in this cooperation, although I've joined Phenomena: I started coding this disk in the very beginning of my 'carrer' as a member of Rebels.      Two coders from Rebels were put on this job, Oliver and I. When the disk was ready, I had joined Phenomena and Oliver had 'dropped out'. Still, Rebels had spent so much time in this disk and it seemed like they wouldn't get any credits for it, so we decided that Rebels should stay in the cooperation anyway.          Mantronix: When I joined Razor 1911 some nine months ago, it was in the belief that Razor was a really active demo-group (at that time they had just released their popular 'Vertical Insanity' demo). And since Uncle Tom left, it seemed like there was a lot of 'demo-work' coming up for me. Only it didn't!   That is also why you've seen music by me and Tip in Phenomena demos.   Actually, the only thing I have released for Razor during the months I was in the group was two or three chip-tunes + a 100Kb demo tune (in 'ERAZORHEAD'). So, I hope that this explanation can make other Razorians understand why I left. And of course, if you want me to compose music for you in the future, I'll be more than glad to do so. And besides, Phenomena definetely is the best group around these days, at least if you consider that I am a musician who wants to be able to release as much of my music as possible.   Another reason for me joining Phenomena is that I knew most of that crew from before. OK, no hard feelings I hope?                                                                             

Yup, the 'introduction-tune' for this disk is also found on the menu. Firstly, we wanted to compose a slow, atmospheric tune only for the introduction. But later on, the diskspace seemed to ruthlessly decrease as time went by, which meant that we had to 'hit two flies in one bang' (Swedish expression, translated! Nice, eh?) And make it into one of the other 'Menu-tunes'.   Anyway, the samples are from the: Yamaha SY-77, Ensoniq VFX, Roland D-10 and an old dusty record. Further, for your information, we can also tell you that this tune is 3:32 minutes long and that it uses 130 000 000 mbytes of data! (Heja Naturvetarna och Teknisterna!)                                                                      

Ooops! You pressed the 'about Denial' topic. Let's get on with it.   This tune was started in January-91 by Tip. the samples are from the Roland D-20, Ensoniq VFX but also from various records, such as Joe Cocker.   Our aim was to make it to a sort of 'funk'...   Actual tune length, in time 2:30 minutes, in memory 104Kb.     PS - Thanks to Firefox for a nice idea in this tune! - DS                                                  
Gå på jade?       Allright guys, condoms on! No, but seriously, you'll have to consider this tune as a sort of 'bonus' - track. It's only 72kb long, yet using samples from quite a lot of syntesizers, such as: Kawai K4, Korg M1, Roland D-10 and R-8 and Ensoniq VFX. It was started by Mantronix in January-91, and then modyfied and edited by both TIP and Mantronix.    Final word: actual tune lenght is 2:15 'loaded' minutes                                                                           

Do-Bee-Do-Aa-Paa... Hrmmm, excuse us! Ok, let's get on with it. If we're not misinformed, you want to know a little about 'Hidden Truths'. Well, there is not very much to say about it. Samples from Roland D-10, U-20 and Ensoniq VFX. This tune is not very advanced, speaking technically. but, this is compensated by the musical variation... (Nothing to be ashamed of, is it?). If you want to hear the whole of this tune you're forced (!) to listen for 3:20 minutes and to endure 139Kb of samples. By the way, it was started by Mantronix. Enjoy!                                                                   

And now for something completely different...                         Just kidding!          Here are a few words about 'Sometimes X-rated', this tremendously atmospheric Amiga tune...   Started by Tip, with excellent samples from the Roland D-50 and Korg M1, in late March-91. (some samples are even made by us (hehe!))  It really gets 'moody' eh?!   In fact, not much to say.   Tune duration: 3:30 minutes. Lenght in memory is 190Kb.                                                                         

Well, consider this tune as a sort of bonus-track too...   It's almost below our standard, yet we find it quite original!   Anyway, it was started by Tip in February-91. Samples from:   Roland D-50/D-20/U-20 but also from the Yamaha SY-77.     Despite the high amount of samples this tune only uses 88kb of memory, and it lasts for 2:42 horrid minutes...  (Urk!!!)                                                             

Some dull information about the 'freaky' tune 'Act of Impulse'...     Well, this music piece was started by Mantronix in the cold days of February-91. We had been composing a lot of 'F04' - tunes when we got the idea for this one.    The rotten (!) samples originates from: Roland D-10, D-550, U-20 and some of our CD:s.   Curiously though this tune lasts for 4:30 minutes, but uses only 97kb of (precious) memory.     When the two of us got the idea of this musicdisk, we also wanted to make an original 'disco-track', not a 'usual', boring one... Anyway, here's the result, enjoy!                                                           

Now here's an original tune! It was first composed by Mantronix on the piano, then later converted to the Amiga and developed by Tip and Mantronix. The piano samples were first taken from a D-50, but when we got the chance to sample some new ones from the Ensoniq SD-1, it was an easy choice. Also, the jazz-drums are taken from the Roland D-10.     Last request: If you don't like this tune, please appreciate it for the way it sounds, OK?    System report: Lasts for 210 seconds and uses up 99 kBytes of Chip-memory.                                                

Yet another very original tune for this music disk. It was started by Tip...   Samples taken from the Ensoniq VFX and the Alesis SR-16. Can't you imagine a paradise-island when you listen to this piece?  We sure can!!!   Anyway, it lasts for 2:00 minutes and uses 120Kb of samples.       We guess we have it in our blood!!!                                                               

Well, when reading the 'about tune name'-texts, most musicians and coders too, we think, will discover that the tunes on this disk are very short (in 'memory-lenght' that is). Of course, this is why there are 9 (nine) music pieces squeezed into just one disk. Our point is: The average quality of these tunes could've been a bit better, but then there would only have been four or five tunes on this disk. So, we decided to cut back a little on the samples, and instead get a few more tunes on this disk. (The lenghts in Kb mentioned are of course before noisepacking and crunching). Anyway, our personal opinions regarding the tunes on this disk are that they are of very high quality. We really hope that you'll also like them, and that you will keep this disk forever!                                                                                      

This is a tribute to our wonderful girlfriend Amiga. It was written some time ago by William Shakespeare, but I do think that it still can be enjoyed in our days. It is called  'To His Love':       (Use F7key to enter slow speed)                      Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?                Thou art more lovely, and more temperate:                Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,                And summer's lease hath all to short a date:                                    Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,                And often is his gold complexion dimm'd:                And every fair from fair sometimes declines,                By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd.                                    But thy eternal summer shall not fade,             Nor lose possesion of that fair thou owest:             Nor shall death brag thou wanderest in his shade,             When in eternal lines to time thou growest:                                 So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,             So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.                                                                           

WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!      ........      Yeah! Our task completes the bitches corpse!!!      This is Uno and Invid of Scoopex (-Still generations ahead...-) Nowadays living and acting like true rangerists!!    May the holy beard bless our spiritual leader - Ranger Bob!!  We puke on the traditional church! Yeah lets show our opinion with some selected words of wisdom...          No me jodas cabron,  me cago en la hostia,  hijo de la hostia, hijo de la gran puta!  Me cago en dios   la virgin, el espirito santo v todos los angeles y demas en santa maria y en los cojones del papa!!! (we're still Swedish)    Well... well, here's our personal (no traditional) greetings and fuckings for your entertainment....        Hyvaapaivee,  Sauer of 'the fucking best'(?!?) Scoopex Saijonmaa!! Code more - drink less, or the holy lightning of Ranger will strike you!      Rewardo - too bad you didnt show up in Eskilstuna. Have a nice trip...     Aunt Tom - fotboll?!  still no:1!!        Ranger Bob - looking forward to our productions?? Too bad the best coders in the scene have to be so laaaaaaaaaaaaazzzy!! Sorry for all mess in Sweden...         Internal fuckings coming up.....         Sabzi or Rabzi or what the fuck..  You're out of Scoopex lamer. Better check with the Swedish HQ before you fuck with our modem-trader Redskin, and spread rumours about him!!! So we neither want you, nor need you anymore! Bye, bye.... Jo, hembygds Ervid, för många järn i elden kanske?      Patt Erik - bättre sent än aldrig?    Kom loss våra grabbar!!  Vi håller på er!     Fuckings over.....    TMB - Wie gehts dein Schmerbauch heute?        Zebra - (Lepra?) More heavy death metal will come to a p.o box near you some day.....         Firefox of Penisenorma - Jimi sluta tjata så djävla mkt!! Gör lite musik instead!!       Mantronix - tjena Martin. Det är skitbra att du gör grym musik! (maybe you should do some for us?)      

Terminator/TRSI - You are my fav. artist!!      Havok - Kapten Haddock? Sorry you didnt like my gfx. But anyway I am not very fond of yours... It aint bad but mine is better!!!       Tip - maybe a little explanation would be in place? The music we used in the Stunner dentro was not made by you at all! The so called 'pre' version of the tune was only (!!!) made by Firefox and we got it in Sept. 90 (that's before you joined Phenomena) and it was then a complete tune before you edited some to it!!! Your opinion only make it sound like if we had ripped it and then not even credit the right people, which is not the case!!! So please change your attitude against us!         (Tip's comment:   The tune in your dentro wasn't made by me. Have I ever said so??! I just made 'Just Spank It' twice as long so that we could use it in MD2. The reason for writing that both FF and I had done 'JSIt' in that version was so that I'd at least have some credits for what I had done. Bla-Bla... I guess we both misunderstood one another. No hard feelings? Well, enjoy THIS music anyway.) Sir Henry - all-time active coder? he,he!     CRB - hope you liked my logo!!!      All pirates lamers - stop calling! I'm no swapper!!!    Omnibuz/Oxygen? - fy fan va du e lam! Gurk - sorry about your computer, man!!!  fnarr,fnarr...       And some boring ones to....  Brainstorm, Conqueror and Zike, Zados, Az(a)toth, Berit Grill, Sasa, Mark Coleman, Pierre, Robert, Patrik, Ulf Ekman, Twins, Zixten, S.the Master,T.I.W of SAE, Dan Malone, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Fantomen, Ulrik, Mahoney, Ziphoid, and, no, more....                             Vänta jag tror vi glömde att borsta tänderna......                            Felix gör det goda godare!                                Åbro fatöl - bryggt på Storsjö vatten!                                       slut i rutan                         bluergh! (wrap)                                                                                   

'The ECES 1991' arranged by Razor-Phenomena-Rebels and Conqueror&Zike, in Eskilstuna (Sweden).   Well, this party-report was typed in by Tip and since I didn't arrange much at the party, I feel like I'll be able to write an objective report quite well.       When we got off the train in Eskilstuna, we immediately discovered a lot of paper-sheets on every wall (concerning the ECES, how to get there etc.).    One could dial a number to the party-place to be picked up, or simply walk the (approximately) 1000 meters to get there.    At the party-place, a long line of people had already been formed. but as we were a part of the staff, we slipped through in no time. (!)  Anyway, we took a quick look at the whole party-place (a school, by the way) and it actually seemed like everything stated in the invitation wasn't just false promises! There was a cafeteria, arcade games, video-screen (even working!), a big hall (with 598 places!) and the rest...  Yup, I must say that the main-organizers had done a terrific job! Their names are indeed worth mentioning dozens of times: Ziphoid - Nick - Mr.Gurk - Zaxxan - Zike - Conqueror - and probably some others too.  Well, the big and only let-down was the people that showed up. There were not any famous groups at all (perhaps some.. the organizing teams..)!!!   That, of course made the party-atmosphere slightly dull. (Pha-Rebels-Razor had fun, anyhow!)     For those who wanted something more than just the party, there was a porno-show downtown! Also there were lots of drinking in Eskilstuna (alcoholics everywhere...)!  What more happened? erm.. Rebels-Razor-Pha were supposed to release a party-slide, but due to confidential circumstances, the slide never got ready. We'll release it later...  (anyhow, I think it has been released by now!)   Hmm.. perhaps we should get over to the competition details, as I fear this report is getting dreary like...    HUMPA! There were several compos arranged! (naturally, the organizing-teams could -NOT- participate!) For instance an IQ-competition (put together by Zike (?)), which consisted of some 'questions' of various kinds. For the average mass, I gather this compo was pretty difficult, therefor the low amount of participants... (were you too dumb??!)   However, the IQ-compo was won, rather superior, by --)  Ted/Defjam! Way to go!!! Frankly, I don't remember what prize he won... (sorry, but I was kinda' 'knocked-out'...)     There was also a 'real-time-demo-compo' arranged. to explain further about this original contest, I can say that one was only allowed to code during a certain time-range at the party. So, the standard of those demos weren't too high, nor were the prizes.   Well, the rankings in the 'real-time' compo was as follows:   (1) Panic (2) Oxygene (3) Aurora.   Nothing special at all...    and in the 'BIIIG' competitions, the results were:   *Demo* (1) Dual Crew (2) Silents (3) Voice    *Gfx* (1) Eridon/Shining (2) Red Baron (3) Marten & Will (?)     *Music* (1) Chris/Toxic Waste (2) Dreamweaver/Aurora (3) Misty/Shining.     I'm sorry if I got any names incorrect, but they were given to me by lots of different persons. (Those I didn't catch myself, that is.)     Erm, well a few comments about the winning stuff ought to be said, I think. In my opinion, the so called demo-compo, was rotten! Not the organizing, that was good, but the contributions...  For instance, Dual Crew won 5000 SEK (approx.$1000) with an (swooow!) intro!!! Isn't that something?! And Silents were no.2 with a dentro..  I guess that speaks for itself eh?!!   The demos were judged by a jury, and the results were fair. But I mean, 1st prize with an intro is just too much. It was as Mr.Gurk said: '5000 SEK for an intro, that is pretty well-paid. Maybe I should start making intros myself...'.    Hmm.. The best compo was, without doubt, the gfx-compo, which held a very high quality! Uno/Scoopex got no.4, that says a whole lot, or what?!      Hmm, what more to say about the ECES? Not much, I think. A normal party with great organizing!!! Perhaps another ECES will be held.. Who knows?!       Last but not least, the organizing teams would like to send out their warmest fuckings to all the filthy swines that helped with the soiling of the party-place.  ..Signed the Organizing Teams of ECES 1991.                                                                                      

'The Main-Event of 1991'... Was supposed to be the Amega-party held in Porsgrunn by Violence-CRB-Dexion.   Well, what to say? Not much did make this party 'The Main-Event of 1991'. First of all, lots of promises in the invitation were incorrect... The entrance-prices had in some odd way, increased, the buildings must have been moved at this time (it really wasn't '400m to the closest fast-food place' etc, instead it was 4000m!!!), the organizing teams gave us different information about competitions etc, all the time. Get this!     Well, upon all it was a nice party, since many people came, good demos were released, and the atmosphere was 'real'.   Some famous teams present were: Phenomena, Razor, Rebels, Silents, PMC, Andromeda, Crusaders and Anarchy.   Well, let's get on with the competitions right away.   I don't know if you could call them competitions, since they were rather unfair.  A jury, consisting of eight persons, should judge all demos, modules, pictures. (or perhaps it was eight people for every comp.? well, I'm not really certain.) Some hard work!   Also, not all competitons (as promised) took place. (Unless I missed some while I was away with some beautyful, local girls, but I don't think so!)     The music-comp. was the strangest one of them all!!! Over 70 contributions were handed in, and eleven were chosen to be ranked. Maniacs of Noise competed with two tunes, which of course were of their usual high quality. None of these tunes were selected by the (incompetent) jury! Instead, some low-budget tunes (with ripped samples) were chosen. I find this very hard to explain, as it's nearly impossible to compare a professional tune to an amateur one.   The difference between those tunes is so extreme. - We will -maybe- release a 'compare'-disk with the M.O.N.-tunes and the four (so called) 'best' tunes, so all of you can laugh too!!! -   Ok, I'm not at all saying that the M.O.N tunes should have won, but they should at least have been selected.       Anyway, the results were:          1-Shorty/Network 2-Heatbeat/Rubels 3-Pedro/Frantic.    Heatbeat wasn't even present, yet he could compete. It was clearly said to us that 'one may not compete, unless one's present.'.  (no comments)   In the GFX-comp. the results were: 1-Viper/No Limits 2-Color/Phenomena 3-   (sorry!)             and in the demo-comp.: 1-Thomas Landspurg (Tom Soft) 2-PMC 3-Silents Fr.       To mention something about the prices, there were 10 000 NOK for 1st price (demo), 2000 NOK 2nd price, 1000 NOK 3rd price.   Some differences, eh?!   I guess the results in the gfx/demo-comp, were at least, quite fair.    Hmm, this is all we could come up with regarding the Amega-party 1991.   Bye.........                                                                                     

Phenomena would hereby like to send out their warmest, most special greets to all the people who wanted to start trading with us. (Due to our ad in Zine #9) Unfortunately, we cannot answer many of you, but we intend to do that whenever we've got the money, time and energy... The amount of letters was extremely high, and nowadays we're no longer interested in any swapping. (The ad was sent to BRS in January/February-91)   From some groups we've received more than 5 letters from various members... We sent back to one of the group-members, asking them to explain about this.      However, we do hope you understand that it was all too much for us!                                                                              

Yes, a lot of people have asked us why we (Mantronix and Tip) co-operate with our music rather often. And frankly, we don't know what to answer! We can only say that it started before a party, onto which we wanted to compose a 'competition-tune' together. And then it simply continued as we truly loved this! The tunes get more fluctuating, and none of us is stuck with a boring style (as a lot of other musicians are...).  But, when we're composing on our own, we can admit that we have a sort of 'own' style anyhow.   So, as far as we're concerned we're N-O-T always making music together!!!    Satisfied now??     Another reason to co-operate sometimes is when either of us gets stuck with a tune, in one way or another. That problem is quite easily solved by then giving eachother new ideas, advice and so on.    bla bla... Zznore-zzZZz...     (Message to all sample-rippers:   If you feel that you must ripp our hard-earnded samples, then PLEASE don't use them all in one tune.)   Well, watch out for further coming hits by us...                                              

Dunderklumpen forever!   JAS speaking: This is my little greetingscroller. I'll hereby greet all the people I think is neccessary:  (Random order)  Cato/Voice: See you in Lund. Fractal-crunching is it!  ***  Mahoney/Northstar: Your musicdisk seems to be as delayed as mine!  ***  Celebrandil/Phenomena: See you in Lund too. D-linjen is the one and only...  ***  Plasma/Phenomena: You've joined the right group too!  ***  Firefox/Phenomena: Vill du eta här eller i pååsen??  ***  Azatoth/Phenomena: Looking forward to seeing your new demo!  *** Mr.Gurk/Phenomena: 7p of maths isn't that much... Good luck in Gothenburg in 2 years.  ***  Alta/Rebels: Nice cruncher, it works well (by now!)  *** Oliver/Rebels: A pity you couldn't complete your routines. No hard feelings!   ***  XL/(Voice?) We ate pizza in Nyköping!!  **  Nick/Rebels: You're not bad at phone-talking!  ***  Ziphoid/Razor: Nice work at the ECES party!  ***  TOON: Keep up the size of the letters!  ***  BILLE: Enjoying the music?  Additional greetings to: Mantronix * Tip * Acro * Twins * M:et * Skrutt * Pucko * Acro * Mace * Color * Nick Tracy * Istvan (Berackowitch) * Omega * Uno * Super-Riggs * Pigeon * Dunderklumpen * Fabian Babian * Arne Weise * Those I forget.      ...Restart                                                               

 Yes, we're serious....  Both Tip and Mantronix will release more music in the future, so don't you ever think that you will get rid of us. Besides the 'usual' demo-tunes, you will also be able to hear our music in various games, under -Maniacs of Noise-    Note: this prod. is probably the last one we'll release as TIP-MTX. In the future, we'll be Robert Ling and Martin Wall - M.O.N.   But, we'll still make demo-music (for PHA for example), now under Maniacs of Noise instead. (And may our sick minds rot in peace.. hehee..)                                                                    

This is Nick/Rebels speaking: If you dare to get in touch with Rebels by mail, then write to one of the following addresses:                   Rebels!, Slånstigen 7, 230 40 Bara, Sweden...     Rebels!, Drottningg.5, 434 33 Kungsbacka, Sweden...     Rebels!, Poste Restante, 2670 Greve, Denmark...   Call one of our boards:      The Rebellion (EHQ)   +46-40456649 ... Phantheon (WHQ)   206-866-7875 ... Swappers Delight (German HQ)   +49-304925646 ... High Tension +45-98185847 ... Wasted Time +358-05053602                                                     
Charts.. Those really are popular, eh? But, who is really behind them? In the Eurochart we know, there is no form of subjectivity. But who are voting??? 'Mr.Best/The Cool Crew'???    Well, of course there are skillful people voting too, so no hard feelings Crusaders!     Also, about the charts in different disk-mags:  Don't  let your readers vote!     Can't you understand that, if people want to vote, then they vote in the Eurochart, as it is, without doubt, the most successful and popular chart.  Instead, why not let the editors vote/decide and do it objcetively? We now this is hard to carry out, but it's at least worth a try, don't you think?     IMPORTANT: We also think that most of the people voting for the Eurochart can't separate TASTE from TALENTS!            We hope you've understood our point.      (Was there one?)                                                                        


Well, now you must have read quite a lot....  (Yes, and corrected a hell of a lot of your spelling mistakes! /JAS)   Finally you have reached the bitter end. We hope you have enjoyed this music disk just as much as we enjoyed making it. Here we (Mantronix and Tip) would also like to announce that we'll not release many demo-tunes in the future, due to that we have started to compose music for Maniacs of Noise. However, M.O.N. will start to produce high-quality Amiga demonstration music, so if you are in need of a high-quality piece for your demo, then please feel free to send a preview of your product to the following address: (F6 to pause!)     Maniacs of Noise - Attn:. Martin Wall - Handskmakareg. 4A - 291 54 Kristianstad - Sweden.                             Tip and Mantronix - Dying Legends                           A Phenomena-Rebels-Scoopex Production 1991