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                                                            welcome to a new little demo coded by celebrandil. first of all i want to thank      tip/phenomena   and   mantronix/razor 1911   for the excellent music.                     the crystallogo was drawn by a friend of mine called havok of ex-ecstasy . don't you think it's great.       if you need any music or just want to swap high quality modules or samples don't hesitate to contact mantronix/razor 1911 or tip/phenomena under:   handskmakareg. 4a,   291 54 kristianstad,   sweden.     are you tough enough, send me a postcard and give me a reason why. write to this address:  celebrandil, marten johanson, c/o asa tageson, sunnanvag 2m, 222 26  lund, sweden.       the excellent music is possible to use because of a new music packer   ( noisepacker )   it makes it possible to replay the tune as packed modules and is faster than the nt fastreplay.       this little utillity is released by twins of phenomena                      
      ok, now some greetings. they go to (in no specific order): the voids, defjam, fairlight, north star, silents, the link, dexion, bamiga sector one, alpha flight, paradox, angels, red sector, razor 1911, vision, digitech, kefrens, subway, ecstasy, rebels, horizon, hypnosis, byterapers, c+z, crusaders, warfalcons, teladon, spreadpoint, software of sweden, fatal error and  voice.    one litle message from mr.gurk    mawda i love you                             
i lurve it when i see ray traced graphix on the screen in front of me and the bloke who does'em best is good ol'celebrandil... woooee lovely fat vectors!! the dexion party at the moment is full of peeps who speak more than one language (in other words.. hurrdee burrdee language .(you know what i mean.. loadsa flobalobalob's everywhere and the occasional 'blitter routine' or 'lame fucker' flying around))i expect me (nightshade of ecstasy) and dan of anarchy are the only guys who only speak one language ... anyway i feel fucking knackered after 3 days with about 8 hours sleep so i'm to 1) correct all the foreigners english !! and 2) go to sleeeeepppppp .... p.s. i love celebrandil's pink jump suit!!  wrap                     

  don't you feel the animotion?   it's right infront of you...   

this ray-tracing animation was done by my own renderer called 'synthetic viewer'. now it's time for some filled vectors. remember: 24 polygons in only one frame.            
i also thought i had to do some vectorballs. i hope you enjoy all the 144 animated balls.            
these balls were pretty boring. am i right? well, why not continue with the filled ones. i want to show you something new. filled vectors with spacecut.           

 have you seen 
 such a writer 

   i haven't   

 i want hereby 
to explain why 
    i left     

i left because 
  no one did   
anything at all
 except exolon.

  strider and  
  blackie just 
  played with  
  their modems 
 doing nothing.

  i hope they  
will try to win
back their lost

  now i am a   
true member of 

do you want to 
   write me?   

  my address:  

marten johanson
c/o asa tageson
 sunnanvag 2m  
  22226 lund