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D0I0PcG1V0    the time  D4IaPfP3I0Pd    has come  IaPfP3I0PbM5            D0IaP6G0V8  time for what?             P5M0V7time for you to check out this new intro.               P6M5V8ou yeah? well, so far it doesn't look much like a new intro.    how about some action?              P6M0V6hmmm. okay, maybe i can fix some    ...err...   action, as you put it.            P7M5V7well, what are you waiting for?              D0I0M0P3G1V0     nothing!  D1IaP7D0I0P3P1T1RL2 B4C3 G1V0O58    3rd  intro K2H00PaD8I9PfPfPfG0VfE2S6        yes, sir!   you got it right.   another mind-boggling amiga-product from famous unknown finnish group;  phalanx!!!   E2S8   D5I4this is tai-pan here throwing crap over your crt.  (crt?)    to help you to realize what's going on i'll put some credits coming up first.             O58G1V0D0I8   coding  by P2K0H1aP7P8H58P7            I6P2J4G0V9    tai-pan   PfP1           O58G1V0D0I7P3     music by  H1aP7P8H58P7              I8P2J2G0V8    walkman   Pa of index            O20V6I4P2this horrible font mainly designed by H16J7   tai-pan   Pc           O20final touch by             O00I6P2 N0Va blaM9de    P6M6P7M0PfV6            O58 G1V0I9    logos by  H1aP7P8H58P7          O00G0V6I4P2Mc blade    P6MaPb       M5  and              M0J8 tai-pan   Pc           J5I8P2  this unbeliavable bullshit which may have a negative influence on your schoolwork is all typed in by       tai-pan   Pb          O00I6P2and as in every phalanx-product so far, nothing is done by            J1M6N1I7P2  mithrill  P9M0Pf          F0W2I4P4O10V8   phew!  that's all for credits.   well, as you see, i finally finished my very first intro. W9  before x-mas, as i promised.  (but i can not guarantee that you'll get it before the big j's birthday.  W0 the fucking sonta klaus-time makes everyone crazy so that he or she sends merry blaa blaa cards to all his or her friends, and the poor post office is totally jammed!!!)  W0D5 I7 N1M6but who cM0ares?  at least not me.  i really am not very proud to present this pisspot-program. it has none new original ideas and it took me too long to code.    reason?   P4V5    lazyness  P6V8    well, other good reason whyH00J9 this bytepile tookM0 over two months to code is the thing that everything was new and lots of experiments had to be done before i ended up with thisN1M2 M1guuguu-scrolling-routine. (nice name and size, eh?  i invented the great name all by myself about 3.5 seconds ago!!)M3 M0 D6I6 by the way. why dontcha try to move your rat?    stupid, eh?      the 3d-starscroller was the very first routine i made on amiga.  and infact all this intro is based on it.  F0W4I8 M6 M0and if you want to become a lunatic (as i am now) try to find out how the text-scroller works out.   V9it understands only 22 control codes. V8and it's about time to use at least two of 'em.   you see, i'm gonna switch on another logo for a change. B3L0C0  the previous fucA0Y5ks it's own brains out. andA1C1 the memberlist appears.  voila!   the contact-addresses will follow in other logo soon.  D6I4N2M6thM0e memberlist is not correct. i just find out that guy called chris has also joined us ( again! ).  so, welcome back,     chris!   P3D4I6P4M2P2M1P4N0M8P8M1VfS0               M0V9   W5    speaking of joinings, we wouldn't mind at all if couple musicians joined us.  also coooooool (enuf os?) coders, grafix-gurus etc. are always welcome.K1H1a  so start grabbing some paper ( we hope it's finnish high-quality typewriter-paper! ) plus something to scratch text on it because contact-addresses are juB4L1C0st coming upA0Y0. note: if you are a C2foreign swapper seeking for contact, write to me!  because i have the biggest need of good, foreign swapping-contacts.            F0W0D0I8P2V8J3K0  ok, while you're writing down our addresses i just have to tell you some facts about this little intro.       how about such very important things like lenght of copperlist:            G1V0O587380 bytes I7P2K0H1aP7PcH58P7              G0V8O10I4P2or approximate amount of free raster-time:            G1V0O5820 lines  I9P2H1aP7PcH58P7               G0V8I4W5O00holy clockwork, robin! there just and just time for mind-smashing merry perry jason-greetings and nothing more.   so now we want to send some merry new year and happy x-mas-greetings to following groups,singles,doubles etc.    (special ones appear in special way.   (((logic, mr. spock?))))              V0M5D0I5P2N1M5     accession                 V8M0I6P2 adducers   (hop hop, trashin! i wanna hear some muusic soon.)             I7P2Mc V0O58     ackerlight K0H00PcP2MaPaG0VfE3S0                V8F0W3P4M1     alcatraz  Pc               M0I4P2K0J2 V6  amiga action  -  amiga vision  -  arctic league  -  asia  -  axion  -  blooN1M6dsuckers  -  M0brainbug  -  byteM6rapers  -M0  cedcrew  -  D6I8clones  -  ddt  -  deathstar  -  J3deathwish of zaxs  -  destiny  W9-  disknet  -  donald fuck  -  double density crew  -  dream warriors  -  finnish bit wizards  -  first wave  -  freedom force  -  go-go inc.  -  hexagon  -  hjjr  -  horixon  -  imp 666  -  index   (how about joining us?)  -  it             O58G1V0W6P5    kefrens   M1H00PcP8G0VfS0             M0V6W0P6    mach 4             W8M1P5   mad monks  P5N0M8P6M1P9             W2D0I7P4M0J0      megadeal  -  miami byte corp.  -  nemesis  -  nzc  -  overload  -  protech  -  pseudo-opsB3C0L3              O00N0M6   sunriders  CbP8M9P1M0PcP4VfS0              J0 V6swap  -  system ii  -               O00M5 team-x   P7H58PcG1V0             G0V6M0J2the goonies  -  the honey crew  -  the power gang  -  tmt  -  triangle              J6D0I4P2N0M6   tsk-crew  P7M0Pa             J3wizzcat  -  x-peat  -  x-men  -  ydex  -  zigag  -  the end             PcMbD0I8P2V8O00time's up.  (gotta go, as somebody would say.)   hope tN1Mdhis didn't encourage your suicidal thMboughts.  next time i'm gonna present you some 3d-vectorgraphics.            M0K0J4 so see you in other dimension!      signed out:            O00D0I6P2N1   tai-pan   P7M6P8MeP4M7P8MfP4M2P3M8P9M3P2M0P7K2H58PfPfPf                  A0F0W0Y0 O00D0B5 N0M0I0C0PfP8