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THE PERFECT CRACKING TEAM !!! (NCC)                         Hyper Greetings to SSS,because he give Me his Spritegenerator to make Sprite Movingdata's. It was my Idea to make a Spritegenerator and SSS had wrote with the Seka Assembler Greetings to The Mission,Ecc,Dynamic Cracking Crew,Plutonium Crackers (THANKS FOR 'NCC' GREETINGS, BUT I HAVE A NEW NAME, CALLED: PERFECT CRACKING TEAM (PCT),Relax (A GOOD FIRST INTRO),HQC and 1001 Crew. This Intro is very good,but wait for my next Great Intro. The Spriteroutine it's a bit difficulty,but it's not a big problem (you can see it). By the Way,this is now my best Intro on this great Machine and I want special THANKS to SSS that he had learning me Assemble Language and giving me the importantly Routines..... Hey Freaks - Please call me: 030/6115722 Now it's 2:18 in the night and I want go sleeping but I think about my next Intro. I think that my next Intro at the 20.6.87 finished is......                                                      GOOD BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                           CLICK THE MOUSE .                                                                                        THE PERFECT CRACKING TEAM !!! (NCC)