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             Agnus hersker...          
   Men, vi overlever det nok alligevel  
 med lidt hjaelp fra...          tadaa! 
            - Imperial Tunes -          
    Hvad er nu det for noget klapjagt?  
  A new star is shining on the scene sky
       And it's shining VERY bright     
   Gargoyle, Tas, Easley, and Splatt... 
Brings you the music of Slide and Liquid
 NB. Nyd den med en ven...    Ven?      

### secret part text

  yep, you did it!  
 you have found the 
hidden part of this 
musicdisk.. ib!!    
   coding done by   
 and so is the font 
music by slide...   
latin qout by easley
 and written by...  
  mogens schwenger  
opstoevet by per!!! 
text written by     
   gargoyle of pst  
 denne part er helt 
ude at skide.. saa..
 be carefully!!     
        hvorfor ik..
press right mouse...
 jeg er en mus...   
piiv.. skyd den hest
mine personlige ibs 
gaar til..          
john doe of silents 
hi there! bogen er i
top!! jeg er ked af 
at jeg ikke har     
ringet eller skrevet
men jeg har haft ret
travlt den sidste   
sir guy of gisburne 
fru maadseen er fael
du tager lidt pis   
paa jeanette, hva.. 
hun bliver saa ked!!
press right mouse...
solid of pst.       
jeg ser frem til den
tophemmelige hest i 
sort og hvid!!!     
doctor of pst       
faar du stukken     
nogen.. hvad med det
der sample proggy.. 
slide of pst..      
tjaaa.. tjaaa..     
free from mail!!    
anyway, jeg forstaar
dig!! keep up the   
good work.....      
easley of pst..     
sejler rundt i en   
baad nu, saa hej!!! 
press right mouse...
liquid of pst..     
for all those who   
admireds music!! i  
 really like  the   
    other world!!   
mount of pst..      
jeg kan ikke mere.. 
jeg kan simplehen   
ikke mere... men nu 
er den faerdig.. er 
du glad nu... jeg   
glaeder mig til gfx 
dino of pst..       
nyder du din tur..  
i sure hope so. men 
vi maa helt sikkert 
ses igen.. ik..     
press right mouse...
 also a hi to all to
all friends and     
contacts of me and  
parasite!!!  ...    
and to all there are
here at the         
jaa, denne musikdisk
skulle jo have      
vaeret faerdig til  
gildet, men det blev
ikke saadan.. den er
saa blevet released 
til vores eget      
peasure point ii    
mega thanx to tas   
for the help.. i    
could not have made 
it without you...   
press nothing please

### menu text

    welcome everybody!    
 parasite welcomes you to 
 imperial tunes, issue 01 
 we really hope you enjoy 
    the music as we do    
ourselves! nb:drik the til
@ release date: 15.10.92 @
@ gargoyles scroller @    
@ slides scroller    @    
@ liquids scoller    @    
@ doctors scroller   @    
@ easleys scroller   @    
@ mounts scroller    @    
@ dinos scroller     @    
@ addresses          @    
@ about parasite     @    

        insane people     
* slide bones brigade     
* slide caused by bordom  
* slide free from wires   
* slide hidden rebel      
* slide always            
* liquidfree              
* liquidcold destiny      
* liquidstrings in space  
* liquid        

@ select @

   playing right now is   
   * 'insane people!' *   
time     : 01.22 min.     
patterns : 16             
lenght   : 53568 bytes.   
from our 1st place at the 
fastestdemo comp on samsoe

   playing right now is   
   * 'bones brigade!' *   
time     : 03.49 min.     
patterns : 31             
lenght   : 157768 bytes.  
was composed on a cold win
 ter day in december 1991 

   playing right now is   
  * 'caused by bordom' *  
time     : 02.37 min.     
patterns : 34             
lenght   : 145036 bytes.  
 my contribution for the  
  music*compo on samsoe   

   playing right now is   
  * 'free from wires!' *  
time     : 01.29 min.     
patterns : 23             
lenght   : 45096 bytes.   
  an unhappy lovepurpose  
 for my fairful cold love.

   playing right now is   
    * 'hidden rebel' *    
time     : 02.01 min.     
patterns : 25             
lenght   : 72272 bytes.   
       lille, tynd...     
     men meget hurtig     

   playing right now is   
       * 'always' *       
time     : 03.12 min.     
patterns : 31             
lenght   : 172454 bytes.  
  composed a day i was in 
     a very good mood.    

   playing right now is   
        * 'free' *        
time     : 03.19 min.     
patterns : 26             
lenght   : 107376 bytes.  
 this song was supposed to
     be nice and easy     

   playing right now is   
    * 'cold destiny' *    
time     : 02.49 min.     
patterns : 44             
lenght   : 145460 bytes.  
   composed for all who   
admire real computermusic.

   playing right now is   
  * 'strings in space '*  
time     : 04.41 min.     
patterns : 43             
lenght   : 149400 bytes.  
  another world, another  
 place.  enjoy and listen 

### main scrolltext

welcome... yeah.. a very warm welcome is herby given to you from your host: gargoyle. eh?  it's now finally 
fisished!   i present to you.. 'imperial tunes, issue 1' - the first product from me in this group..  may this 
disk start a new area of glory og smaa maend..  but i guess you don't choose this text, just to hear me 
spreading glory about parasite - so let's get busy with some (non) serious text here.... this disk contain 10 
pieces of music.. (10? if you count with the one in the hidden part too!!) and that means about 1,5 megabyte 
of music!!!  .. well, now i would like to thanx a few for helping me throw the last one and a half month, i've 
worked on this disk.. they flies to:   slide/pts - thanx for your superb music and always (ultra) good support... 
liquid/pst - you're really a brilliant musician, i like the 'strings in space' tune very much! ... easley/pst - 
you've done a great graffer-job on this musikdiskette ... tas/pst - thanx for the help. i guess i wouldn't have 
made it without your help!! i would also like to thank the rest in parasite for support and for calling me all 
day, asking for when it's finished (esp. you my dear mount!)    right now i'am sitting all by myself at my place. 
i have to this disc to the parasite meeting, which will be held tomorrow, so a few other guys can write some 
scrolltext. unfornely i can't made it to the meeting because of a moneyproblem (snoeft!) but i would like to 
sent a few hi to some of the people i know will show up.. welcome to our new members... i'm sorry i didn't have 
a chance to talk with you guys, but i hope we'll meet soon and that you'll like it here in parasite. a mega 
greet to all parasite membs!!  hi quackbuster, estrup, jones, playboy, marvel and the rest in static bytes.. you 
guys are really doing a great job on the eurochart, but i guess you hear that all the time. estrup: i have some 
ideas to the propacker.. call me some day and thanks for the disc!! jones: thanx for your support at the 
galemandsgilde!! (er din amiga stadig amerikaner??)   kefrens-guys.. hi! ( to hawkeye... i know i'm slow.. but 
have had much to do the past time, i'll start to sent more regular now!! )   slammer/anarchy and just/warpigs: 
it was a great meeting you held.. how 'bout a 'galemandsgilde 2'?? hvaa martin.. skal vi proeve igen?? send et 
eller andet til mig!!   thorion/? - ehh, do we swap slow or what?? ok, i know it's my fault - anyway, thanx for 
your letters     tjaaa, nu lagger det mod enden..   men lige first.. some fast greets to:  master and bionic/silents  
...  tnt and bad/nitro ...  sir guy of gisburne  ...  and all in parasite!!   yep, that's it and i'am out of 
here                   jeg sover desvaerre lige nu    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz                 
hello this is liquid typing on the keyboard. right now i'm sitting at the pressure point ii meeting. it's been a 
quite succesfull meeting, with a lot of video recording, beer drinking and sleeping... ehhh not sleeping, anyway  
hope you will enjoy this musicdisk and keep it as a souvenir . greetings to all at the pressure point ii meeting, 
and to all the other people i know in the scene. have a nice night.....................              gurlimagrete 
har lange fletninger. that was an utterly unimportant 'observation (in dansk), but i didn't want to start this 
part of the scroller like everybody else.   here is doctor of parasite typing a doc text (ha ha ha).  i think the 
best thing on this compo-campo is the showers in the basement under the amiga-hall. (except for the fastest 
parasites of course) well back to amigabasic as the saying gotoes. (argh, i think i'll ctrl-break a world record 
in this scroller) (no not length) (most lame jokes)  ...  denmark (det er internasjonalt for danmark, red.) is 
the best footballers in the world, and parasite has a goalie who almost matches peter (juhu ke...)  'if anybody 
believes otherwise i'll personally shove an umbrella up their arse and open it...  samso er en dejlig so.  das 
ist eben so !  so what...  that's nice - det er en nisse ! how nice - hvordan nisse  (har s...x ikke bare en dejlig 
tavleorden)  amiga only makes it possible - gvp makes it fun! - gforce rules ok.  c64 rules slow but oh!  ok sauce 
rules hp  -  einstein rules relatively ok  -  germany fooles ok  (danmark - em, oh yeah)     loading - min hjerne 
er tom...                           holdt - stop - rolig nu for denne tekst er hemmelig top hemmelig og dybtfortroelig
... as i see you have choosen my (easleys) scroll text (can'timagine why). well maby i can. if you are one of the 
guys who have written me in the past and not gotten an answer i want to apoligice. you see the fact that parasite 
is a quite new crew and is just getting started has made it difficult for me to attend to the mailtrading lately, 
but i will try to get started again. Now here's some personals from me to my best friends in the scene: hi to all 
at pp2 - tarzan/skid row  (der er saa ufattelig lam at han ikke angang fatter det selv (gengaeld for den lammer)) 
ozzie/2000ad du faar dine disks til aars -  dark cave/addonic are you still alive -  slammer/anarchy hej carsten 
er du klar paa en tur paa punk disco til aars xience/anarchy er det stavet rigtigt - toastmaster/bacteria jaa i 
naar det jo nok engang for som du ved har hunde noegne oerer - kasai /delight skal vi bytte en smule igen??? - 
izi/delight stoevsuger og vindusvisker er bare det vildeste - seth/inzzest aergeligt med billedet - tms/inzzest tak 
for hjaelpen med billedet - mr.dolphin/inzzest tak for hjaelpen med vores bagage til hurricane  - zingo/fraxion why 
was'nt you at the hrc/brt party??? - intence hov it was jo a quite fed techno disk you har faaet banket sammen der
... tillykke - airwalk/kefrens ha ha der kan du bare se at vi fik released noget - blizzart/kefrens nice work lately 
-  steel/naesten kefrens hva' saa dit skod - Duncan/magnetic fields what do you think about this prod??? - 
hithansen/de fungede buddaer ehh hemligt navn men maa jeg godt vaere med alligevel - bross/nillon i'll write - 
xm3/rage sorry for not writing - ex lando/scoopex sorry but i didnt get your new name - racal/slipstream i'll 
write - jones/static bytes vidunder-midlet helt uden phosfor nu ogsaa i miljoe venlig indpakning!!! - quaakke/statiske
  stb vs parasite 1/3 you lost (sjovt nok) - cutmonstret/klar paa lidt 'ninjaer mod hosekraemere - dalmak/stellar 
like your pack and hope that we'll have a good swap time - zark/triangle maa jeg godt faa dit acc kort hva - 
flash/vision long time no letter - darkie/wizzcat what's happening up there ...anyway kick your pet from me - 
rookie/upfront aergeligt mad pp2 men vi ses i aars now follows my addy if anyone is interested (don't hesitate): 
e a s l e y / p a r a s i t e   -   d a m g a a r d s v e j   9 0  -  8 6 6 0   s k a n d e r b o r g  -  d e n m a r k  
-        skodden reskodder...........                    it's  hard  to belive...  finally this long awaited music 
disk is finally  finished (but i guess you noticed....).  good boy, goy ! i  know  that  the  delay  wasn't  exactly  
funny  for you either (especially when picking on you all the time) but please try pull yourself  a bit more together 
next time.  your dentro/demo really seems something worth waiting for (but for how long, he, he...).          i  
haven't  got much more time to write since the coder wants the text now so here are just some short greetings:        
parasite, static bytes, kefrens and all the others present at our (hopefully nice) pressure point 2 meeting.  a 
special one must go to   the   bakt-ronny-video   company  for  deres  uimodstaaelige optagelser  af  det  virkelige  
og  uvirkelige  liv  på pp2 (uden kuglepoel...).    additional   ones  go  to  cybersonik/alcatraz, archmage/andromeda 
and chromag/platin(?) - see you in aars guys !                                         okay here is dinos little 
scroller...     do you like this little musik ting.....   im now working on my own soon comming music disk look 
out for it....  and one more will soon be finnish ......     der er fut i andedammen, men anden ar doed....      det 
braender.....     im now sitting on our own group meeting, its nice....    many cool guys from the danish scene are 
here...      now some personal greetings....   to guys like.....       raise - duff - liquid - jack - slide hvorfor 
slog du mig?en anden gang vil det nok vaere bedst at du tager en sygekasse med naar du skal forbindes.....   lad os 
glemme denne lille ting med kosten..... - speedy - tarzan - easley -  buck - jacks ven? - blomst - ........        
      easley er du en hest?????.....   du lu. ups som en ko.      no more time to scroll writing, see you later.......
                            if you wanna contact parasite for swapping or joining write to easley at this address:   
easley/parasite - damgaardsvej 90 - 8660 skanderborg - denmark ... you can also try this one for swapping..  
dino/parasite - noerrebred 110 - 2625 vallensbaek - denmark ... coders can write to this one, if they want to share 
experience or just want to have a long talk about everything:  gargoyle/parasite - viaduktvej 23 - 5500 middelfart 
- denmark ... or call 64 41 83 89 for a chat with gargoyle.              about parasite: we are a new danish group 
and as you might know this is one of our first but definitely not last productions.   appart from making some fun 
and hopefully enjoyable productions vil vi ogsaa stile efter at blive en hemlig social og sjov gruppe at vaere med 
i.   saa derfor... parasite: vi kan og vil goere selv det simple helt og aldeles ufatteligt.  parasite mainly consists
 of the most active ex.cult members so please greet parasite instead of cult since cult is dead. some members also 
joined from palace and tek. all in all we are 17 members:   dino (gfx, swapper) - doctor (codesvin) - krueger (swapper) 
- easley (graffer, bytteswapper) - solid (kode, modulloguffer) - gargoyle ((fejl) coder),   liquid (protrack fange, 
virusbank) - mount (graffer - slider) -   nut weelin (musikker og manden med det sjoveste handle i parasitten) - 
shayera (systemcode guffer, kronisk flad),- slide (spillemand (protracker)) - splatt (tophemlig graffer),   tas 
((streg) coder) - duff (codesvin) - raise (endnu et kodesvin) - speedy (superswapper ??) - jack (kodet)  and no 
more at the moment.     now a little note conserning the fast democomp at the hurricane party on samsoe this summer
....   some guyz have been spreading odd rumours about us and our contribution intro. they say that we cheated but 
how could we do that when our disks were checked by the party staff. they even deleted some dp fonts on our disks and
 furthermore the staff checked us during the compo. we find that the scene is rather lousy when big groups can't 
accept newcommers like us who can beat them fair and square. by the way - some of the other competitors admitted that
 they had been cheeting....  those who doubt the comporesult should ask the organizers before spreading demos with 
false placements like some did. so once and for all the results were: 1st parasite - 2nd silents/crystal - 3rd sanity 
4th pmc/majic 12 and static bytes.      now for something else than this boring shit. parasite... the best thing that 
has happened to you since always ultra ! (osse for din veninde...)     well, now a little about some of the things we
 expect to release in the future. in the near future we will release a dentro/demo with routines from several of our 
coders (so to speak the best which they have on their sourcedisks). a musicdisk should be coming from nut weelin, our
 third musician, together with the two musicians on this disk. a slideshow is also under development but it will take
 some time before it reaches your eyes.  all in all: be aware - we are danish and dangerous ! (hva'ba ?.....) that's 
it ...  signed mount and easley /parasite              please choose a new scroller... main coding done by..   
gargoyle        trackloader by..        tas             music by..              slide and liquidloadpic, main-gfx 
by..  easley          parasite logo by..      splatt          some fonts by..         slide           scroll font 
by..        airwalk/kefrens design by..             easley                                  gargoyle        
creditpart design by..  slide            design by..  slide