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 paranoimia are the only ones to present...vortex...!!!   another visionary-design mega protection which was removed by us in 2 days !!! hey ugly looking rob !!! fuck you !!! again quartex proved to be second in the rankings !!!  we all know that rob and steve are not normal !!! rob you lame asshole had to release a game that had been released by us for hours !!! do you want others to laugh about how lame you are or do you have to put out all the stuff for all the people that buy your stuff !!! stop this bullshit because even many of your ex-customers know how lame your business is!!! and thats not the worst thing !!! with your ridiculous releasing strategy you even make the other quartex slaves look very bad , and they have never seen a penny of the money you make !!! go on with that shit and we will be curious to see how all that finishes !!!       a last note from...bad fat and sex machine...: quarquex vivi la tua vita e no rompere i coglione, ok !!!.....ok anyway here you got another one you didnt crack ! enjoy and play it !!! bye you asshole rob !!!       contact us at 10 , 4140 amay , belgium ! italians write to 127 , bari , italy !