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paranoimia are the best!!! yeah finally you got the only 100 per cent version of indiana jones !!! and this game is not cracked by those lame asses of kotex !!! no its cracked by the best group which also had the original first !!! hey rob stop trying to crack our original cause this is done now !!! your gay friend stevie was talking shit about us !!!  ridiculous !!! he is one of those guys who are not able to do anything but talking shit about guys who are more capable  yeah !!! where are steves originals ??? this fucking bastard doesnt get anything !!! he is proud to have this piece of shit for flight simulator 2 , called hawaii scenary disk !!! i tell you what little stevie : this fucking scenary disk was so old at the time you suckers released it !!! we dont waste our time like that !!! yeah !! perhaps you had to kiss robs ass but dont mind , he knows that you are fucking lame and that he will never get a single new and good original from you !! so be happy to have quartexs hq at home because thats the only thing that makes you stay in this dust!!! and now a message to chris the vyper!!! what a fucking lame name you choosed , chris !!! but be proud !!! rob did what you told him !!! he wrote the message you wanted to see on the warp file i see that you are not that much stupid anymore !!! you learned that quartex needs you !!! so next time you have to ask for more , they will do all you want !!! be sure you asshole !!! note to vision factory : you really are a special group : either you crack a game  that had been cracked before and pretend yours would be the only 100 per cent version or you release a 100 per cent version of a game and in fact it doesnt work at all !!! kind of funny !!! perhaps thats a kind of a new promotion for your group !?  ...this game becomes number 99 in our incidental action series ! contact us at 10 , 4140 amay , belgium ! italians write to 127 , bari , italy !