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C r a c k i n g    f o r c ePDid it once again :YPRIME MOVER from PsygnosisdAs always cracked by    <*> The Migty BlackHawk <*>mUnsually supplied by    <*>      UK FINEST!     <*>x***      NOTE: about load/save game: When asked for DISK 1       ***€***   then insert a COPY OF DISK 1 and load/save on this one     ***ˆ***      REMOVE THE SAVEGAME DISK AFTER LOAD/SAVING              ***žTo buy the latest games or for console copiers, write to:§   PARADOX, INC.°  217 L'ORATOIRE¹   84380 MAZAN       FRANCE     P    Ring Ring F.A.S.T. Amiga Boards   ZNirvana          [WHQ]  (516)-364-6257dLithium          [USA]  (313)-671-1301nYee Side         [CAN]  (613)-PRI-VATExHallowed Point   [EHQ]  +41-17-861-121‚Mercyful Fate    [DEN]  +45-49-162-110P    Ring Ring F.A.S.T. Console Boards dThe Network [ASIA WHQ]  +31-255-031623nHouse Of Pain    [WHQ]  (407)-778-8303xChild's Play     [USA]  (414)-258-0337‚Living Chaos     [EHQ]  +44-670-730696ŒDracula's Castle [SPA]  +34-17-190-404–Creeping Death   [GER]  +49-71-159-300