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                  panzerfaust sends greetings to following teams .......   abandon, ahead, alpha omega 2001, amiga force, apex, arise, avenger, byterapers, cartel, crionics, cryptoburners, cuadram, d.r.i, darkness, deathstar, defcon one, dhm, druids, dynamics international, ecf, elimination, erazor, errors, esa, exec, exterminators, extreme, f.a.t, fiash, flash productions, fulcrum, gate, ghostriders, h.a.c, hurricane, ibb, ivory and fbw, jester, kawajoe and geier, kefrens, level 4 and shadowlight, master crew, megastars, microwave, mr chip, new order, neutron dance, odyssey, rebels (nice letters!!), sargon and beastie boys, savage, scoopex, shadizar, software, software of sweden, spirit, sunriders, team x, the critters, the dukes of hell, the nova inc, the red amigos, the round circle, the science frontiers, the scotland yard, the source, the supply team and tartan army, the twilight troopers, top swap, trinity, unique, vortex 42, willow, xenon   and and and ... oh! i forgot, sorry!!  ................
          a new amiga freak is born!    i  am  lancer lancer lancer lancer lancer lancer lancer!!  i have only just got my amiga this summer and now i have already started to do something useful with it. well, i have been rodador's good friend for some time. that is why i got sort of half in the business when he started to work on his ultimate machine last winter.   now i have joined (almost automatically) to the only real group in my town. so what if we haven't done anything mindblowing yet, but i tell you we will come !  as the credits tell  i managed to make something to help creating this demo. and i'd like to mention that i have just begun..................... i am writing this scroll at rodador's place and  aaargh  he is trying to hurry me up all the time! we should go to our hq to meet jupe (did you know his dad is the manager of our school?). well it's only 8.30 in the evening. this is no time for writing scrolls, they are always done somewhere between midnight and 3.00 in the morning! at least i have thought so this far...    now, the contact addresses already are in the upper scroll, but   to all who are keen on gfx, music or philosophy: you're welcome to contact me !!--..   well, i have written quite a lot for a new member. so let's put there a comma like rodador just said and let's go to jupe.    ....................

 **** panzerfaust **** 
strikes again with new 
  SSS summerdemo SSS   
  first the credits:   
@#S*coding by rodador S
 P graphics by lancer P
   N music by mise N   
. . . . . . . . . . . .
 contact panzerfaust!!!
  D D D   -hq-   D D D 
    viertolantie 15    
  sf-11120 riihimaki   
     more demo and     
utility swappers wanted
 hey! you can write to 
   @@@ rodador @@@     
   (no swapping!!!)    
   sf-11120 riihimaki  
by the way, we've got a
     NP lancer PN