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Welcome to the next part of this little demo of ours!         I (Condor) will use this shitty scroller to tell you freaks out there how much I hate writing these fucking demos. I've been wasting my time year after year trying to code better routines than all the others. But one day one must realize that writing demos are just some bloody waste of time. Well, I've reached this point in my career. From now on, we in Panoramic Designs will completely turn our faces towards the software companies and game-designing. YES...  But I've also realized that if everyone should turn completely to game-coding, the demo scene on the Amiga would break down pretty soon. I think that coding demos is much cooler that coding games. When you code games, there are sooo many booring details in those games (writing sine-tables for movements, make the game work on all computers etc.). But it is certainly worth the job. Well, the end is near.. see you in the end part.