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           MAKING HISTORY !           
  After a tremendous success of the   
 first issue, it hits you again, the  
   most exciting mag on the scene:    
             R.  A.  W.               
   We are the mag that surprise you   
   everytime  with new crazy ideas    
 different from all  mags, and aren't 
you already a bit surprised  over this
  GREAT intro. Surely the best intro  
      coded for a diskmag ever!       
      More surprises will come!       
We  will  never  fall  in  the trap of
boredom.   We will always try to be as
 funny, creative and objective as we  
      were in the first issue.        
Just load in this edition of R.A.W and
judge for yourself how fab this issue 
Now I (Lord Helmet) must thank some of
our biggest fans who made this intro  
        possible, Spaceballs.         
      Show the credits, please!       
Coding, Idea and Design -             
    Lone Starr         Spaceballs     
Music -                               
    Vinnie             Spaceballs     
Logo -                                
    Fairfax            PMC            
Font -                                
    Sator              Spaceballs     
Some highlights of RAW issue 2        
- We got the best coders to vote for  
  the 1991 Best demos. Read the result
  in RAW 2.                           
- Sunjohn / Anarchy tells you how     
  much he hate the song in his demo   
- Is the vectors in Odyssey realtime. 
  A lot of people doubt it!           
- PC versus Amiga - The fight.        
  Who will win?                       
- Who was the most drunken dude at    
  the party in Aars?. Who was the     
  most sexy one?. Take a look!        
- Interview with the most sexy girl   
  on the Amiga (or so she thinks!)    
- The main organizer from the Aars    
  party tells you his thought about   
  the party!                          
- We miss bootblocks! An article which
  salutes all bootblockmakers         
- An improved news section where you  
  can read all the news from all the  
+++ A lot more articles which you can 
    not dare to miss                  
So fasten your seatbelt and take a big
sip  of  your  strongest drink, and we
will  take  you  on a trip to see what
the future of discmags will be like.  
  Greetings to all the others mag in  
the scene who think more of improving 
 their code instead of the articles:  
- Zine, Mcdisk, Hackmag, Top Secret,  
  Stolen Data and I.C.E               
  IF some other mag have the guts to  
          contact me, do it!          
-----  RAW is a PMC production  ----- 
Now it is time to give some regards to
my (Lord Helmet) Amiga friends:       
You deserve it!                       
Rebels -                              
Anarchy -                             
Mystix, Judge Drokk, Surfer, Ronan,   
Sunjohn, Slash, Trix, Dexter          
Aurora -                              
Lucky Strike, Wiquie                  
Coma -                                
Mad Butcher, Head                     
Brainstorm -                          
Chester, Axel and Orlando             
Yoghurt, Lone Starr and               
Major Asshole                         
Mr.Hyde, Hydra, Ralph, Lord Interface,
Andy, Mcs, Enigma, and the rest
I dont remember (sorry!)              
Blaizer, Raider and Duel              
Mike D.                               
J.O.E, Warhead, Daryl, Rave           
Acume         - Stone                 
Sanity        - Diddle, Chaos         
Symbiosis     - Elmer                 
Alcatraz      - PGCS                  
Frantic       - Flash                 
Kefrens       - Jason                 
Majic 12      - Zozo and Vector       
Scoopex       - FaceThefact, Tiger    
Fairlight     - Phonebilly            
New Wave      - Kingpin               
Alliance des. - Corto                 
TSB           - Icecube and Dr.drew   
Agnostic Fr.  - Funky                 
Dtect         - Charly, darkdude      
+ a MEGA greetings for all those who  
write letters to me concerning RAW.   
          I appreciate it!            
 --- Sorry to those who I forgot ---  
If you want to write to R.A.W. for    
anything. Here is the Address:        
                RAW HQ                
           Bergelandsv. 12            
             4060  KLEPPE             
Articles, news, ideas, modules,       
graphics, fanletters. mags or other   
stuff is welcome.                     
      Now press the mousebutton       
               load the               
      fastest climbing discmag        
           in this part of            
            the Universe.             
         RAW - WE TRY HARDER