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                                                      hark!!! this is again ye olde overlords presenting old stuff... this intro was programmed by our total death man:               A nightblade!!!          B  and the grapphy graphics and the haunting melodies were kreated by           Eadept   #        C this piece of shit was released on 30.9. ad 1988!!!         well, what the hell are we waiting for???   let the greetings flow!!!  we send special whappety-whaps to:             D dwarf - artifex - copper crew/freedom force - zaqk - zaca nation - dyd - antichrist - fms - devil and critter - superman - shawn - hypnoman - robert - max - psycho - all the thrashers all over the world(nightblade"s greetings) - and all the others who weren"t on the list!!!             C  we still want new contacts and members, so contact us!!! you"ll find the address just after the fuck you lamers!!!              members of overlords are   Aadept   #(muzak,gfx,swapping)   raid    # (swapping) Bthe bilbo # (programming,swapping)      Covao    #(hyper fast graphics man,swapping) Aand of course our proggy man  nightblade(coding,thrashing,swapping)....        i won"t bother you anymore with this shit... we will however probably meet in our future products, so watch out!!!                  A  signed          Eadept      C 1988                    the text will soon start again...                                                                                 hey idiot!!! game over!!! do ya understand ??? ha???    oh, shit! what and asshole!!!                allright, goodbye!!!         *adept:  sami sahramies   riippakoivuntie 36a 48400 kotka finland     tel: 351 - 52 - 26484  nightblade   tel: 351 - 52 - 25310 ask mika