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       ha!!! don"t try to escape your immovable faith!!!  you are doomed to watch this new         overlords     <#       demo!        #>          %our deepest condolences for this punishment... this is adept (of overlords of course, you idiot!) writing this right-to-left-moving string of letters better known as  the scrolltext... +first the credits for this piece......... the programming was done wholly<by our cool(oh i hate that cliche!!!) programmer                % nightblade      #$ .........  the mega-mighty-cool(another one here!) musix and the graphics were made by                      % adept        #>$ ........  the demo was released on 11.9. anno domini 1988. +<      well, i"d better do it now     .....what?     >$the  greetings      of course!!!   all right, overlords send overlordly whappety-whaps to following people (in random order):         dwarf(always the first one in the list?) - zaca nation - critter and devil(of what?) - zaqk - copper crew/freedom force - antichrist - dyd - fms - shawn - superman - psycho - bamiga sector one - jgh team  and  robert .....>            %   special greetings to max!     and greetings to all others who weren"t on the list!!! now for an other+ list... i mean the overlords member list! so here it is:$<       nightblade(programming,swapping) , adept(musix,programming,swapping,gfx(not volunteerily!)) , raid(swapping) , ovao(graphics,swapping) and the bilbo(swapping,programming).    >+  so here is your chance!!! we wanna new members to join our great group!!! "if you are a cool programmer etc. etc. blah blah" then join us!!!   %<     and we need new contacts too!!! so get in touch with us, if you are not a lamer!!! the address is again somewhere there...>+(the lamer test)            now an important message to "overlords" of rfw-team!!! < change your name and stop using our name, you loosers!!!  we are the one and only overlordsT!!!> $    by the way,+i personally would get in%touch with you all you sound-generators out there, contact me!                 $<nightblade(the kreator fan) wanted an thrash soundtrack+for this demo, but i politely said no... well, i think    speed metal isn"t just suitable for computers...>              % a special golden regard to all rm-fans out there(any???) and special fuckings to all the lamers who every day come begging games...       all right,+my text is starting to< bounce too much....      >i"d better stop writing this time. but you don"t get rid of me completely.% i will be back in our next product<(hahahahahahahaaa!!!) and we will meet again!  so, do something nasty to your rat there in front of you to exit...    i say goodbye!!!+                                                     $< with friendly wishes, adept of overlords in year 1988.........>                                                          *ADEPT - Sami Sahramies      Riippakoivuntie 36A    48400 Kotka  Finland   tel.:358-52-26484