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  Z2  E I2      D2                                       U        X      V Y                                all right you all little lamers out there... this is again   I1 $overlords$   I2    proudly presenting their newest mega-hyper-demo! this is now adept speaking. first comes the credits: coding by       D1   K3 I6 nightblade      K1 I1 music and part of the graphics by           B B B J2 I2 Z1 U M3 D4     adXeptY   S Z2 C C M3      V I5 C J3 D2 the other part ofF  the graphics byU  D1 I4      $ovao$     T M3   I2 D2 K2    this is our fourth production and we still are not even close to our limits!!!         K1 I3 we really recommend to watch out for our future products!I5  now here is the #overlords# memberlist......M1 L1 I2 J3 B V D1          E             U           XaYdept  B S A   C C(musix,gfx,swapping)                                 X Y  I6 K3 D4      D3nD2iD1gI2hK2tblade K3 D2 I5 M2  (codI1ing,I4swapping)        V  B I1 D1 Z1   F K1   M1        U        L2raid    S D4         D2 I3(swapping)                J2 L3 Z2 I5 C                     ovao    S A        (gfx,swapping)           I4 M3 J1 K3                 D4     the bilbo S D2 B B B B   C C C C     (coding,swapping)                 L1 I2 K2  i will now handle the keyboard to raid, who will tell you about the horrible events in his early childhood (all problems stem from the early childhood, you know...). fetch yourselves a soft pillow and take a nap,M1 because here is raid!!! V -------------------E--------I6-J3-B-------U  overlords waves you (again) with this small intro. it is coded by X Y K1 nightbladeJ3 and theseI5 beautiful muzax are made by M3adept.C listen to it and relax.M2 think that you are M3now in the heaven and you are overclouded...  you knowI4 whatJ2 i mean  (crack,coke,gasoline and plastic-steams)... J3 thisI2 part of scrollystoryM1 is written by raidB (read amiga idolize)C.   X aYndM2 now to the big business. if you are a good programmer,M3 swapper, cracker etc...  then why don"t contact us! the address is somewhere there. but if you are lamer, fucker, or steal disks, then fuck off, you don"t belong to this world and especially not in this amigabusiness.I3 and now comes the gree....,nnnnnnooooo! now it"s coming to my mind again. what the hell...I1 J3 this story tells you how down a man can go. this is a story of an asshole in the oulu-town (in northern finland). if you petri kantola read this, then remember: i"m gonna get my disks back!!! p. kantola sells programs. i tried to buy some, when my amiga was new and i was young and innocent and i hadn"t even heard of vsw or msc (now overlords)...  so, i never saw the disks again...     when p.kantola sells programs, he is doing the hardest crime in the universe and i really hope that someday  the police gets him away... that"s not all what he has done... he also sold amiga away and boughtD1 B B B I1 an atari!!!. C C C I2 D2that isD3 the second hardest crime. is he grazy or what? i hope, when he bought an atari shit machine, he suffered more than in hell (where he belongs)!!! if somebody else sells programs and reads this, my only advice to them is: contact p.kantola!!!  then all the assholes would be together...  how nice isn"t it  yeaaahh!!! and now to all creepers: petri kantola 90230 oulu and his  cool-line number is 981-572400... contact, if you wanna throw your disks away. and remember: he doesn"t give disks back!!  that is all about the assholes.   i have no more ideas about  this scroll.  so i give the keyboard to nightblade. see you in the future!!!     V I6 M1 J1 K1 L1 D1 --------------------                                        B   yeaah! kreator is the best!C   I2 guess who!   rightD2 here isD3 the nighbladeD4 saying someD3 truths  K3    .... $D2 .... at last i got thisI4 demo almost finished?   it  wasJ3 hard time to code itI5 by the way      rememberD3 thatD4 everybodyD3  shouldD4 practiceD3 codingD2 atF least oneJ2 time per day!   it keeps your imaginationJ3 alive            M3   U  i would like I6 tD3o sendD4 some peD3rsonalD2 messages .............. adept: i hear that you have some problems with your  little and nice lamers ..hmm what  ya are going to  do to this little problem? eh eh!                  B   D2     zaqk:D3 i hopeD4  I2 that youD3 leave D2 your nice pc in eternal peace!C and come a little bit wiser and go to the nearest amiga shop       and buy an amiga! L3 M2                             D4 to all my little frieD3nds:D2 leaD1veI2 me alone!       to all kreator fans:  M1           i wish that i could start swapping  with you! my address isV somewhere after this little string  called a scrolltext!!             the bilbo: i heard that ya are in the army now!   i think that i must goD3 theD2re tD1ooD2!D3 D4          soon!    A  and now i going to advice people who have some problems with lamers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                        when i listen kreator there is no lamers in my room!   guess why???                                     when i wrote this i hadn"t got the second logo yet, because ovao is so fast in drawing pictures!!                D2        so it is done!  i think that bilbo will continue this little story   by the way......... adept!  i think that i like metallica"s newest album ...but why it is soB silo!C      and message to everybody: if ya have the newest stuff, then contact me! the addres is still after this fucking string anyway!        i hope it is still there?                      when this demo is ready then i am ready to go to mental hospital............... wait!         doorbell is ringing                   perhaps i should open the door              but first i must do some things!................. where the hell the kreator"s  "pleasure to kill" album is?            ok here it is ............. now i must set the volume to suitable listening level   ok!        now i can go to the door                         ...and surprise!  i saw  for a little time a  little friend         but he was running out of our house!!          so here you see that kreator is a very efficent weapon against lamers............ i think that i leave keyboard  now to sensible bilbo!  and see us in ourE future products?........... I4 D3 B Z1   L1    U                     X Y   M3 aaargh, i was made to write this stupid text, with no time to think what to say... so i won"t be  responsible for any crap you"ll see.   to start with, i"ll send special greetings to sesu and to wizard . i hope that this demo is worth showing , what do you think, wizard? i think it could be better, but never mind... it isn"t my problem (thank god).  my problem is that i should now be programming a c-program, not writing this scrolltext, which no one ever wants to read.   ok, i am fed up and it is timeto go and get some food and drink, so i"ll leave others to type with their slimy, sticky hands.   keep on hacking....   V written by the bilbo.             F I2 C D2 K3 J3 Z2          U ... all right, here isL2 adept again!!! ("oh no,not again!!!" i hear you saying...sorry!). now it is the boasting time!!!  so, this little demo has I1 B B over 25 C C I2separate and fully controllable functions! if anybody can beat this, then make yourselves known to us!     and now...........we won"t bore you to death with long greetinglists(hah hah hah hah!)  but we still wanna put some very special thanks to some people... and they are:B I5 K1    dwarf - the link - zaqk - artifex - fms - dyd - devil - shawn - suzuki - hypnoman - freedom force ... C K3 I2 and greetings also to all our other contacts!  if ya wanna contact us, then do it!!! I3 and now i think that this is enough shit for one demo. see ya again in our future products!!! V L1                      E                             U        Xadept of overlordsY  M3 in year 1988                    V                   M1                    *  nightblade: i don"t remember my address but here"s  my phone number: 358-52-25310  adept: sami sahramies riippakoivuntie 36a  48400 kotka finland  tel: 358-52-26484  raid: mika ohman sammonkatu  11 c26 48600 karhula finland tel: 358-52-63038