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 $              let there be        death!!!    #  for the next few moments you will get enough death, horror and destruction, because this is the            overlords   #   horror demo   #   releasing date is 29.8. 1988...   now the credits for this little piece of terror............programming:    nightblade   # , the overly dramatic music was composed by:       adept      # , the graphics were made by:       ovao      # and        adept      #     right now i am too tired and lazy to write a full official greetings list, but i send thanks to following guys:      dwarf(big hello!) - antichrist(remember the 10th annuary beer!!!) - d.o.c. - devil of pms - zaqk - zaca nation - psychosk8er(why did ya do that???) - shawn and superman - bamiga sector one - dante(vsw - dead!) - robert - fms - dyd - hypnoman , and all the others... i also send greetings to all our contacts!!!       the members of the overlords are:    nightblade(programming) - adept(musix, swapping,programming) - ovao(graphics,swapping) - raid(swapping) and the bilbo(swapping,programming).   we are a new group, and are searching for members... and that might mean      you!      #   if you are a good programmer or otherwise dedicated freak, so why don"t join us!!!! we are also looking for new contacts. if you are not a lamer, then contact us! the address is somewhere there... we are 101 percent reliable!!!     now some personal messages.... s.o.m.!!! send our book back and fast!!! psycho: what the hell are you doing??? gone totally out of yer fucking mind???     by the way, this is adept writing this horrible scrolltext.  now nightblade"s top three music list: 1.kreator 2.kreator 3.kreator ... we do have a pop fan here!!! total death!!!           now i am beginning to die because i am so fucking tired! oohhoohhoijaaaa!!!! i better stop writing this shit... see ya somewhere (in the next demo perhaps)... oh yeah, i almost forgot to say that this is our first demo!!!  start at the top, you see!!!!  all right...goodbye!!!!              adept  anno domini $     1988      #                                 *    ADEPT - Sami Sahramies  Riippakoivuntie 36A 48400 Kotka  tel.: 358-52-26484            #