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  welcome  WS4 to an intro of a new group          N     yes its overkill  and  this is the first presentation   LO       K     now coming the memberlist of overkill   in anti alphabetical order    randal  W      origin  W      hangman  W      fly   W       S1demon driver        blofeld WS4            M S8 and now some members we have rent from toxad   baron   frost       S4 its time for some greetings    hellos to   centurion of trygon   don of dytec   stuges   mr voice   mad max   tarkus team   and   ex cascade      ultra mega fuckings to   zeroguy of dytec   shut berlin   and   shit raw           the credits of this one   coding by origin   years ago   sound by asgard   logo gfx by demon driver     and thanxs to artists of all other gfx              for contact call our headquarter  S2  mb spacedoubt ii   telephone germany S1 030 7455718   max v42 bis   no hst   S424 hours a day   sysop   demon driver    warning  no illegal stuff!!!   look out for our next production called   feel the fire   including a great heavy tune   ..... over and end .....S8.................