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    ***** TurboSqueezer V8.0 *****
*********     written by     *********
    *****  Henrik W. Jensen  *****
      Type 'Squeezer ?' for help

Source File : 
Source file length is %d bytes

Can't find %s

Not enough memory!!

Pack a Directory ? How ?Destination Fileriginal File Size is %d

Error! Can't unsqueeze file

Can't create %s

Not enough memory!!

Error. File was not saved proberly

Do you want to try again Ok. HunkHeader found - Hunks $000000

UnitName	- $000000 (removed)
HunkName	- $000000 (removed)
CodeHunk	- $000000
DataHunk	- $000000
BSSHunk 	- $000000
Reloc32Hunk 	- $000000
SymbolHunk	- $000000 (removed)
DebugHunk	- $000000 (removed)

ERROR! The File is overlaid!!

Packed %000 - Result %000
Internal packing resultEfficiency $0000 - $1000 : ›AEfficiency $0000 - $1000 : $1000

Destination File : 
Destination file length is %d bytes

Time used: %d.%d seconds

Can't find %s

Can't create %s

Not enough memory!!

Error. File was not saved proberly

Do you want to try again ?                          
OK! Exit Squeezer!

File hasn't got a proper format

Phase 1
Phase 2This is the totally debugged & revised version of TurboSqueezer!

TurboSqueezer is public domain and it may be
copied to anybody as long as no charge is taken.

But if anybody think that this is a good product
and if they would like to see more products like
this then a reward of 50 kr., 15 DM. or 10 $ would
be received with great gratitude and as a result
the donator will receive an update + ????

Good ideas are also welcome.

******** Write to or Call: *********
Henrik W. Jensen
Kollegiebakken 9, v. 4301
2800 Lyngby
Phone: 42-881555 (ask for room 4301)

òê÷---------------- About this release ------------------

This version can both squeeze and UNSQUEEZE!!! programs.
Notice that squeezer when squeezing removes all symbol- and
debug-hunks and they cannot be restored when unsqueezing.
Therefor a squeezed and after that unsqueezed program might
not be of the same length as the original. It is not a cata-
strophe cause the symbol- and debug-hunks are ignored by the
loader, they are only used by some debugging-tools. 

Most programs are squeezed with an efficiency of 50%-60%.
And they are unsqueezed even faster than by version 6.4!
The internal result is how much the file was reduced to. But
the real file might not hold that calculated percentage
since an unsqueezing-routine is added to the beginning of
the file - but for big files the percentage holds!

Still this version does not handle overlayed files.
The amiga sets up some structures that would require some
work to reorganize after having unpacked the program. But....

òêËWhen squeezing press 'Left MouseButton' to stop the program.
* I know this is unhandy but it is very easy to implement.

Effeciency is $1000 (the best) by default - just press return.

Squeezer now accepts the following arguments when you start the program:

The syntax is Squeezer -flag(s) where flag(s) are :

u	: Unpack File squeezed with TurboSqueezer >V7.0!!!!!
mF	: modify colour #1 when unpacking (default)
mB	: modify background-colour when unpacking
mL	: modify led when unpacking
mN	: do nothing when unpacking
mS	: Use a small (and slow) unpacking-routine
aHHHHHH : modify blink address
	  a must be followed by 6 hex-digits pointing to the
          new blink-address (default is $dff182)
v       : be verbose
	  Squeezer will now inform about the file-structure

......... More will be added