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This is        Sludger      
With my Demo    
It's got 6 tunes over 100k in graphics and all crunched down to 60k !!!!!!         Not Bad !!!    
Well let's start off with the basic greets.....        ZARCH !!!     
  AX !!!     
  GIZ !!!     
EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!!!!!!       Bip Bop Mr Sausage !!!!!       Roger Mellie Say's .....    I like Black Box and Press the         F-Keys      
      F1 Plays .....      Mutants      
F2 Plays .....      Parallax     
F3 Plays .....    Rambo Title     
F4 Plays .....   Rambo Loading    
F5 Plays .....      Wizball       
    A big fat Awibble !!! to all you lamer's out there in Lamer Land where it always rains,  and they all f**k sheep .....       Baaaaaahhhhh!!!   
       Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!       God! these scroll-texts get a bit tough to write !!!!      Joke!! :     How many police men does it take to break an egg ????      Answer :  None, it fell down the stairs !!!!       Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!    
A message from Centuri the Dream Lamer   :    Woooooooohhhhh I'm well lame !!!!!!     A message to F.A.S.T !!!!!      Fuck off   you are only after the games because you can't afford them !!!!!     Farmer Palmer says :  ]Get orf moi Laand !!!!!]           Well I'm getting tired of typing so I'm going to bed        It's Raining!    
     It's Cold!      
And I'm Pissed Off !!!!!       NaNaNaNaNaNa!!!!!!!           Some more result's coming in, and it's :      Swindon 2 Division 3!!!!      It's getting harder the more I come to think of it !!!!          Ooooh Errrr!!!  
     That sounds a bit rude !!!!!