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Songname: space_rave_mix_ii
Author:   remixed by dj plauze
ProTracker 2.2A executable module.

         DJ-Plauze is back and proudly to present his new Megamix called

                    S-P-A-C-E - R-A-V-E - M-I-X - V-O-L . I-I
                      Remixed on Disk from the fucking best

                                Connect me under:
                                 Falk Schwiening
                                Molbergstrasse 35
                                 47249 Duisburg
                             Infoline: (0)203/702556
            Greetings to all my Friends and Contacts around the Globe

        I search a Coder to build the fucking best Sound and Remix Disks
             on the best Machine AMIGA.No Group wanted,only a Coder.
                        Send your Packmenu to my Adress.

       Now anjoy the fucking Plauze Power and Pump up the Volume to 100db