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 Welcome to MCS Summer Conference '93,
 the biggest event on the Amiga scene 
 this summer.                         
 This party, unlike many others, is   
 not organized by a demo-group but an 
 Amiga-Association called MCS.        
 The Committee of MCS consists of     
 people from several different demo-  
 groups, and we all work hard to give 
 You the possibility to attend to the 
 ultimate demo-party.                 
 This Summer we're organizing a huge  
 party in a little town called Kinna. 
 Maybe it's not a big city, but it's  
 sure going to be a great party.      
 The arrangements are like those on   
 every big party:                     
* Demo-compo with nice prizes to be   
* All sorts of other compo:s, incl.   
  a new surprise-coding-compo.        
* Cheap Pizzas and Hamburgers if you  
  get hungry.                         
* Party-Cafeteria open 24h/day.       
* BIG-screen TV attached to a large   
  sound equipment showing the latest  
  movies and demos during the whole   
* Access to Sleeping Halls and Showers
  if you feel tired or need freshen   
 Entrance Fee:                        
            100 SEK (in advance)      
            120 SEK (at the party)    
 To be guaranteed some space for you  
 and your equipment you must pay in   
 advance using a postgiro-form.       
 Since this makes it lot easier for   
 us, we offer you 20 SEK off the price
 i.e you only have to pay 100 SEK.    
 The postgironumber:                  
   6499316-5, Marks Computer Society  
 Write your FULL name, address, handle
 and group. And save the post-receipt!
 You can of course pay at the party,  
 but then the fee will be 120 SEK.    
 In this demo we hope that you'll find
 everything you want to know about the
 But if anything is unclear, don't    
 hesitate: Call Us. (see 'Adresses')  
 See Ya at the Party.                 
 M.C.S Committee                      

 The party is in Lyckeskolan, Kinna.  
 In the following lines you'll have a 
 description how to get to Kinna from 
 the three closest cities: Gothenburg,
 Borås and Varberg...                 
 IF YOU TRAVEL BY CAR, Kinna is by R41
 between Varberg and Borås.           
 If your'e travelling from Borås, then
 follow the R41 to Kinna. When you get
 to the center of Kinna, follow the   
 street until you get between Hemköp  
 and ICA Extra, then turn left.       
 The Party is at the right side of the
 If your'e coming from Varberg (R41), 
 turn left to the center of Kinna when
 you see a sign (MCS Summer Conf.).   
 Then take the first street to the    
 right, and the partyplace is on the  
 right side of the street.            
 If you're travelling from Gothenburg,
 then follow R156 until you get to    
 Skene. Then follow the R41 in the    
 direction of Kinna. For further info.
 see description from Varberg.        
 IF YOU TRAVEL BY BUS, we recommend   
 you to take bus 104(from Borås/Varb.)
 or 300 (from Gothenburg). Get off at 
 the centre of Kinna, or at the rail- 
 IF YOU TRAVEL BY TRAIN, take train   
 104 (Varberg-Borås) and get off at   
 the Kinna Railwaystation.            
 We will of course have signs all     
 around Kinna to make it easier for   
 you to find your way to the Party.   
 PS. If you feel that this description
 is a little short, call us and we'll 
 give you a more detailed one.        

 TO CONTACT US...                     
 For more information, write or call: 
   MCS Summer Conference '93          
   Jörgen Isaksson.........0320/31981 
   Notariegatan 21                    
   S-511 62 SKENE                     
   Mikael Zenkert..........0320/59224 
   Christer Svedle.........0320/47865 
 Or contact either of us on one of the
 following BBS:s..                    
 Arachnophobia.......033/285930 v32bis
 Hobgoblin...........033/295166 DS    
 STAR BBS............0320/70187 HST   

 FRIDAY 23TH OF JULY                  
 11.00 MCS Summer Conference Starts   
 23.00 Surprise-Coding-Compo Starts   
 SATURDAY 24TH OF JULY                
 22.00 DEADLINE Demo-Compo            
 23.00 DEADLINE Surprise-Coding-Compo 
 SUNDAY 25TH OF JULY                  
 00.00 Demo-Compo Show                
 12.00 Prize cceremony                
 16.00 The End                        
 Of course we can't list everything   
 that's going to happen at the party  
 here, so we'll save the rest as a    
 surprise for you when you arrive at  
 the party...                         

  First prize: 5000 SEK               
* The demo must work on a standard    
  Amiga OS 2.0 with 1 MB chipmem.     
* At least one of the competitors must
  be present at the party.            
* Only One contribution from each     
* The contribution must be auto-      
  booting, even if it's an onefile-   
* The DEADLINE must be respected.     
  Contributions not delivered in time 
  will be disqualified.               
* We reserve the right to spread and  
  copy all contributions.             
  The rules and prizes in this compo  
  will be announced at the party.     
  OTHER COMPOS                        
  Rules in the graphic/music compos   
  will be announced at the party.     
  NOTE: Unlike other partys we will   
  not promise any bigger prizes than  
  we know that we can afford.         
  And later at the party we'll hope-  
  fully announce some higher prizes.  
  GENERAL RULES                       
* No Alcohol, or smoking inside the   
* All stealing or vandalising will be 
  reported to the police.             
* Show respect to your fellow party   
* Please keep an eye on your          
  neighbours computer so that we can  
  eliminate the possibility of theft. 
 REMEMBER: They're only purpose is to 
 make this party nice for everyone,   
 including you...                     

 CREDITS for this demo...             
    Coding - Quint of Diabolos        
    Graphics - Incubus of Diabolos    
      (The Jester is dead,            
       long live The Jester)          
    Music - Marillion of Silents      

 THANKS TO...                         
     OTTO Reklam & Illustration       
          Susanne Svedle              
      The Computer Crossroad          
           Ove Oldberg                
      Databutiken i Borås AB          
       Fritidskontoret Mark           
       Marks Gymnasieskola            
          Leif Wettstam               
 And to everyone else that helped us  
 to make this possible...             
 We hope that this will be the biggest
 event on the Amiga scene this summer.
 Be there, or be somewhere else.      
 Yours sincerely,                     
 M.C.S Committee