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2010-08-26 23:07:36
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 this is the first scrolling isn't it nice??? all scrolling ofcourse porgrammed with one extrem fast scrol routine made by kraak vaak..

 i think the second is better than the first one!! cause it scrolls faster (didn't you noticed)

 special anti-greetings to the 1001-screw you know those smelly persons stealing discs cause they can't pay them theirselves.. 

 already the fourth scrolling (how the time flies)  

 message to acg: keep going programming like now!!   

 also a message to the jungle command:  have you seen the bit 'sinus' scroll you said to be impossible... if not than hurry  

 special advice: only use the blitter by big operations (so not by these scrollings), so don't use them to fast cause they can slow your programm instead of fasten it...  

 did you know dcs is busy writing a pac-man on the amiga (i know it's terrible)   

 tmc, still fucking your 64 with all your gay friends!!!

 greetings to all the tls members on the c64  and special to oric.. 

 the pentagon: bit for bit a superhit  (no not supershit)... 

 message to tuw: you must be quite stupid to call you: the !unknow! warrior.. 

 the trouble of 33 scrolling is always the make the text. as you noticed the text is very boring..  

 if you want to contact kraak vaak just call 08389-13024 (holland)... 

 the fantastic five: those who have broken the limits on the c-64 and amiga..

 message to hawk software please buy a decent moped..

 nothing gonna chance my love for you!!  

 a multi full screen smooth scroll full programmed by kraak vaak to get a lot of attention... 

 message to pc-international 6 month for repearing a printer is a long time, isn't it??? 

 this demo is a stock aitken and waterman production distributed in the uk by bmh records... 

 guus is een aap

 guus is een aap

 guus is een aap

 guus is een aap

 dcs is een aap

 guus is een aap

 guus is een aap

 guus is een aap

 guus is een aap

 this is scrolling 30 with no message to say...

  methodic solutions please go back to the vc20 instead of pretending of being important on the amiga... 

 all scrolling programmed with one super fast assembler routines programmed by kraak vaak special for the pentagon.. 

 this is the last scrolling (last but not least). i had enough time over but no space for more scrolling!! 

 stiekem toch nog een scrolling erbij

 en nog eentje om aandacht te krijgen