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                        HARMONIX AND DARK LORD PRESENTS
                          RED SECTOR MEGA MUSIC DISK

If  you  can't  use SoundTracker or any of it's numerous clones then here are
some  quick  instructions.   When Noisetracker has finished loading, you will
see  a  gadget called DISK.  You should see some new instructions appear.  To
get  a  list  of  available modules click on the L MODULES gadget.  This will
load  up  the  modules directory on drive df0:  Click on the file you wish to
load  and  then  wait for it to load.  When loading is finished, click on the
EXIT gadget on the right of the screen.  The screen will go back to beginning
screen.  All there is to do now is to click on the PLAY tool.

If  you  want  to access the second disk then change the path name.  When you
are  at the beginning screen click on the PREFS tool.  You will now see a box
in  the  top right appear with the default pathnames.  Click anywhere in that
box  and  a purple bar will appear.  Press return to get to the MODULES PATH.
Once there move across to the df0:  bit and change it to df1:.

There is a another way of doing it and that is to change the disk in df0:

     Next page contains the modules on the disks and the boring credits.

                         Press the left RAT button...

                        HARMONIX AND DARK LORD PRESENTS
                          RED SECTOR MEGA MUSIC DISK

On disk one there are 4 Tracks,
"1989 - a Number" was ripped from the Follow Me Demo
"25" was ripped from TJC Music Invasion 3
"Crack of Dawn" was ripped from TJC Music Invasion 3
"Cream of the Earth" was ripped from Cebit 90 Demo

On disk two there are 7 Tracks from the Mega Demo, (The loader is not ripped)
"RSI Rise Up" in the First demo
"RSI Hard" is the second demo with the really heavy track
"BA1" is the demo, after the worm, with the "Speedball" players
"Disco Groove" is the "Circle Twist" demo music
"Wasteland" is the "Vectorballs" demo music
"Japanese Rock" is the Credits Music
"Space Journey" is the Last Demo


                           Ripper Coded by Dark Lord
                            Music ripped by Harmonix
                    Graphics ripped and Arranged by Harmonix
                         The crap animation by Harmonix

               Press the left RAT button to load NoiseTracker...