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                                            Is this music for the arts ?
                                            or is it simply for the charts ?
                                            it all depends on your opinion,
                                            but let it jack you to oblivion....
                   Welcome to my latest music disk....
                   *** MAGNETIC BEATS ***
                   Well firstly I'd like to say thanks for getting this disk...
                   Right well here's how to work this demo......
                   you can either....
                   (A) - Let the music blast and when each tune ends the next
one will be loaded for you automatically.
                   or.... (B) - Press the Spacebar which will stop the current
music blasting and load the next one.
                   and that's it!!
                   Well, I can imagine all you coders out there mumbling
  "Well that's a pretty lame demo isn't it !!"           Well let me explain
this isn't a demo, it's a music disk, so sit back and enjoy the music!!
                   OK, well here's the credits for this disk.........
                   MUSIC  by  BEATMASTER
                   GRAPHICS   by  BEATMASTER
                   CODING   by   BEATMASTER
                   I would also like to thank  MAHONEY + KATKUS for writing
 NOISE-TRACKER which I used to write all these tunes.
         It's a really good version of Sound Tracker which has 31 instruments,
loads IFF samples, no need for PLST (except for looped instruments.) and loads
of other stuff.
                   Well, firstly I'd like to say hello to all my contacts,
so here goes...........                             
Hello to....                   ZOBB    GIZMO    ARTHUR    ARIOCH    SHADOWBOLT
JOHN    MARK    SIMON    ABE    BHARAT    PETE    NAVID        and anyone else
I've missed (sorry!)
                   Well if any one out there would like to contact me for
swaping Public Domain Software (I don't pirate games.) or to swap tips on
writing music and coding in 68000, then write to.......
                   29 HOLBECK AVE,
                   FY4 4LS
                   or TEL: (0253) 68067   after 6 p.m. & ask for Mike.
                   I can also be contacted at this address by anyone wanting me
to write music for them for either commercial or public domain purposes, but
that must exclude music for Group demos. (Sorry!)
                   Well here's a few more greetings to people I don't know but
have written good music on the amiga........
                   Dr. Awesome,    Jack (Titanics),    Allister Brimble,    
    Mahoney + Katkus,    Outsider,    Walkman,    ,    DOC,    Rebels,
    Ray Norrish,    SAE,    Byterapers,   Enemies,    KML,    BS1,
    Magnetic Fields    and anyone else who has wrote Music/P.D./Graphics etc...
 for the Amiga P.D. Scene & made it what it is.
                   Special music tip coming up.........
              When doing house mixes and using a sampled bar of music ensure
the sample length is long enough to fit the tempo of the tune,        If this
is not achieved the small gap causes the music to sound of very poor quality,
 with noticable clicking between bars.
              If you are uncapable of doing this or just can't be bothered
spending the time perfecting your mixes it is Ok to leave it with a click,
    but just don't sell it as the title music to a major shoot 'em up!!!!!!!        
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!                 Sorry Dave W. but it's only the truth,
accept it or don't write house mixes!!!!!!!         (or should that be ATTEMPT
to write ?   He He He!!)
                   Special music tip 2 coming up.........
              An easy way to do you own disk of House Music is to buy a copy
of Sonix House,              Load the picture into deluxe paint & change the
credits from  Mike Archer  to your own name,            Of course doing this
will not give the same satisfaction as writing your own music & your freinds
may think you're a LAMER
                   That may have sounded silly, but it wasn't my idea, some
people actually thought they were clever doing this,    and yes they are
                   Oh, & If any of those LAMERS are reading this text, I'd
like to see you rip the music off this disk!!!!! 
                   Well if you're not skiping the tunes, were probably near the
end of the second tune by now, and I'm already running out of things to write
in this damn scroller!!!!!
                   Ah, I know let's talk a bit about the P.D. scene......
               Right well basically the P.D scene consists of 4 different
groups of people these days, they are :-
                   (1) - Amiga Enthusiast who devotes many hours of time to
producing good quality Amiga stuff for free distribution.        (EG:   me!)
                   (2) - Amiga Enthusiasts who buy/swap P.D. for their amiga,
so they can get much more out of it without costing them an arm & a leg.
                   (3) - Amiga Enthusiasts who run P.D. Libraries compiling
their own disks and Making sure (2) only gets the best produced by (1)
                   (4) - Buisness men who see the P.D. scene as a quick easy
profit, and steal disks compiled by (3) to save time & money doing their own
compilations and quite frequently removing (1)'s credits & replacing them with
cheap advertising for their "buisness" (PD library ?).
                   Well now here's the the complicated bit....
              (4) quite often are able to offer (2) a cheaper rate of P.D. than
(3),     this is cuz all the work (4) credit themselves with, is quite often
not done by them but actually done & payed for
by (3),                (2) often buy's from (4) instead of (3) because of the
slighty cheaper P.D.,
               this has obvious effects on the PD scene..........
               (1) gets sick of (4) removing their credits & loose their
enthusiasm for providing P.D. software,            hence (3) don't get as
much good software from (1) as they used to and because their customers are
stolen by (4) aswell,           eventually may go bust.
                 This means (4) is left to do all the hard work of compiling
a library of good P.D. software, seeing this as an unprofitable buisness
venture (4) closes down his library,               now without anyone being (3)
it means that (1) can't get his stuff distributed to (2).
                 simple eh ?
                 Well maybe you can't sum the amiga scene up as (1),(2),(3) &
(4),   but the moral of this story is if you are a (2) then supporting (3) is
also supporting (1),           supporting (4) is supporting a large bank balance,
             So pay the few Pence extra per disk & don't buy from (4),
           You know it makes sense.
                                   Well for those interested, here's what was
used to create this music disk.....
           (1) - An Amiga 500
           (2) - Datel Electronics Sound Sampler
           (3) - Hitachi HRD-MD08 Stereo
           (4) - A Ferguson Videostar
           (5) - An Old Spectrum Jack Lead!
           (6) - A very large record collection of House/Hip Hop
           (7) - A few video films (good for samples!)
           (8) - A few blank disks
           (9) - Noise Tracker V1.0
           (10) - K-Seka V3.0
           (11) - Deluxe Paint 3
           (12) - A talented House Musician
           (13) - A Crash Course in Assembly Language (4 days!)
Well, if you like this disk & would like to see my other music disks, there are
4 others, all are available from 17 Bit Software  (and probably the library you
got this disk from if it wasn't from 17 Bit!)
                Hands up who watches Neighbours..........
                Only joking I'm not going to start ranting about it really, I'm
not that desperate for scroll text!!!!
                Well how about some serious music writing tips for all you
budding house mixers out there!!......
                Well tip number one is don't try to use music scales etc. when
putting down a bass line or melody, use your ears, you know if it sounds in
tune or not by listening to it, I for one know naff all about music scales,
keys, etc....              
                Tip Number 2 - If doing your own house music, write the drum
beat before anything else, this is the most essential part of house music, get
a good beat & the rest will fall in place.
                Tip Number 3 - Don't read to many music tips in scrollers, you
should create your own style!!!        He He He!!!
                        OK,    Hands up who watches Sticky Moments........              
   I do, and it's on in 10 minutes, so I'm gonna save this text now and Assemble
this demo so I can watch it!                  
                        See Ya,        BEATMASTER