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Oh... I need memory ! MORE memory !!

        Damn !          NUANCE, the bunch of coffee-addicts is back to penetrate you with
this result of a short period when our minds get riot ! The name of this
tiny intro is representative for the period of time, when it was born:
...Wait for some GREETINGS from ANDY and the contact-addy, which will 
appear later on in this scroller... I want to send some golden chicks to
X-POOLE, who joined some weeks ago. You will be able to enjoy some of his
latest modules in the second Issue of our GERMAN CHARTS and in our forthcoming
Dentro. By the way, we still search for a good german graphician and some
productive german coders to complete our team. If you think you're the
right dude for this job, you can write us and send examples !
...advertising break...        Hi, I'm Monsignore Lavell Jones ! And I'm here
to tell you that the end of the world is very near and you have to vote in
the GERMAN CHARTS to reach immortality !!!         ...all the addys you will
need to get in touch with us, will follow in a few - in a very few - minutes !
     ...Since we hate endless greetingslists, we reduced it to short hellos
to special friends !  Some damn hot pepperoni-pizzas are delivered from RAVEN/NUANCE to...
 ... Cougar/Sanity ... Danny/Spaceballs ... Trasher/Sanity ...
Nightmare/Elicma ... Exumer/Sanity ... Obelix/Platin ... Decadence/Vision
... WOTW/Essence ... Gfx-Twins/Digital ... Quark ...
Slayer/Blaze ... and all the forgotten ones !! When I arrived at PROFESSOR's
home and told him about the idea of a short Intro, his reaction was exactly
what I had expected ! Positive, but reluctant !!! But I think in the end this
absolute simple Intro turned out quite nice and really is a nice wrapping
for this collection of ascii-signs ! But now a personal message to DAMION
of PLATIN: If you can't accept that someone prefers NUANCE as the better
group, you better should not write childish messages or spread nasty
rumours about these guys. So better think twice before writing shit about
NUANCE or one of our members !!!!!!        
If you didn't know, this was RAVEN/NUANCE providing you to death with these
partly braindead lyrics !!! Now I will handle the keys over to ANDY/NUANCE,
so don't go away ! Just lean back again and shut up !!!!!!!
..... First of all sum greetings to my contacts: Trasher,Exumer,Cougar/Sanity
 PS/Essence  KR'33/Spaceballs  501,Norby/TRSI  Dodger,Ali/Interactive 
Dr.Skull,D-Mage/Virtual Dreams  Astro/Movement  Razorblade/Majic 12 
Gurgle/Ram Jam  Roscoe/Razor 1911  Zinko/Kefrens  Wolfman/Balance 
Nightmare,Rusty/Elicma  Obelix,Hendl/Platin  Doc Mastermind/Laser Dance 
Blazer/Fanatic  Tronic,Tedric/Silents  Darren,Mr.King/Scoopex  T'Vaan/DRD 
Heinz/Saturne  Carlo/Flying Cows  Mr.Root/Union  Gold Dragon/Unlimited 
Hacksaw/Chrome  Nop,Victory/Saints  Aronal/Paranoid  Ice T/Mystic 
Beatmaster/2000A.D.  Lotus/Pulse  Ripper,Hardfire/Diffusion 
Chrombacher/Obscene  Rave,Sir Jinx,Techno/Manitou  Trooper/Dynamic 
Shocker/Virtual Design  Skyline/Arise  Mega Man/BTB  Cryonik/X-Treme 
Castor/Logic  Dazl/Iris  Salvatore/Jump  Sting/Bonzai  Kopara/Mad Elks 
Immortal/Technology  Terminator/Trance  Comrade/Energy  Outlaw/Centura 
Deceiver/Decnite  Knox/Jewels  Zodak/Incal Inc.  Jazy,Dragon,Decadence/Vision 
Apeman/Purple Turtle  Izerman,Lord/S!P  Morpheus/Isch Crew  Yaffle/Insane 
Michael,Chris,Chantre/Independent  Nene,Gott,Brett-Trag,Critter/FNB 
Mephi/Damage  Cr8y/Savage  Hunter/Fun Factory  Kazz/Bronx  Acen/Compact 
Lenin/Freezers  Peace/Neoplasia... and all I've forgotten.   If you are
interrested in friendly elite-mailtrading then contact ANDY of NUANCE under:
   Andreas Dubois     Starenweg 9     89584 Ehingen     Germany.   And if
you want to swap with our norwegian god THOR, write to:  Juergen Kopfmueller
    Koenigsbergerstr. 45    87439 Kempten    Germany.   Message from ANDY
to all my contacts: The Delays, which I had in the last time are now
history, because my examinations are OVER. Jubel !!!  Wait for the next
smashing issue of the VAGINA PACKTORIS which will be out as soon as there
will be enough quality-releases which are worth enough to be on a good
pack. Now, I think, that's it for today from me. Again a golden regard to
all who know me. Bye, Friendship Rules.  ANDY signing off......      
Yoho, THOR on the keys ??? This time no greetings from myself, because this
is my ghostwriter typing this little laber !!!!!! Auch unser PROFESSOR
will nix ablabern !!!!   
Members of the mighty NUANCE-Conspiration are:  
RAVEN...gfx/organize - PROFESSOR...code - ANDY...msx/pack/swap -
X-POOLE...msx/swap - JACKAL...code - THOR...swap/packs - SHAKEN...code
- ICEBOYLE...code !!! That's a total of 8 members, all living in Germany !!!
                    DEXT RESCHTARTS...........