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                              hi fans        here you got a new fast northstar import released by raistlin and deathbringer at a little party!   some helloes from deathbringer to the following people   trix of dexion -hope the party wuz great!-   coke of spreadpoint -thanx for the stickers-  zebra of scoopex -sorry for delay!-   blackstar of cryptoburners -did you finally found your submarine?-    tmb of scoopex -hope you are now in good health!-   lord d of silents -thanx for hot sendings-   facet of vision -hope you spent a good time at your party-   tjr of wizzcat -thanx for your xmas card-    jbm of dual screw -send more stickers-     and now the messages from raistlin to     conqueror -thanx for cool xmas postcard!-   gnn of dual screw -arghh delay rulez hehe!!!-   deliverance of angels -your gift is comming soon!-   terminator of skid row -what about swapping vdio instead of shoes,hehe!-   filipetto of amaze -cool man! i am fucking busy nowadays but i ll reply soon!!! freedom crack reigns supreme!-   barnes of technoflight -cool dude send fast the party report!!!-     that is all coz my mind is out of ideas!!!                                    scroll restarts!