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                                   >>>>>>  FUCK OFF ALL LAMERS  <<<<<<                                   
Exceller 8  by  North Star ^ Fairlight        Issue 2 Feb 1989                    Programming by Omega in 1988  ENTER PAGENR: (Two digits)        Page Number to High. Please wait. Creating page.Please wait. Loading Picture Load error. File not found 

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After  pressing enter. Type in your
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digits.) Press  enter again to exit
this mode.@C@KLeft mouse button@N  
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Our address:@L
261 62 GLUMSLOV @L
Press   any   key  to  return  to  last page.@P

ISSUE 2 FEB 1989
   EXCELLER 8      
   261 62 GLUMSLOV 


@H1"Hello again."
You are reading the second issue of
Exceller  8.  Hope  you enjoyed the
In this issue you will find more of
everything  (well  almost...) and a
couple of new writers. The story of
@FFAIRLIGHT@N,   the   first   part  of
Celebrandil's      Raytrace     and
vectorgraphics    article,   @BMacron
One's@N   first   article  about  DIY
hardware,  @FSAE@N's  article about the
CBM show in London and @FNORTH STAR@N's
round-up of the year 1988.@L
Another   new   thing  is  the  new
advertisement    system   that   we
introduce  in  this  issue.  Have a
look at the ad page for more info.@L
I  would  also like to thank all of
you  who sent us letters telling us
what  you  think  of this magazine.
Keep  sending  'em because we wan't
This   issue   of   Exceller  8  is
dedicated  to  the  memory  of  @KRoy
Orbison@N (1936_-_1988).@L
_________________(Ed.) @P

02.The History of Fairlight.@L
06.Raytracing part one.@L
13.Nov CBM-Show in London.@L
17.Famous Words.@L
18.About MegaDemo #3.@L
24.Brain Music.@L
27.Hardware Hazard.@L
33.Freestyle UK Report 2.@L
35.Round Up of '88.@L
42.Games, Games !!@L
54.Warhammer Fantasy Rpg Review.@L
56.Useless move info!@L
58.Lights, Camera, Action.@L
71.Tune in, Turn out, Drop out.@L
83.NS Horroscope.@L
86.How to make your own sampler.@L
88.The new ad system!!@L
90.The end is near!@L
@K@Z"Staff of Exceller 8"@N@L
The Black Shadow (Flt).@L
Celebrandil (NS).@L
Atom (NS).@L
Kaktus (Ns).@L
Foetus (NS).@L
Mahoney (NS).@L
Godbrain (X8).@L
MaCron One (X8).@L
Starfire (NS).@L
Azid (NS).@L
Crab (NS).@L
Luftwaffe (X8).@L
Titan (NS).@L
Omega (NS).@L
Zigma (NS).@L
Lord Vega (NS).@L
Jazze (NS).@L
Rex (NS).@L
Slaine (NS).@L
Twenty Minutes (X8).@L
Techno (X8).@L
Sword (X8).@L
Comrade J and TIW/Share And Enjoy.@L
Big Al/Freestyle UK^AlphaFlight.@L
Foetus INC/Uggadunkers.@L
Editor: @FFoetus@N.@L
Programmer and Co-Ed: @FOmega@N.@L

@C@H1"The History of FairLight"
@B@Z"By The Black Shadow"@N@L
The  story  of  @FFairLight@N is a very
old  and long tale, but i'll try to
make it short...@L
It  begun in early 1983 when I (the
Black  Shadow)  bought my Commodore
64!  At  those  days  I  started to
learn  some  machine-code,  but  it
went very slow. Some months later I
managed to crack Pharaos Curse from
Synapse Software. Not very good, of
course...  3  files  with  a  total
length  of  230  blocks... I had to
find  a name so I called myself....
C.L.C.C. !!! That stands for:@L
@Z"Christian Lindeberg Cracking"
Great name?? Eh?!?@L
In  early  1984  when  I  got  more
sofisticated,  i  decide  to form a
group....I decided to call it:@L
@Z"Saturn Cracking United"@L
@Z"And I ,of course, called myself"@L
@Z"Saturn of SCU"@L
Well...  Those  were  happy days...
But we were only two members... And
I the only one that did anything! I
hacked  quite  a  lot of games, and
the  last  one  ,before  i  changed
name,     was    Blackwyche    from
My new name became Sir Galahad, and
I  became a member of W.A.S.P.  "We
Against  Software  Protection" That
happend  in  mid  summer 1985!! The
other members were:@L
King  Arthur, Ivanhoe, Lancelot and
We  grew  very  big..  and got very
It  was  at  that time I started to
know  Strider...  But  his  current
name  was  No.1!!  Lancelot  and  I
helped  No.1  with  the  coding and
soon  he  got  to  be  a  very good
programmer too!!@L
At  the late summer of 1986 we, me,
No.1, Lancelot and King Arthur, got
an  offer  from  W.C.C,  West Coast
Crackers, to join...@L
And so we did!!!@L
WCC got even more famous than WASP,
and  that  was  because of the good
contact  between  the  members.. We
were   10  members..  Sir  Galahad,
Lancelot,  No.1,  King  Arthur, Mr.
Pinge,  Nobody,  HJ,  Zeb, Nike and
Marwin!!!  We  had a very good time
and  got  to  be  very good friends
with Triad...@L
Easter   1987   at  the  third  WCC
Party!!  We  had  just  taken  some
other  members  in WCC... They were
Janitor,Sparrow and Crusader!!!@L
No.1 and I got bored on some of the
other  members...Especially  Nike!!
So..  On the Train back to our home
town we decided to form FAIRLIGHT!!
I  chose  the name The Black Shadow
and  Strider wanted to keep his old
name...  He did for 3 weeks then he
changed  it  to Strider!!! The rest
of  the  WCC gang called themselves
Relax,  and a bit later they joined
Our  first  member  was  Gollum the
best  cracker  on  the 64!!! In the
midst  of  that  summer I bought an
Amiga  and  started  to  program...
Strider  already  had one since the
Christmas  Holiday, but he couldn't
Soon we got some more members like:
Lord Blitter and The Hobbit!!@L
Everything   was  cool  and  I  was
pretty  good  at programing by late
At  X-mas  time we had a Copy-Party
together  with  Triad  and  it  was
quite good... At the party I met Il
Scuro  of  TOR and Yankee of TOR...
And we became good friends... Later
Il  Scuro  and  Yankee  joined  DefJam...@L
I  got  to  know Atom of NS by late
spring  1988  and  we decided about
the  Joining!!  At the same time we
got  three members. Excalibur,Sharp
and    4042    joined   FairLight!!
Everything  was OK, and we released
lots of cracks and demos....@L
In  late  summer  we  got  two more
members. X & Y....@L
We  found  out  that  Y wasn't very
good..  so we kicked him out... and
at  the  same  time  4042 and Sharp
left...   X  changed  his  name  to
By late Autumn Excalibur thought he
needed to have some 'air' change so
he left us and joined Abyss!!@L
At    almost    the    same    time
Doppelganger   of  Abyss  left  and
joined   FairLight!!  And  Griffith
joined too...@L
Strider    decided   to   'rebuild'
FairLight  and we divided the group
into  two  parts... one 64 division
and one Amiga division...@L
And thats the story so far...@L
The  members  in the Amiga division
The  Black Shadow, Strider, Exolon,
The  Hobbit, Doppelganger, Griffith
and The Sarge!!@L
We  are  also  looking for some new
Amiga   members...   so   keep   in
Box 6@L
23600 Hollviken@L

@Z"B-4720 KELMIS"

B^B  seeks new FAST swappers around
the   universe  (also  aliens).  Be
FAST, or no swapping! Write to:@L
@Z"P.B. 193"
@Z"8610 GRUBHEI"

T,U,W   is  searching  for  a  @FGOOD@N
coder, graphic maker or musican.@L
For  swapping  @FNEW@N VHS-films or new
stuff      write     to:     Claes,
Enskiftesvagen 51, 145 60 Norsborg,
Sweden.   Or   call  0753/85438  or
0753/86832 (Marko).@L

@P@H1"Raytracing theories  part one"@L
@B@Z"By Celebrandil of NS/FLT"@N@L
In  this  first part of my articles
about  Ray-Tracing I will only give
you  a  basical  description of the
method  and  the mathematics around
it.  After you have read @Bthis@N piece
I'm  sorry  to  tell  you that this
isn't  enough.  But  if  I told you
everything  I know in just one part
it   would   be  too  difficult  to
understand.  I really hope you read
this  article  and enjoy it. If you
have  questions  and  own ideas you
are  more  than  welcome to contact
me. My address will be found below.
Have a nice reading!@L
You  have  probably  heard  about a
technique   to   produce  graphical
images    on    computers    called
ray-tracing,  but I'm sure that not
many of you really know what it is.
In  this  article  I  (Celebrandil)
wish    to   give   you   a   brief
discription of ray-tracing.@L
It's  not  a  new method, the first
algorithms  were  in fact presented
as    early as 1968 by Mathematical
Applications   Group  inc.  and  A.
Appel          (AFIPS    conference
proceedings, SJCC 1968, pp 37-45).@L
Later  on  new approaches have been
implemented       by      different
scientists.  One of the persons who
found good applications considering
the division of the light (specular
light,  ambient  light,  mirror and
transperency)  was T. Whitted (Com.
of  the  ACM,  23(6)  June 1980, pp
Ray-tracing      is      a     very
time-cunsuming  process and needs a
decent  resolution  and  number  of
colours,   but  as  you  know  many
prgrams  have  been  coded even for
the  Amiga  (DBW-Render, Sculpt 3D,
Animate   3D,   Silver   and  Turbo

Before  I tell you how to calculate
the  images  we better find out how
to   represent the objects you want
to  draw.  The best way to build up
objects   is  by  using  solid  and
simple        geometric       forms
(Constructive  Solid Geometry, CSG)
such  as spheres, cylindres, cones,
blocks,  etc. The easiest object to
define  is a sphere, since you only
need  to  know  the position of the
centre,   the      radius  and  the
More  irregular  objects  would  be
very   difficult  to  represent  by
using solids. Then you can build up
your    objects    with   different
polygonal    faces   instead.   You
usually  use triangles because they
are  easiest to handle (if you want
you  can  build  up a quadrate with
two  triangles  and  so on). If you
think  for  yourself   a minute you
will     realize    that    objects
constructed by triangles have a bit
of a weird appearence.@L
Along    the   edges   the   colour
differences  between  two neigbours
will  seem  to be a bit exaggerated
and   are   very  disturbing.  This
phenomenon  was discovered as early
as  1965  by  E.  Mach  and is thus
called the Mach band  effect. There
exist  fortunately  some methods to
solve  this pity problem and I will
later  in this article explain them
as  much as I know. Another way to 
define  curved surfaces is by using
an   approximation-method  such  as
Hermite,      Bezier   or  B-Spline
(..Beta-Splines,   Springer-Verlag,
1987).   It   is   though  a    bit
comlicated     to     use     these
representation-forms     in    ray-

To  produce  an  image, like a room
filled  with different objects, you
need  to  define more than just the
objects.  To give some light to the
room  you  have to add lightsources
(intesity, position, size and maybe
direction) so that the objects will
appear.   The   objects  themselves
can't  give  light  if they are not
luminous, of course.@L
To  make  the picture realistic you
also  have  to include the light of
the  atmosphere. No such light will
make  the picture seem to be in the
middle of the night.@L
You   also  have  to  consider  the
observer  and  a  window, which the
observer  is  looking  out  of. The
observer    is   defined   by   the
following properties:@L
1) Position from where the observer
is looking, EyePos.@L
2)   Direction   he   is   looking,
3)  Position  of  the  window  (the
centre).  The  observer is normally
looking      through   this  point,
4) Directions and lengths of the X-
and  Y-  axis  of the window, Xaxis
and Yaxis.@L

@P5)  The  screen  on  which you make
your  image is corresponding to the
window  and   thus you need to know
their properties, Kx and Ky.@L
WindPos.X = Kx * ScnPos.X; (1)@L
WindPos.Y = Ky * ScnPos.Y;@L
The  first  four  premisses EyePos,
ViewDir,   ScnPos,   XaxisDir   and
YaxisDir  are  described  by  three
different  values,  the  X-, Y- and

Now  over to the principles of this
strange, but efficient method. If I
ask  you how you would have done to
make a graphical image you probably
would  have  said: 'It's easy, just
see  how  the  objects look like on
the  screen  and  simply draw them'
(like  vector-graphics  or Boundary
Representation).  Ray-Tracing  is  
not  like  that.  When  you  make a
picture  the  normal  way you can't
find   the   real  colours  of  the
objects.   But  if  you  are  using
Ray-Tracing you can vary the colour
due  to  shading and reflections to
make a much more realistic scene.@L
As you know, the picture you see on
the screen is the collection of all
the    light-rays  going  from  all
around  you, through the screen and
right   into   the     eye  of  the
observer.  Instead of following the
rays  @BTO@N  the  observer, you better
follow  the  rays @BFROM@N the observer
and  see  what object you reach. To
determine  the  direction  you  are
looking    and   want   to   trace,
TraceRay,  you  use EyePos, ScnPos,
Xaxis, Yaxis, Kx, Ky and the X- and
Y-values  for  the screen-point you
wish  to  display.  More about that
later on.@L
The  colour  of  the  point you are
working   with  depends  upon  what
object  you  are  seeing  (i.e  the
nearest   object  you  reach).  The
brightness  depends  on  a  lot  of
facts. If the object is transperent
you  will see the object behind the
nearest  object too. When you reach
a   mirrored  object  you  have  to
bounce on the surface of the object
to find another destination. If the
object   is   shiny   you  have  to
consider  the fact that you may see
the  light-sources  on  the surface
(highlights).   More   about   that
later.  First  I  have  to tell you
about the basic mathematics we will
have    to    use   in   order   to

To   solve   difficult  geometrical
problems  in  three  dimensions you
can  use    something called Vector
Geometry.  Now I want to give you a
view  of  the most  used functions.
To speed up the calculations I have
made  the  routines using Motorolas
Fast    Floating    Point   library
(mathffp).  Even though the results
are    less    exact    than    the
IEEE-standard  they  are  more than
enough  to  fullfill  your  needs. 
Another  problem  you have when you
are  using  the  mathffp library is
that  it is  a bit more complicated
to    add    a    extra   floating-
point-processor,  but as I  already
have told you it's much faster.@L
A   vector   is,  as  you  probably
already    know,   a   mathematical
abstraction that  both has size and
direction     e.g.    acceleration,
velocity   and   power.  To  denote
positions    in   three-dimensional
space  we  use  a coordinate system
and  define  the direction by three
values,  the  x-,  y-  and z-values
from  the  origin.  The size is the
length   from   the  point  to  the
Length=SQR(dX^2+dY^2+dZ^2)); (2)@L
The  first function is as simple as
vector  addition.  You  simply  add
each    coordinates  to  get  a new
vector.   The   pseudocode  routine
below  describes. Dx, dy and dz are
the  direction  values.  First  and
Second are the two vectors you wish
to add and SumVect is the Result.@L

SumVect.dX=First.dX+Second.dX; (3)@L
Next   function   is   the   vector
subtraction   function  and  is  as
simple as the  first one. I'm sorry
for  being  ridiculous, but we have
to  start  easy  so that all lamers
have  time  enough to release their
thumbs from their joysticks.@L
DifVect.dX=First.dX-Second.dX; (4)@L
There    exist   three   types   of
multiplications  as you are working
with  vectors.  First  we  have the
scalar  multiplication and it means
that  you  multiply  a vector and a
scalar,  or even better the size of
a   vector   and   a   scalar  (the
direction  of  the  vector  is  the

ProdVect.dX=First.dX*Scalar; (5)@L
The  second  multiplication type is
called         scalar        vector
multiplication.  The    result is a
scalar  as  the name is saying. You
simply  multiply  the different X-,
Y-   and   Z-values   and  add  the
products.  The  result  of a scalar
vector   multiplication is commonly
called  dot product of two vectors.
In  reality  a  dot  product is the
same  as the product of the lengths
of  the  vectors  and the cosine of
the  angle between them. That means
that two vectors with a right angle
between  have  a dot product equals
zero. It's often a good way to test
if the angle between two vectors is
right. Note that a dot product of a
vector  with  ifself  is  just it's
size squared.@L

DotProd=First.dX*Second.dX+ (6)@L
The last multiplication function is
called        vectoral       vector
multiplication  and  the  result is
normally    mentioned   as   vector
product  and  it's  a  vector.  The
resulting  vector  is  a new vector
that is right angles to both of the
other   vectors. It's size is equal
to  the product of the sizes of the
vectors  and  the sine of the angle
between  them. This function can be
used  to  calculate the normal of a
plane  if you have two other vector
on it.@L
I  know  that this function looks a
bit  weird,  but  it's  fortunately
very  efficient. That was all about
the basical theorems.@L
Now  it's time to finish this first
part  of  the serie. As you already
have    understood    more    about
Ray-Tracing  will  be  presented in
later  issues. The real mathematics
haven't  been touched yet, so don't
be  sad  if  you  realize  that you
can't  make  a  proper program just
out  of this part. In next issues I
will  tell  you  how  you do in the
reality to construct your images.@L
If you have questions, own ideas or
just want to send me new disks (I'm
always   short  of  disks),  please
write to:@L
@Z"Hogviltsgrand 13"
@Z"222 52 Lund"
Don't  be  mad  if  I  answer  your
letters a bit too late, coz I've so
many  letters  to answer every week
and it's often easy to miss some.@L
If  the  answer  is  urgent  please
write  'ISRIL'  on  the envelope. I
would  be  glad  if  you also could
tell  me  something  about yourself
(your  age,  interests,  profession
Bye, bye, fans!@L
@BBest wishes /@B
@K@FCelebrandil@N @L
@FLook  on the disk (dir:Sources) for
an assembler source.@N  

@Z"By Comrade J and TIW"
@Z"Share and Enjoy"@N@L
On  the 18/19/20th of November, the
12th  Official  Commodore  Show was
held  in London.  The venue was the
Novotel  Centre in Hammersmith, the
same  place  as  the  last  show in
In  fact, it all seemed to look the
same  as  the last show, with a lot
of the stands being the same people
in  the same place as the last show
(and selling  the same games!).@L
Commodore's black pyramid stand was
identical to the stand  at the last
show, and they seemed to be running
the  same  boring demos again, such
as   the   ancient   juggler,   ANC
Animations  2 and the old Kahnankas
The  only  new  thing we saw on the
Commodore  stand  was  the  new BBC
Emulator   from  Ariadne  Software.
This  runs BBC Basic programs up to
five times faster than  the BBC, it
handles all BBC modes, and contains
a  6502  emulator  and support  for
some   (but   not   all)   BBC  rom
routines.  It is obviously aimed at
the  educational market in Britain,
which  is  dominated  by the crappy
BBC computers.@L
There   were  few  games  companies
there,   Anco   were   there   with
"Maria's    Christmas   Box",   yet
another    Strip   Poker   game.   
Microdeal  were  showing  a demo of
AIRBALL  (The  ST version was shit,
so  don't  expect  much  from their
Amiga  version), Precision Software
were   demonstrating   a   demo  of
"Charon  V",  their  new  game  (of
course, Share and Enjoy 'liberated'
the demo from their A2000).@L
Mandarin        Software       were
demonstrating  Pioneer  Plague, but
we all had that three weeks  before
the  show, and Tynesoft were there,
but  had  nothing new except Circus
Games,  a  shit  simulation.  There
were   no   other  games  companies
there,  so  was   it a bad show for
new releases?@L
Yes it was.

@PThe  expected  releases  of ELITE, 
(although   that   is   out   now),
did   not   happen.  The  only  new
releases  were  shit like  VETERAN,
The   Commodore   Arcade   (which  
usually  has  playable  versions of
unreleased  games)  had nothing but
old  shit   running in it (WIZBALL,
XENON,  etc). This was probably due
to all the good  stuff dissapearing
from   the   cabinets  at  previous
shows.  The games enthusiast  might
well  have  been  disappointed with
the  show.    Although games freaks
were  disappointed, there was a lot
of  stuff  around for those who use
their Amigas  for more than games.@L
Hisoft  released Version 2 of their
DEVPAC  assembler,    Microdeal had
their   new   Midi   and   Sampling
package, AMAS, the software is good
but  the hardware is shit. The Midi
has   only  ONE  Midi-Out  and  the
sampler is  bad too, the quality is
the  same  as  my  cheap home-built
unit  and  sounds  rough, even when
sampled  from  CD.  Several  places
were selling the new cheap genlock 
for  just  over 100pounds, but most
had sold out by Sunday.@L
Icon   Paint,the  new    16  colour
workbench  was  for sale and looked
nice,   although   it's  next  to  
useless unless you have a hard disk
(the  Icons  on their own take up a
full   disk,there's no room for the
applications  to  go  with  them!).
Arnor were  demonstrating Pro-Text,
their new word processor, but after
a  quick  look  it   is obviously a
cheap piece of rubbish.@L
The  most stupid new program at the
show   had  to  be  E-TYPE,  a  new
which  is a typewriter emulator. It
reads  in  from  the  keyboard  and
sends  the  output straight to your
printer.  Their advertising says "A
revolutionary  program to transform
your computer into a fully featured
typewriter"! Obviously, it's just a
workbench  disk with COPY * to PRT:
in  the startup-sequence!!!! People
will try anything to get famous.@L
The guys who were up there included
(sorry  if  I  miss you out, we did
meet  most  people up there): @BSHARE
AND  ENJOY@N  (all of us!), @BIAN & MIC@N
(with some new  demos), @BJCS@N (We saw
Moto-X-Man,   but   he  rushed  off
before we could speak to him).@L
FLIGHT    (Freestyle   U.K.),   THE
DRUIDS@N  and some new guys, @BNIETSNIE@N
(EINSTEIN   backwards!),  and  good
friends   of   mine,   @BTHE  ELECTIC
MENAGERIE@N  (you'll be hearing a lot
from them  in the future).@L
There  was  a  copy  party  on  the
Saturday,  held  by Share and Enjoy
and  Freestyle  U.K.,  but  because
Commodore's  Security stopped a lot
of  people  on the way out, we were
delayed  getting  there.    We also
lost   most  of  Quoram  and  the  
Accumulators  on the way there, and
because  there  was  not  much  new
stuff at the  show it wasn't a very
successful party.@L
Overall,  the  Commodore  Show  was
worth going to, but was not as good
as  the  PC  Show, and I think that
especially  people  coming  over to
England from abroad would have been
Perhaps       Commodore      should
concentrate  on    attracting  more
games  companies  to  the show next

4  zwappin'  n' buyin' newest Amiga
warez,  write  to the Amiga section
of Blaze:@L
@Z"PLK 106412 C"
@Z"2400 Lubeck"

are    searching   for   some   newContacts.@L
If you are NO Lamer then write to:@L
@Z"PLK 984280 C; 2360 BAD SEGEBERG"
Handshakes to:The Web Inc. ; NNT !@L

TMD want's more contacts because heis capable of more (AND MY ADDI).@L

@C@H1"Famous words"
@BFamous  words  by known and unknown
2.__I don't know about that.@L
3.__It worked before.@L
4.__It's  just  a  couple of things
that has to be fixed.@L
5.__How could it become like that?@L
6.__It's   got  to  be  a  hardware
7.__Maybe    they    have   changed
8.__You  must  have  done something
9.__You  must  have an error in the
input material.@L
10__But I didn't change anything in
that module.@L
11__Oh  yes,  it  will  be ready by
12__You   must   have  got  an  old
13__It's only a flaw.@L
14__I'm almost ready.@L
15__Oh  yes, just let me insert the
last changes.@L
16__It won't take long.@L
17__We   are   just  securing  that
18__It  probably  just depends on a
bad coincidence.@L
19__You can't test everything.@L
20__This  thing  can't  affect that
21__But   I  thought  I  had  fixed
22__It's  in  there,  it's just not
23__It   works  well,  although  it
doesn't seem so.@L
24__Although  it doesn't work, what
do you think about it?@L
Ed.   @C@H1"About Mega-Demo 3"@B

@KThe Mega Demo 3 intro.@N@L
Was coded by me (Atom). The picture
was drawn by our new member Dagger.
Music was composed by Jazze.@L
I  kind of like this intro, because
of  it's  kind of originality. Most
demos  with  a  vertical  scrolling
picture  usually  just  blends  the
colors in the middle of the screen,
but  instead  of  doing  it the old
way,  I  used 64 colors horizontaly
where  the  bobs  were  placed.  It
turned    out    to    look   quite

Uugh!  Look  at  it from this view:
Two  minutes  after we had finished
our  64  demo  "SKRUV", (we were so
happy,  and  we haven`t touched any
64/128  since  that  very  day)  we
turned on our new Amigas... Eh?  An
awfully   drawn   hand   holding  a
squared  disk! Supercomputer? Well,
we  found  a  proggie  called "SEKA
assembler 1.0"!  Workspace? Uh? How
about    10kB?    and   then,   the
assembler...    On our other Amiga,
we   ran   something  called  "SEKA
instructions".    Aha! Wow! Simple,
we  thought,  and  opened  our  hot
Hardware Manual..@L
Three   hours  later,  we  got  the
copper   running,  and  three  days
later,   we   made  a  scroll!  (We
already  knew  the 68000.) It was a
very  nice  scroll, we thought, and
then  we  played  a little with the
copper.  Suddenly  we had magically
34  scrolls!  When Mahoney finished
the  scroll, Kaktus made a bouncing
That`s why we hate that demo!@L
Everything  could  have been great,
but, Atom, the one and only, got it
into  his  hands! When we completed
our other demos, we had `forgotten`
Blue. But Atom hadn`t! That was the
sad story of Blue!@L

@K@BStars are 4-ever.@N@L
Was  coded by me (Atom) a long time
ago.  I  made a nice sprite routine
which  could  handle  48 sprites in
less  than  40  raster  lines. So I
thought  it  would  look  nice in a
demo.  Then  I  put  in  some  more
things  on  the  screen.  It didn't
take  very  long  time until it was
finished.   The  result  wasn't  to
splendid   but   still  it  was  an
average demo....@L

@K"Scrolly (1)"@N@L
This  story  is basicly the same as
the  one  about  Blue. We got a new
idea,  and  we  simply  made a demo
based   on  it.  Later,  when  we`d
learned  to program, we made better
versions  of  that idea, and that`s
when Scrolly 2 enters!@L

This   demo  came  to  earth  while
running  our first BOB-test. In the
first  versions,  we  used a letter
more  than  allowed, and everything
went   to   shit,  but  this  final
version  is  working properly. This
demo  must  be  the most "quiet" of
them  all,  there  is  just nothing
more to write about it!@L

@KEgoDemo/Atom demo 4.@N@L
I   (Atom)   got  this  great  tune
composed by Titan which inspired me
to  code  a demo. The first thing I
coded   was  the  bars  behind  the
scroll which were controlled by the
tune.  Then  I  proceeded  with the
scroll,  which  were an old routine
which  scrolled  a 4 bitplane 48*32
font in less than 12 raster lines.@L
Dagger  had drawn some great Ns^Flt
logos  in  32  colors which I used.
Just  to  make  it a bit more fun I
did  a  line scroll routine to move
the logos. To make the logos look a
little  bit  better  I did a copper
routine  which  made  a  grey scale
scroll  through the logos. Then the
Amiga  crashed  and  destroyed  the
source disk.... Argggh !! As always
when  something like this happeneds
I  got  a  bit depressed... After a
few  hours  of  crying  I coded the
shit  once again (this time using a
back-up disk!).@L
Foetus  had  written  down a lot of
ego  boasting which I thought could
be  used in the second scroll which
was  a  new  scroll  routine  which
scrolled  a  32*32 3 bitplanes font
in less than 4 raster lines.@L
After   that  I  did  the  vertical
scroll  which  were compressed both
horizontal and vertical. Now it was
just  some  empty space left in the
middle  of the screen. First I made
a 3-D star field, but it's so usual
so  I changed the stars to animated
asteroids.  By  this  time the demo
used so much memory that I couldn't
run it from Seka without 1meg.@L
Some  animated bobs was inserted in
the   middle   screen   which  were
changeable  in  both animation look
as  well  as  sinus/cosinus tracks.
Still having some bitplanes left in
the   middle  I  made  the  bumping
AtomDemo4 logo.@L
After   crunching  it  for  several
hours I noticed when I executed the
demo on a friends computer that the
second  scroll  flickered each 16th
frame...  But  it  looked  nice  on
everybody   elses   computer  so  I
thought  it didn't matter, but when
writing  this  I have heard that it
flickers   on  nearly  1/3  of  the
amiga's but who cares ??!?!?!?@L
The  routines  used in Ego demo was
very  fast  indeed,  but  now  when
coding  my  game  I have discovered
severals   ways   to   improve  the

@K"Flummy + Intro + Intro"@N@L
@BIntroIntro first:@N@L
This  one was built up from our new
little  nice  boot (9kB), filled up
with  some  music. Yes, the `music`
is   called  "Blajback",  and  it`s
rather booring.

This  one  was  done  just  to show
nothing.   The  Crap-scroll  wasn`t
orginally  our  idea, and the music
is  insane... But the logo is nice!
Rex  says  that he loves the "flt",
and someone asked us if we liked to
zoom  the  Rom-font  4 times! Well,
life IS hard!@L

There is something missing! And the
music, I think we are the first who
plays  with a $24 bytes long sample
in   the   soundtracker!  From  the
beginning,  there  WERE a logo, but
it  must have been lost somewere in
the  copperlist,  and  with it, the
filtereffects.  Never mind, life is
more   than   a   logo   and   some
lowpass-passes.  (Anyway,  the logo
wasn`t good at all!)@L

@K"Scrolly 2 + Intro"@N@L
This  neat  little piece of code is
pretty  nice  in our point of view.
The  music  to  the  intro  is  Rob
Hubbards   "BMX   Kidz";   On   our
meeting,     we     rewrote     his
replayroutine,  in  a  way  that it
played  the  sounds  one at a time!
(Oops,  then  we  must have touched
the 64/128 again, you say! Nooo, it
was  a 128d! Ha ha haa) When we had
modified  the  routine,  we  simply
sampled  the  sounds  to the Amiga.
Then we made a copy of the original
tune!  Mogwai  was the one who made
the  most  work  (Yes,  we  had  to
mention HIM!)...@L
When  Mogwai  was finished with his
masterpiece,  we  destroyed it with
some other samples: "The Landing Of
Hundreds  Of  Unidentified  Objects
Has Now Been Oficially Comfirmed As
A  FullScale  Invasion Of The Earth
By Marsians".. Very funny indeed.@L

@KPROGRESS@N   was   created   by   me,
Celebrandil,   at   a  small  lamer
meeting   in   Hoor/Sweden  in  the
summer  of  1988.  At  that  time I
didn't  own  this  machine. My head
was   though  filled  with  strange
fancy  ideas  I  wanted  to  use in
reality.  At  my  friend  Boerni's 
place  I  had read all the hardware
and  at  that meeting I was glad to
find an Amiga among all the 64's. I
worked  as  fast  as  possible on a
machine  I  borrowed from Gusten, a
nice  lad  I met there. I completed
the  routine  that  calculates  the
balls    and   the   routine   that
calculates  the  grid. Since it was
my  very first demo on the Amiga it
took  a  lot  of sleepless hours to
finish  the work. You see, only the
program  that  calculates the balls
was  nearly  as  long as a standard
demo.  I  thank all you strangers I
met     at    that    meeting    in

@KTHEEND@N demo was also created by me,
Celebrandil.  During  the last four
months  I  have  been  working on a
Ray-Tracing      program     called
'Synthetic  Views'.  In  this small
demo I just wanted to show a bit of
what  I  have  managed to do. Since
it's  only  a  testpic  you mustn't
think  that  this is the best pic I
can  create.  Later  versions  also
include    planes,    transperancy,
multiple   lightsources.  They  are
also  sped  up more than 60 percent
and  will  be even faster. Look out
for  new images by me! You are more
than  welcome to contact me or read
more about the method in this issue
of Exceller 8.@L

@KBy Godbrain@N@L
This  is  a new section of Exceller
8.  It  will  mainly deal with MIDI
and  sampling  on  your  Amiga.  At
first  I'd  like to clear out a few
(Musical     Instruments    Digital
MIDI  is  a  way for drum machines,
synthesizers,   samplers   etc   to
communicate.  It is actually a 32.5
kbaud serial interface with 1 start
bit,  8  data  bits and 1 stop bit.
When   using   MIDI   you  transmit
information and not audio signals.@L
If  you  have an instrument that is
compatible  with  MIDI  and want to
use  your  Amiga  as a Sequencer or
Editor/Librarian  then  you need an
My advice to you is: Do not buy any
of  the  cheap MIDI-interfaces that
is  available. The best thing to do
is  to  buy  or  build an interface
with   at   least  3  MIDI-Outs,  1
MIDI-Thru  and  1 MIDI-In. At first
you  may  not  be needing this, but
later on you will feel that you did
the right thing.@L
The  3  MIDI-Outs  are very good to
have  when  you  hook up more than 
two  instruments to your interface,
especially  older ones, because all
the  instruments  will  receive the
MIDI  information at the same time.
That  helps  your  music to be more
precise and "tight".@L
If   you   don't   have   any  MIDI
instruments  you  still can produce
good- quality music with the aid of
your  Amiga. I'm thinking about the
internal    capabilities   of   the
computer.   If   you  want  to  get
anything  decent  out of your Amiga
be  sure  to  use  samples that has
been  sampled  at  a  high sampling
rate  and  disconnect  the low-pass
filter   either   by   software  or
If  you don't want to buy a sampler
then a cheap and easy way is to get
in  touch  with someone who is into
sampling and try to borrow and swap
disks until you have built your own
sound library.  And, please, do not
use  any  of the early Soundtracker
disks.  Those sounds are getting to
familiar and boring.@L
If you consider buying a sampler be
sure  not  to  buy any of the cheap
models. Buy one that has a variable
low-pass  filter  or  at  least 4-5
preset  ones.@L
Also,  make  sure  that the sampler
plugs  into  the  parallel port and
not anywhere else.@L
When   it   comes  to  sampling  by
yourself  you  should always try to
sample   your  sound  at  different
sample  rates  and  with  different
filters   and   then   compare  the
results. Different sounds may need 
different settings.@L
From  my  own  experience I can say
that   the   Dolby  filter  on  the
cassette  deck  is  not  so good to
have  on  when  you  are  sampling.
Instead   try   to   set  the  tape
selector to Chrome if you are using
a    a normal tape and Metal if you
are using a chrome tape.@L
Personally  I  feel that the lowest
sampling rate you should use is the
highest  possible. My own favourite
is  28184  Hz, because this is also
the  tone  A. If you want to sample
speech  from television or radio (a
la Front 242) then   it is suitable
with  a  sampling rate of 14092 Hz,
this  is also an A, or perhaps even
lower. CD disks are especially good
to  sample from because they are in
fact  sampled  at  a rate of 442000
Hz.  If  you  want  to  get  a good
result then sample a half that rate
and   you   will   avoid  different
distortion effects.@L
If  you  have  any  questions about
MIDI, sampling, music software and 
MIDI  instruments then feel free to
send  them to Exceller 8 and I will
be  happy  to  answer  them in this
In the next issue I will write more
about   MIDI   and   I   will  test
different MIDI programs.@L
That is all from me for this time.@L

@P@C@H1"Hardware Hazard"
@BBy MaCron One/X8@N@L
@KFigure 1 is placed on page 31.@L
Figure 2 is places on page 32.@L
The  pictures  are also included on
this disk in IFF. (Ohm)@N@L
Oups, seams that I missed the first
issue.  Well - never mind, this way
I  don't  have  to  construct a new
thing  for  this issue but I'll use
the  one  that  should have been in
the  first,  a  Musical  Instrument
Digital  Interface - perhaps better
known as MIDI.@L
Why  a MIDI?  Well, it's one of the
easiest  things  you  can do for an
Amiga,  and it's really a Low-Cost,
Easy-to-Build,    State-of-the-Art,
Add-on,  and since nobody came with
any  another  suggestion (how could
you?)  (don't brag -Ed.). I thought
this would be a good start.@L

@PEver      though      the      MIDI
specificationes  were  made  public
early in 1983 I think I'll take the
liberty  to  present  some of them.
The     interface    operates    in
asyncronous mode at 31250 baud with
a start bit, 8 data bits, no parity
and  one stop bit giving a total of
10 bits per serial byte. The result
of  this  is that MIDI can receive/
transmit 3125 bytes/second which is
fair enough for most applications.@L
Since   the  Amiga  already  has  a
asyncronous  receiver/transmitter -
if you haven't guessed it yet - the
serial    port,    which   can   be
programmed   to   operate   at  the
parameters above, the only thing we
have  to  do  is  to  transform the
RS232C  output  TxD into a MIDI out
signal,  and  the MIDI in signal to
an RS232C RxD.@L
To    make   the   interface   more
'user-able'  it will have five MIDI
connectors.  Three  MIDI  out,  one
MIDI  in  and  one  MIDI  thru.  Of
course  you  don't  have to connect
all  of  them if you don't want to.
The  interface  will work fine with
only  one  connector,  except  MIDI
thru   which  require  MIDI  in  to
Figure  1 shows the circuit diagram
for  the  A500  MIDI,  and Figure 2
shows it for the A1000 MIDI.@L
If  you  take  a  look you will see
that  they  are  almost  identical,
only   the  power  connections  are
different.  But  rather than making
one  diagram  with  lots of jumpers
and  notes  I took the easy way and
made   two   copies   of  the  same
diagram,  changing  one a bit (Hmm,
one  shall  not work to hard in the
Logical    one    in    RS232C   is
represented  by  a  negativ voltage
between  -3V  and -15V, and logical
zero  is  represented by a positive
voltage   between   +3V  and  +15V.
(these are standard recomendations.
On  the Amiga logical zero is 8V to
13V.  Logical  one is -2.5V to -12V
but   it  doesn't  matter  in  this
Logical  one in MIDI is represented
by   +5V   and   logical   zero  is
represented by 0V.@L
The  A500 lacks a +5V on the serial
port  and  I'm to lazy to make more
changes   than  necessary  so  both
versiones  get  +5V from R1 and D1,
feed from the +12V.@L
D2 cuts off all negativ voltages on
the  TxD line and R2/R3 divides the
remaining  signal to TTL level. Now
logical  one is 0V and logical zero
is  +5V.  N1  thru  N3  is  used to
buffer  the signal and invert it to
fit  MIDI.  So  much  for  the MIDI
transmitter section.@L
The   receiver  is  a  little  more
tricky, but nothing to worry about.
The   MIDI  specifications  clearly
states  that  the receiver shall be
electricaly   isolated   from   the
transmitter.  The  easiest  way  to
implement  that  is  to use a optic
isolator,  IC2  in  the diagram. D3
cuts  off  any  negative  spikes to
protect IC2.@L
The   output  signal  from  IC2  is
logical   right  but  needs  to  be
buffered  and  N5/N6  takes care of
that. Since the signal got inverted
in  the process N4 inverts in again
to make MIDI thru logical right.@L
N6 drives an OP, IC1, which acts as
an  comparator  and  drives the RxD
input. R12/R13 supplies a reference
voltage,  2.5V,  to  the  inverting
input. When the non-inverting input
is  low  (MIDI  one inverted by N6)
the  output  goes  negativ  (RS232C
one)  and  when  the  non-inverting
input  is  high (MIDI zero inverted
by  N6)  the  output  goes positive
(RS232C   zero).   Thats  that.  It
should   be  noted  that  the  MIDI
specifications   states   that  the
opto-isolators    fall/rise    time
should  be  max  2uS,  such  as the
Sharp    PC-900   and   HP   6N138.
Ironically  I  could not get any of
them  to this project so I used the
CNY 17-2 which is slower, 4uS.@L
The prototype was tested on an A500
together  with  a Roland MT32 and a
Korg  Poly  800-II using Sonix 2.0,
Dr.T  Keyboard Controlled Sequencer
and Dr.T Caged Editor and it worked
terrific  even  though  the opto is
slower.    However,    should   any
problems  arise - they might if you
have very long chains -  change the
opto to a faster one.@L
The  complete MIDI specifications -
they  are  not  listed  here,  it's
quite  a  bit  - are available from
the  International MIDI Association
(IMA),  and the MIDI Manufacturers'
Association (MMA).@L
Thats  all in this issue, if anyone
has   any  ideas  on  projects,  or
computer   hardware   problems   in
general    (this    also   includes
assembler    language   programming
problems   connected   to  hardware
constructions, but definitively not
spelling) - send a letter to:@L
@FHardware    Hazard@N,   Exceller   8,
Heimdalsgatan    37,    S-261    62
Glumslov, Sweden.@L
If  nobody  has  a better idea next
issue's project will, hopefully, be
a  music  sampler  that fits in the
parallel-port  and  works with f.ex
@BThis is MaCron One, signing off!@N@L

@P@P@P@H1"Freestyle U.K. report 2"
@BBy Big Al of Freestyle U.K./@L
Here  in  England  there has been a
lot  of  things  going on. First of
all  there  was the split of @BQuoram@N
from@B   Bamiga  Sector  One@N  due  to
Quoram  not releasing any software.
One of their programmers @BX-rayz@N had
to do a game so Quoram did not have
anybody  to program any demos. Also
Quorams   leader   recently  joined
Bamiga  so  they have  become quite
small as a group.@L
I  think  Quoram  went  downhill as
soon  as  @BTEW/NATO@N  joined  up with
The main occasion was the Commodore
Show  in  London but the  only good
thing  was  that  quite  a  lot  of
groups  were   there. The hall were
too  crowded  and  hardly  any  new
stuff  was  released  which  was  a
pain. At the show was@B Accumalators,
Public  Enemy,  Sub-Zero, X-Men UK,
Share  &  Enjoy,@N Bamiga Sector  One
(Nice  chatting  to you Ermida) and
of  course  @BFreestyle  U.K.@N  At the
show  Public Enemy tried to slag us
down (jealous!) but we just slagged
him out which was timid compared to
what  @BFrostbyte@N  was going to do to
After   the   crap   show  was  the
Freestyle U.K/SAE copyparty. It was
going  to be a Freestyle copy-party
but we felt that it would be better
to  have  a  big  one.  It  was  an
average  copy-party  with  @BWorld Of
Wonders@N  coming  from  abroad. Many
people  got  lost trying to find it
but we all had a great time. At the
copy-party  was  a demo done by SAE
and  everybody  put  some  words in
which in some cases was funny.@L
Since   we   gave  Public  Enemy  a
slagging  @BQuartex@N  has  also  given
them  a  slag  which shows how lame
they  are.  It  has  been rumoured 
that  they  have  split  up  due to
arguments and quarrels.@L
This  would  leave the No.1 spot in
the  U.K  very open. There are many
groups here that are big and famous
but  most  of  them don't swap  hot
software. Some of the big groups in
the    U.K   are   FREESTYLE   U.K,
Just  recently there has been a big
surge  in  software being released.
Over  20  new  titles  a  week  was
released. Most of the stuff (Double
Dragon,  Arkanoid II, Return of the
Jedi,   Elite,   Lombard  etc)  had
either  protection  or password and
as since there is not many crackers
in  the  U.K  not  much  of  it  is
spread.  So any big group who needs
hot originals straight from the day
it  is released get in contact with
Just  recently  we have done 3 good
intros/demos  even  though  some of
them uses BOBS there are, I reckon,
no  other group in the U.K that can
handle  bobs so we are catching up.
We  have  2  mega  coders which are
programming  the masterpieces and a
brilliant    soundmaster   (W.O.W's
musician  was  impressed  with  his
music)   The   3  demos  should  be
released at the W.O.W copy-party in
Holland  which  Freestyle are going
to (I think we are the only English
group going to this copy-party).@L
Well,   we  will  see  you  at  the
copy-party  (If  you  are  going to
Read  my  next  article to see what
happens next.@L

@P@H1"Round-up of '88"
The   editor  of  this  publication
decided that he wanted some kind of
ending  of  the  year  1988.  So he
wrote  down  some questions for the
Exceller 8 crew to answer.@L
The  following  pages  show you the
result of his inquiry.@L
@KBest_Joystick@N: Wico Redball@L
@KBest_Computer@N:  Amiga! What else is
@KBest_Game@N:    Isn't    one.   Maybe
@KBest_Demo@N: Demos are a waste of CPU
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Isn't one@L
@KBest_Record@N: T'Pau - Rage@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Rambo show or 1001
ways of killing.@L
@KBest_Movie@N:   At   the   present  -
@KBest_Utility@N:   Starfire   official
hackdisk   -  it's  just  cool!  It
contains SEKA and more.@L
@KNicest_Girl@N:  Well, you really want
to know, don't you.@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:         Starfire
Starburgers!  None  have complained
yet. May they rest in pieces.@L
@KBest_Book@N: The Dragonlance series.@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N: Well, if I
write that it will be censored!@L
Bionic   commando,  Demo  creators,
Argh! All viruses.@L

@KBest_Joystick@N: Speedking@L
@KBest_Computer@N: CRAY@L
@KBest_Game@N: Gyruss (C64)@L
@KBest_Demo@N: The Champs first demo@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N:          Verbatim.
@KBest_Record@N:   Upstairs  at  Eric's
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Cosby show@L
@KBest_Movie@N:  The  lord of the rings
(J.R.R. Tolkien)@L
@KBest_Utility@N: SEKA@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Catrin@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:          Garby's
@KBest_Book@N:   The  Belgariad  (David
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N: Partying@L
Outrun,    The    Band    "Snakes",
Starfire's Antivirus@L

@KBest_Joystick@N: Tac-2@L
@KBest_Computer@N: Sinclair Spectrum@L
@KBest_Game@N: Quazatron (Spectrum)@L
@KBest_Demo@N: Wild Copper@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Noname@L
@KBest_Record@N: The justified ancients
of  Mu-Mu:  Who  killed  the JAM's,
House music, Clint Ruin@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: The News on TV@L
@KBest_Movie@N:   Arizona   Junior   on
@KBest_Utility@N: Tx-ed@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Sabrina (Who else!)@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:  The  one on the
@KBest_Book@N:  Richard (King) Bachman:
The long walk@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N: MTV@L
Chubby  Gristle,  The  Band  "Snake
intro", Dasa 0.2@L

@KBest_Joystick@N: Tac-2@L
@KBest_Computer@N: Amiga 500@L
@KBest_Game@N: Sword of sodan@L
@KBest_Demo@N: Megademo 3@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Scotch@L
@KBest_Record@N: Rush - 2112@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Dallas@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Midnight Run@L
@KBest_Utility@N: Text-ed@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Sabrina@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N: Clock@L
@KBest_Book@N:   Phantoms   -  Dean  R.
Caverns  of  Palle,  Abigail demo, 
Dasa 0.2@L

@KBest_Joystick@N: Tac-2@L
@KBest_Computer@N: Amiga 500@L
@KBest_Game@N: Interceptor@L
@KBest_Demo@N: My next@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Noname@L
@KBest_Record@N: My frisbee@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Soap@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Star wars@L
@KBest_Utility@N: Seka@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Brooke Shields@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:   Can   you  eat
@KBest_Book@N: Cook book@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:   Watching
Jupiter  probe,  The  Band "Snake",
all viruses!@L

@B@K@Z"MaCron One"@N@L
@KBest_Joystick@N: Tac 2@L
@KBest_Computer@N: Sinclair QL@L
@KBest_Game@N: Interceptor@L
@KBest_Demo@N:  All  those  intros that
are not enclosed on disks@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Basf@L
@KBest_Record@N:   Pet   Shop   Boys  -
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Robotech@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Moon walker@L
@KBest_Utility@N: Disk editor@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Knut@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:  The  one on the
corner behind the cinema.@L
@KBest_Book@N:   Stephen   King  -  The
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:   Watching
Mega  Demo  2,  3  and  all  others

@B@K@Z"Mahoney ^ Kaktus"@N@L
@KBest_Joystick@N: Tac 2@L
@KBest_Computer@N: @L
@KBest_Game@N:     Drelbs    ^    Lacey
@KBest_Demo@N: We haven't done it yet.@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N:  Mahoney: No-name.
Kaktus: Maxell.@L
@KBest_Record@N:  Everything by The Art
of Noise@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: The story of North
@KBest_Movie@N:  Mahoney:  Downtown  in
Malmoe/Sweden.   Kaktus:   A   good
anti-bug biocid@L
@KBest_Utility@N: Seka@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Mahoney: Girls? Girls!
In my life, there are nobody except
Paula,   Denise   and   Fat  Agnus.
Kaktus:  J.S.  You  don't  know her
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:   We  don't  eat
such  shit,  we  prefer  real  @BHOT@N 
chinese food! (Bleurgh! -Ed.)@L
@KBest_Book@N:  The  fellowship  of the
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:   Mahoney:
Resting. Kaktus: Sleeping.@L
Game:  Mahoney:  Chess, intelligent
people   do  something  productive!
Kaktus:  Drelbs  and  Lacey  Jones.
Demo:_-_.  Virus:  Mahoney: Nothing
beats   my   virus-killer!  Kaktus:
Virus?      I     use     Mahoney's

@KBest_Joystick@N: The gear lever in my
@KBest_Computer@N: VAX@L
@KBest_Game@N:    Apache    Strike   on
@KBest_Demo@N: No idea@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Swedisc@L
@KBest_Record@N:  Simple Minds, Sparkle
in the rain.@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Dallas@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Fawlty Towers on TV@L
@KBest_Utility@N:   My   hands  and  my
@KNicest_Girl@N: Zabrina@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N: Mc Donalds@L
@KBest_Book@N:  The  day  of the Jackal
and the history of Mercedes-Benz in
three parts.@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N: Sleeping@L

@KBest_Joystick@N:  My  homemade arcade
@KBest_Computer@N: Amiga@L
@KBest_Game@N:   (Arcade)   Ghouls'   n
Ghosts (Amiga) Obliterator.@L
@KBest_Demo@N: I don't know@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Maxell@L
@KBest_Record@N: Beatbox "Popcorn"@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Airwolf@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Day of the dead@L
@KBest_Utility@N: Soundtracker@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Vanity@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N: Mc Donalds@L
@KBest_Book@N:   Dynamic  Kicks_-_Chong
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:  Tae  kwon
Mission Elevator, The Band_-_Snake,
SCA Virus.@L
@B@K@Z"Omega ^ Zigma"@N@L
@KBest_Joystick@N: Tac2/ Wico@L
@KBest_Computer@N: EDSAC/ Amiga@L
@KBest_Game@N:  Elite/  Falcon/  Omegas
Game(Under Construction).@L
@KBest_Demo@N: Megademo I,II,III@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Sony@L
@KBest_Record@N: Top Gun@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: _-_.@L
@KBest_Movie@N:   Die  Hard/  Shoot  to
@KBest_Utility@N: Seka@L
@KNicest_Girl@N:  Maria Whittaker(Great
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N: Mc Donalds@L
@KBest_Book@N: Hardware manual.@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N: Amiga@L
Titus games, Lamer Demos, Dasa.@L

@KBest_Joystick@N: Wico/pro 5000@L
@KBest_Computer@N: My HP-Calculator@L
@KBest_Game@N:  Wizmo/Katakis/Sword  of
@KBest_Demo@N: Atom Demo 1@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Sony@L
@KBest_Record@N: Koto@L
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Death Wish@L
@KBest_Movie@N: @L
@KBest_Utility@N: NS Music ripper/Seka@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: My sister?@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N: Burger King@L
@KBest_Book@N:  Amiga  hardware manual/
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:     Girls/
Making money/ Parties@L
Curtex (C@KO@NRTEX! -Ed.), Omega (crew)
demo, Virus X.@L

@B@K@Z"Lord Vega"@N@L
@KBest_Joystick@N: Wico@L
@KBest_Computer@N: Cray-2@L
@KBest_Game@N: Delta (64)@L
@KBest_Demo@N: Wild Copper@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: 3M@L
@KBest_Record@N:    Revolution    (Jean
Michael    Jarre),    Computerworld
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Lassie@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Roger Rabbit@L
@KBest_Utility@N: Amon 2@L
@KNicest_Girl@N:     None    of    your
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N:    What   is   a
@KBest_Book@N: Musashi (Eji Yoshikawa)@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:    Karate,
Computers, Girls@L
Mutant  Camels 2, Snakeintro by The
Band,  I  hate  them  all and their
imbecill creators.@L

@KBest_Joystick@N: Pro competition@L
@KBest_Computer@N:    Spectrum    (Good
choice! -Ed.)@L
@KBest_Game@N: Sword of sodan@L
@KBest_Demo@N: Dragon's lair@L
@KBest_Disk_brand@N: Maxell@L
@KBest_Record@N: The best of the Art of
@KBest_Soap Opera@N: Falcon crest@L
@KBest_Movie@N:  Die  hard (Bad taste!!
@KBest_Utility@N: Disksalv@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Brooke Shields@L
@KBest_Hamburgerbar@N: Burger King@L
@KBest_Book@N: DragonLance@L
@KFavourite_waste_of_time@N:      Sleep
Rocket  attack,  Omega  crew demos,
Byte bandit@L

@P@H1"Games, Games!!"

@K@Z"* *"@N@L
@BUS  GOLD@N presents a new game called
Thunderblade. In this game you have
to   fly   a   fighting  helicopter
through    diffrent    levels   and
scenarios.  For  exampel cities and
canyons  and  so  on. On the ground
are  tanks  which you can blow away
by  dropping bombs on them. You are
also  equiped  with  a  machine gun
that  you  can  use on aircrafts. I
must   say  that  this  is  a  very
difficult  game  to play because it
is   very   easy   to   crash  into
buildings  and it is also very hard
to avoid enemy fire.@L
The  graphics is quite good but far
from  the arcade original, but what
do  you  expect  from  US  GOLD?  I
really    liked    the   titel-tune
especially  the  drums because they
had a nice and real sound which you
do   not   hear  to  often  in  the
Amiga-demos.  This  game could have
been   a   hit  instead  it  was  a
disapointment     to     see    the
Azid  gives "Thunderblade" a ratingof 2.@L

@K@Z"* * *"@N@L
Hostages,    a    new   game   from
Infogrames  in  which  you and your
men have to free hostages from some
bad  terrorists.  On  stage one you
have   to   get   your  snipers  in
position  in three different places
around  the  Embassy.  That part of
the game is quite easy.@L
Then  you  will  be  dropped on the
roof  of the embassy and from there
on  you have to guide your man into
the building through a window. Then
the  fun  starts  when  you have to
find  the terrorists and kill them.
You  have to be careful so you dont
kill  any  hostages because that is
very   easy   to  do  (I'm  trigger
This  game  is very fun to play and
it  has  also  got  some  very good
graphics and sounds, especially the
music during the game.@L
From   my   opinion  this  game  is
different  to  all  other games but
the  lastability  on  this  game is
quite  low  because  it  is  low on
variation.  All  in  all  this is a
very  playable  game,  but  for how
@BAzid@N gives @BHostages@N 3 snipers.   

@K@Z"* * * * *"@N@L
Now  this  a  game  we'we  all been
waiting  for. This game has it all,
graphics gameplay and of the music.
This is my type of game, that's why
I'll  have  to  give it such a good
rating_-_of course it's worth it.@L
There   are   12  levels  of  enemy
executions   to   play,  so  I  can
understand  that  Sodan  had a busy
time working on this game. Well, if
you want to cheat on Sword of Sodan
then  simply  type in 'YODA' on the
highscore  list,  and  then you are
able   to   cheat  with  infinitive
lives! Belive me, you're gonna need
it,   because   it's  a  hard  job,
fighting     off     those    weird
The  game  never gets dull I think,
because  of  it's graphics and very
good    gameplay.   If   you   ever
considering buying an original this
has  to be the final screen
you meet the wizard, an evil wizard
indeed.  He charges several hits to
be  executed,  but  then  if you do
execute him, you are allowed to see
the  end screen, which is absolutly
great!  I  can't  wait too see what
Sodan is up to next!@L
Rating 5 evil wizards out of 5.@L

@K@B@Z"Maria Whittaker's X-mas box"@N@L
@K@Z"* *"@N@L
At the time when I tested this geem
I  damned  myself for beeing such a
lousy  poker-player  (You're a born
loser!  -Ed.). The geem consists of
a  couple  of  pictures  showing  a
pretty  lady.  You  are supposed to
play poker against her and when you
start  botrh  of  you  have got the
same  amount  of money and all your
clothes  on.  If you are losing and
run  out of money you have to start
selling  your  clothes  to get more
Of course the meaning with the geem
is  not that you are going to lose,
on the contrary. When she is losing
the  computer  will  choose another
picture  to show you, a much better
picture  than  the last one. And if
you  continue to play well you will
see  better  and  better  pictures.
Unfortunately  I can't tell you how
many  pictures  there  are  and not
what  the last one's look like, but
I can imagine.@L
But  it  is  not fair that Maria is
wearing  a  hat  and  that  I can't
choose  my  clothes  on  my own. If
this   was  permitted  I  would  be
dressed  like  a  participant  of a
Though   the   fact   is  that  the
pictures  are  not  that fantastic,
the  Amiga is better than that, but
in  spite  of that I spent one hour
and  a  half  trying to get all her
clothes  off,  but failed (ha ha ha
The    geem    is    quite   simply
constructed   and   when  you  have
reached the goal (the last picture)
once,  then  it  is  not  so  funny
anymore.  Therefor I score the game
low,  two out of five (three if you
are  very  fond  of  naked  girls).
Contributing  to  this low score is
the  fact that the computer doesn't
play  very  logical, so a smart guy
like me can't beat it.@L

@K@B@Z"Operation Wolf"@N@L
@K@Z"* * * *"@N@L
Yet another arcade hit has come out
on  Amiga. I have always been a fan
of  Operation  Wolf,  that goes for
the  Amiga  version  too. There are
very small differences regarding to
the graphics and the sound.@L
You  are a soldier who's mission is
to  save  a hostage and destroy and
kill  as  many  of  the  enemies as
possible.  There  are six different
levels  in  the  game all basically
the   same.  They  get  harder  and
harder as you progress further into
the   game.  There  are  a  lot  of
shooting  in  this  game,  but  you
haven't  got all that many grenades
or  an endless amount of ammunition
that  you  wish you would have had.
On  the  other hand you can pick up
more  "hardware"  as  you  go along
killing your off your foes.@L
I  think  this is a good game and I
give it four out of five.@L

@K@B@Z"Double Dragon"@N@L
@K@Z"* * * *"@N@L
Now  this  old  arcade hit has come
out  on  Amiga  too. It's very much
like  the  arcade  version even the
graphics  and  the sound are almost
the same.@L
You  have the possibility to choose
whether to play a one or two player
game. The meaning of the game is to
rescue your girlfriend who has been
taken  away by a gang of hooligans.
On the way to her rescue you meet a
lot of people, for example, negros,
women and giants.@L
I think the game is a little bit to
easy,  but  it's  fun to play. So I
give it four out of five.@L

@CSend all your demos/intros to:@L
Allerheiligenberg 20@L
3290 Diest (Belgium)@L
To make a compact!@L
Disks send back guaranteed!@L
@Z"00750 HKI"

If you want to swap hot stuff, send
a few disks to:@L

@Z"Box 2"@N
@Z"N-8612 Andfiska"@N
@N  P.S.  We  won't steal your disks,even if you are lamers!@L

If you want to write to Exceller 8,
this is the address:@L
Exceller 8@L
Heimdalsgatan 37@L
S-261 62 Glumslov@L
Don't hide it provide it! @L

@B@K@Z"Where's Elm Street?"@N@L
Hello Atom and all other members.@L
After  reading the Exceller 8 disc,
I  was  shocked.  How come that you
don't  have reviews of @BNightmare on
Elmstreet@N   part  I,II,III,  and  I
couldn't  find  them on the top ten
horror  movies  chart.  Part III is
extremely  good,  or  should  I say
Exceller  8  is  a  good  idea.  In
Denmark   we   have   just  started
something  similar,  we  have  been
operating    since    August    88,
unfortunately   the   text  in  our
magazine  is in Danish. It's called
@BBrainBox@N,   and  we  deliver  every
month.  It  includes  all  reviews,
news, test, hitlist, serious things
as programming. Maybe you have seen
it,  because some LAMERS copied the
disks,   and  distributed  them  to
Sweden  and  Norway. The disc isn't
free,  it  costs  35 danish crowns,
included   is   the  disc  and  the
Keep up your good work.@L
@KLord Helmet@L

@BElm Street? Not enough gore!!@N@L

@B@K@Z"Hot beeps!"@N@L
Dear North Star and Fairlight,@L
I am writing to congratulate you on
your  first  issue  of  Exceller 8.
Gee-wiz, what a cool mag. Who wrote
the music, it was great!@L
How  about  some  coin-op  and book
reviews?  Longer  game  reviews and
more  would  be good. Some artistic
pictures  would  also  be  great. I
look forward to the next issue.@L
Merry Christmas to you all.@L
@KJamie Grisetti (? -Ed)@L

@BTitan  (NS)  wrote  the  music  for
issue  one of the mag. Somewhere in
this  issue  there  should  be some
coin-op  reviews  also  written  by
Titan.   We  have  considered  book
reviews  but  we  don't  know  what
books to review and it is also hard
to get people to read books.@L
Artistic  pictures? Well maybe, but
we are a little short on memory.@N@L

@B@K@Z"Issue 2?"@N@L
Hello North Star and Fairlight,@L
This letter was typed by Ascot from
Int.  Digital  Studio  and today we
got the Exceller 8 issue 1. I think
this  Disk-Magazine  is  the best I
ever  saw.  It  contains  a  not so
boring  sound  like  in the CJ from
AFL and the comic-strips are better
than in SN 5.@L
Question:   When  will  Exceller  8
Issue 2 be released?@L
That's all.@L
Bye Bye,@L
@KAscot from I.D.S.@N@L
@BIssue 2? You're reading it!  What's

@P@B@K@Z"Not King?"@N@L
Dear   Folks   (or  something  likethat)@L
This  is  @BLOKI@N of @BALPHAFLIGHT@N and I
just   got   u're  first  issue  of
Exceller 8.@L
I  read  it  and then I came to the
article    where    @BFoetus@N    wrote
something  about  the  @BRunning  Man@N
movie.  The  movie  is  OK  - as he
said,  but  the  movie  has nothin'
except  the  title  from the "@BKING@N"
I read the story an' about 5 others
of the same kind. F.X "@BRunning Man@N"
from  @BJohn  W.  Campell@N, an' let me
say  ya that @Bnobody@N is able to make
a   movie   out  of  @BStephen  Kings@N
original stories.@L
Lot's  of  producers  tried  it but
none  is  able  to  do  it well. F.
The  movie  is  OK  but only if you
haven't read the book before.@L
I  hope  you consider to print this
letter in your next issue.....@L
@BIn  the  presentation  of the movie
"The Running Man" it says "Based on
a  novel  by  Richard  Bachman".  I
interpret that as a "King" movie. I
think  you  also  misunderstood  me
when I wrote "Well made". "Rambo 3"
and  the  "Superman" series is also
well   made,   but   they  are  not
particulary  good  movies. The only
really  good  "King"  movie is "The
Shining" by Stanley Kubrick. But on
the  other hand that is a matter of
personal taste.@L

Hi there! Exceller 8 + North Star +
I've  just read the first number of
your  magazine  and  I saw that you
wanted  some  comments  so here's a
letter from me.@L
But  I  got  a real reason to write
this letter when I read the article
about  @BSTARFIRE  INC.@N  At the end I
saw  that  @BFOETUS@N wondered if there
were  any groups called @BFOETUS INC.@N
out  here  in the real world. Well,
the answer is yes!!@L
The   fact   is  that  FOETUS  INC.
consists  of me and my little bugs.
I  got  the  name  before  I  heard
anything about a group called North
Star  (I hope there's no  copyright
on  the  name). I'm a member of the
group    @BUGGADUNKERS   (V3.0)@N.   We
haven't   realeased   anything  yet
(apart  from  a great music-disk by
one of our members @BZKOBA@N)@L
Enough  bullshit  about  me now the
magazine.    I    found   it   very
interesting  even if the layout was
a  bit  boring  (more  pictures and
perhaps   some   more   interesting
muzak).  The  contents  was better,
but  I would like to see more about
useful  programs    instead  of all
these   booooooring  games.  But  I
found the part with music, film and
video  very  interesting.  It would
also  be  interesting to read about
hardware    such    as   harddisks,
samplers,  midi and so on. But it's
a very interesting magazine and I'm
looking   forward   to   the   next
Greetings  from  FOETUS INC. of the
Ulf Svensson@L

@P@BWhat   do   you   do  when  you  
get  a@N@Bletter like that?@N@L
@BRight! You hire him on.@N@L
@BHave  a  look  at  the  Lp  and  CD
reviews later on in this issue.@N@L
@C@H1"Arcades"@BBy Titan@N@L
Hello, everybody!@L
In  this text I'm going to tell you
some     simple     things    about
arcade-games.  People  in Japan has
got     another     interest    for
video-games than people in the U.S.
That's  not  surprising because the
Japanese  are  'fed  up'  with nice
graphics.  They like games that are
more entertaing and funny. In other
words 'they don't give a shit about
graphics'.  At  least  that  is  my
impression  of  what I have seen on
the top-ten-lists.@L
Here     are     the    December-88
top-ten-lists for Japan and USA.@L

1.Final lap@L
2.Chase HQ@L
3.Top landing@L
4.Metal hawk@L
5.Power drift@L
6.Final  lap  standard   "Don't ask
7.Out run@L
8.Continental circus@L
9.Galaxy force@L

3.Altered     beast___"Very    niceg
raphics indeed"@L
5.P 47@L
7.Bowling   "Boring"@L
8.Twin eagle@L
9.Championship sprint@L
10.Twin cobra   "THAT'S what I call
a game"@L

@CAnd  now  for  what  I think is the
best  game  of the year, the return
of     the     classic    "Ghosts'n
Goblins"..."GHOULS'N GHOSTS"!!!@L
I'm  happy  to say that I have been
through  the  whole  game  and  put
Lucifer down where he belongs.@L
It's  a  most  fantastic  game that
tells  us  what  has happened since
Lucifer  created  his  evil  empire
three years ago.@L
The whole thing starts with Lucifer
coming  back  from  retirement to a
peaceful  little world somewhere in
the   faerietales.   He   is   more
powerful  than  ever  and  his evil
demons   are  attacking  the  royal
palace  to  get the princess' soul.
The  little  village is filled with
panic.  Women  with  thier children
are  running  in  fear, the men are
too  yellow  to stay and fight. But
there   is  one,  a  hero  full  of
courage  and  stupidity  enough  to
enter  the  deep  shit and save the
princess.  "He  can't  be  thinking
with  his brain, if you know what I
Arthur,   the   knight  in  shining
armour,  is  the  one  I'm  talking
about.  He rides on a white charger
in  the  opposite  direction  right
through  the running crowd to fight
Lucifer.  As  he  enters the castle
all  he can see is death. Servants,
maids,  and  other people are lying
on  the  ground  killed by Lucifers
demons.   Suddenly   he   sees  the
Princess  running  straight for him
screaming.    As    she's   running
something hits her and she falls to
the ground, dead. Arthur hurry's to
help  her  but  it's  too late. All
Arthur  has  in mind now is revenge
and  looks  up  into  the  dark and
cloudy sky.@L
Now the fun begins!@L
It's   quite   the   same  game  as
"Ghosts'n    Goblins"    but    the
landscape  has been changed and the
graphics  improved.  Another finess
is  that Arthur is able to fire not
only left and right but also up and
down.  You also have a wider choice
of   fire  power  like  the  golden
sword,   the  star  etc.  The  best
weapon is still the knife.@L
Then  there  is  a third armour, if
you  keep  the  old  armour on long
enough   you   can  get  the  magic
armour.  The  good thing about this
armour is that if you hold down the
firebutton     patiently,    Arthur
gathers  power  for  the  "ultimate
weapon".   When   you  release  the
button    something   nice   always
happens,  depending  on what weapon
Arthur has got at the moment. There
is not much more I can tell you now
except  that "Ghouls'n Ghosts" is a
lot     easier    than    "Ghosts'n
@BTitan@N gives it a 4.5 of 5.   

@P@H1"Warhammer Fantasy RPG Review."
The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay book
is  huge.  It's  366  page  A4 size
hardbacked  and is very good to use
if  you  are  going  to  smash some
lamers head.@L
WFRP  is  set in the Old World. The
maps  are  slightly  different from
our  world but The Old World covers
Germany.  The  southpole  is called
The Southern Chaos Wastes, whatever
they  mean  by that. Perhaps it's a
very  cold  and very nasty place to
be if you're not a chaos mutant.@L
WFRP  wasn't  first. @BGames Workshop@N
made   Warhammer   Fantasy   Battle
before  they even thought of making
the RPG. WFB is a tabletop skirmish
game  that  also  is set in the Old
World.  After  the success with WFB
then  WFRP saw the light. This book
is   very   complete.  It  contains
everything  that  you  need to play
except  dice. You need 4, 6, 8, 10,
12  and 20 sided. It's good to have
two 10 sided because this game uses
percentage  rolls to determine your
The  character  system uses skills.
If  you  don't  have  a  skill, say
swimming,  then  you have a penalty
on  your  die roll. If you make it,
good. If you don't...... The combat
and  magic  systems  are very good.
The  combat section contains a very
funny   table.  The  critical  hits
tables. With these you can see what
happens to your enemy when you have
managed to score a nice blow.@L
Ex:    Your   blow   smashes   your
opponent's   spine   and   abdomen,
tearing  muscle and scattering bone
so  that your opponent falls to the
ground in two separate places. Nice
touch.  The  magic section contains
over  150  spells spread over seven
types  of  magic.  Each spell has a
fixed cost in magic points and your
character   has   points  up  to  a
certain  value. After they are used
up, he needs sleep.@L
This  book  also contains a section
on    religion   and   belief.   It
describes the different Gods, their
alignment,  temples  and much more.
Monsters!  I  can hear you scream. 
You  asked  for it! In the Bestiary
you  can  find  just  about   every
monster  you  ever  wanted  not  to
meet.  And  some you really want to
meet.  These  are  no  monsters, of
course. What about a horse?@L
Following the bestiary, we find the
Guide  to The World.  Here you have
descriptions  of  different places,
languages   and   more.   The  last
section    contains    a   complete
adventure  for you to start you off
in  WFRP.  The Oldenhaller Contract
is  very  simple but it is good for
In  the  last pages of the book you
will  find different tables showing
combat  modifiers and the like. You
also   have   a   look  at  typical
buildings,       complete      with
floorplans.   For  ex.  a  Coaching
To  round this off you can say that
WFRP  is  a good purchase. The only
thing  that  prevents  this product
from  getting the highest rating is
that  it  contains a fair amount of
misprints.  One  can't  blame  them
though.  With  a big book like this
there  is  always  mistakes  to  be
made,  but  mistaking  a bear for a
giant  bat is not all that easy now
is it?@L
Games   Workshop  have  printed  an
errata   in  their  magazine  White
Dwarf. Counting 72 errors. However,
they  have  managed  to make a good
game,  and  me  and  my  pals  have
played  it  a  lot.  The back up is
also  very  good.  The campaign The
Enemy Within seems as neverending -
and   very  deadly.  My  Druid  has
managed  to  get his right hand cut
off.  Well  so much for being right
handed.  Wait  until  I gain Magic.
Then Chaos will pay. Well. Better a
hand  than  a  head. Games Workshop
has  also  managed to put Warhammer
in  the  future.  Warhammer 40'000.
They  also made an expansion of the
chaos  gods.  A  two  book series -
Realm  of  Chaos.  Really gory. But
more about that later. Stay tuned -
Same StarChannel - Same StarTime.@L
The  Rating  for  Games  Workshop's
Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay is: Four
Scimitars      out     of     Five.
Yours Sincerely, in Battle or Bout.
@BStarfire@N for Exceller8.    

@C@H1"Useless movie info!"
Michael   Keaton,   last   seen  in
"Beetlejuice",  is right now taking
part  in  the  making  of the movie
version   of   the  fab  Tv  series
"Batman".   -Holy   broken   bones,
Madonna  has signed a contract with
Columbia  pics.  to make the comedy
"Bloodhounds   of  Broadway"  -Holy
Sean Penn, Batman!!@L
The  Steven  Spielberg extravaganza
"Roger  Rabbit" has now grossed 148
million  dollars  in  the  USA. The
movie has made 2 million dollars in
Sweden,   2   in   Italy,   17   in
West-Germany,  3  in  Spain,  24 in
France  and  4  million  dollars in
Japan.   This   means  that  "Roger
Rabbit" will be one of the greatest
movie  rabbits  in  the  history of
moviemaking.   -Holy   Bugs  Bunny,
Disney, by the way, will during the
coming  year  launch  a  new  label
beside  their  present  Two labels,
"Disney"   and  "Touchstone".  Last
year the Disney companies earned 25
percent of the total amount made at
the  box offices. -Holy Piggy-bank,
The  new and 16th James Bond movie,
originally  named "License Revoked"
now changed to the more Bondish (?)
"License to Kill", features for the
second  time  Timothy Dalton as our
hero  007.  The  movie is scheduled
for  premiere  this  Summer.  -Holy
Moneypenny, Batman!!@L
The  cinemas  in  Europe  have been
occupied  by "Roger Rabbit" and his
friends.  In Australia on the other
hand,   "Cocktail"   is   the  main
"drink"  at  the  moment. While the
Americans  are  lining  up  for the
movie    "Twins".   -Holy   Blackn'
decker, Batman!!@L
@BTwenty Minutes@N    

@P@H1"Lights, camera, action"
Keystone cops? No!@L
Police academy 8? No!@L
Massmurdering cop? Yes!!@L
Maniac  Cop, a @BJames (Exterminator)
Glickenhaus@N production of a @BWilliam
(Maniac,  Vigilante)  Lustig@N  film.
Ok,  what's  all  this  about then?
Quite  simple,  a  Friday  the 13th
ripoff.  This  is @BJason@N in a police
The  story  is ofcourse very simple
and  leaks  like  a  sieve.  A  man
(Monster?)  walks  the  streets  at
night  killing  anyone who comes in
his  way.  After  a few moodsetting
killings  -  he  uses  a long knife
hidden  in  the  blackjack  -    an
innocent  cop  played  by Evil Dead
hero  @BBruce  Campbell@N is accused of
doing  the  killings.  He  and  his
mistress      @B(Laurene      Landon)@N
desperately  tries to find the real
After  a  while  the  story  gets a
little  spicy when the detective in
charge  of the case, finds out that
the  killer is a "Dirty Harry" kind
of  cop  that  was  put in jail for
beeing  to rude to his clients. The
violent  cop was (almost) killed by
some ungrateful inmates but brought
back  to  life  by  the post-mortem
dissector  at  the prison hospital.
The  poor cop suffered severe brain
damage  during  the  period  he was
half   dead   and  only  one  thing
dominates his distorted brain.@L
Revenge  on  the men who put him in
the penitentiary!@L
Does  this sound like a good story?
Maybe,  but  director  Lustig isn't
the  man  for  detail  and  finess.
Maybe  Maniac Cop could have been a
good  movie if they hadn't tried so
hard  to  copy the Jason series (He
is  even  indestructable!). The end
of  the  movie  is ofcourse made so
that  it  will  be  easy  to make a
Bye the way, Bruce Campbell is good
from  the  neck  and up and Laurene
Landon  is  good  from the neck and
To  put  it  short: Maniac Cop is a
lousy   movie.   I'll   give  it  1

Lot's  of  cops  in this issue. @BCop@N
directed  by the - for me - unknown@B
James B. Harris@N. This is a "one cop
against   a  mad  killer"  type  of
movie.  @BJames  (Salvador, The Onion
Field) Woods@N plays the obsessed cop
who  is  trying  to  find  the also
obsessed killer.@L
While   investigating   the  brutal
murder  of  a  young woman, the cop
Lloyd Hopkins receives an anonymous
letter   written  in  human  blood.
Beeing   written   by  the  killer,
Hopkins   thinks  that  the  letter
proofs  that  the killer has killed
before.    Because    of    Hopkins
obsession   with   his   work   and
criminality  he  runs into problems
with almost everyone.@L
His  wife  leaves  him taking their
daughter      with     her,     his
partner/superior     officer    has
problems   collaborating  with  him
because  he  is  to fiery trying to
make  things go his way. Finally he
is  on  a collision course with the
police  captain  for not giving him
the resources he thinks he needs to
solve the case.@L
James  Woods  is  definitely one of
Americas  best  character actors at
the  moment. Although in this movie
I  get  the  feeling that he is not
all   that   concentrated   on  his
character,  the  cop Lloyd Hopkins.
But  it is also possible that it is
the  directors fault that the movie
doesn't  touch  me  as  much  as it
should  have.  The  Woods character
doesn't go through much development
as   the  movie  rolls  on.  He  is
disturbed  in  the beginning of the
movie  and  he  stays  the same all
through the end.@L
The  good things about the movie is
that  it  is  quite  thrilling with
good  supporting acts (Randi Brooks
is  (as  Laurene  Landon) very good
from the neck and down!).@L
Recommended. 3 lieutenants.@L

@BFoetus@N  @C@B@Z"RED HEAT"@N@L
Cops  everywhere!  And  Soviet ones
Arnold    is   back!   Yes   @BArnold
Schwarzenegger@N is back in a new cop
movie  together with @BJames Belushi@N.
This  time Arnold takes on the role
of the Soviet policeman Ivan Danko.
Directed   by  the  very  competent
action   maker  @BWalter  Hill@N,  well
known   for  movies  like  Southern
Comfort  (My  personal  favourite),
The  Warriors,  The  Driver  and 48
hrs. With movies like that you know
you  are  in  for some good action.
You  could  say that Walter Hill is
the @BSam Peckinpah@N of the 80's.@L
One  odd  thing  about  Red Heat is
that   some  scenes  were  shot  on
location  in  Moscow. I don't think
anyone  has  done  that  before, at
least  not  for  an American action
movie.  The  scenes  shot in Moscow
gives  the  movie a good feeling of
authenticity.  Also  the  fact that
the  "Soviets" speaks russian (Yes,
even  Arnold)  makes  a lot for the
whole feeling of the movie.@L
The story is - as all action movies
-   quite  simple.  During  a  raid
against   Soviet   cocain  dealers,
Dankos  brother  (also a policeman)
is   killed  by  Viktor  Rosta  the
leader  of  the  drug organization.
Rosta   manages  to  get  away  and
escapes  to America to set up a new
organisation.   Danko  is  sent  to
Chicago to get him before he gets a
chance to send a big load of cocain
back to Soviet.@L
Red Heat reminds me of another Hill
movie,  namely  48 Hrs. The plot is
very  similar  and the setup of the
movie  is more or less the same. We
have  the  two men, put together by
fate, that have to find a dangerous
criminal within a limited amount of
time  (Danko  has  to  get  back to
Soviet).  They don't get along very
well  in the beginning, but after a
while   they   start   to   respect
eachother.  In  48  Hrs. @BNick Nolte@N
was  sleazy  but  dedicated  to his
case and @BEddie Murphy@N had style and
wit.  In  Red Heat James Belushi is
sleazy   and   witty   and   Arnold
Schwarzenegger  is stylish and very
dedicated  to  his  assignment. The
end  is  also almost identical with
48 hrs.@L
Personally  I find 48 Hrs. a better
and  most  of  all a funnier movie,
mainly  because  of  Eddie  Murphy.
Also   a   thing   that  is  a  bit
irritating  is the way the russians
are  portrayed. They are still very
"commie" whitch means that they are
quite    "stiff"   and   empty   on
feelings.  They  are also very keen
on bureaucracy.@L
All in all, not too bad though. The
action   is   good  and  the  story
convinceable  I'll  give  it  3 red

@K@Z"* * * * *"@N@L
Willow  or  1001 ways to (mis)use a
love potion.@L
@KBavmorda@N, an evil witch, is keeping
the  world  in  a  tight leash. Her
happiness  would have been complete
if  it  hadn't been for a vision in
wich she saw herself destroyed by a
small  child. She hunts the kingdom
for  pregnant  women and transports
them  to  her  castle  where  their
children  will  be  born and if one
bears  the  sign, the child will be
The  child is born. But a nursemaid
succeeds  in sneaking the child out
but  hunted  by hounds of death and
warriors she meets her death at the
riverside.  But  not before she had
built  a  small raft and placed the
child  on  it. The raft speeds down
the river and is later found by two
children  of a race called nelwyns.
Small  people  (Like  Atom?  -Ed.).
They  call  for their father @BWillow
Ufgood@N.  And  then  the race is on.
There  is some funny parts in which
a  lovepotion  plays  a major part.
That explains the title.@L
This  is  a good movie. But I think
that it will only appeal to fantasy
freaks. I am one as you know. It is
filled with magic, monsters and the
other  stuff  that fantasy pictures
are made of.@L
The  SFX  in  this movie are really
good.  Especially  when magic is on
the screen. And mind that sword. It
is   sharp.   The  producer  @BGeorge
Lucas@N (famed of @KSTAR WARS@N) has once
more  pited  Good  against  Evil. A
golden  thread  that  goes  through
most  fantasy  movies. A theme that
is  never  used  up.  If  you are a
Fantasy  freak,  roleplayer  or you
just like this kind of movies, then
you  may safely go and watch it. It
is worth the money.@L
I  hear that Willow has come out in
a  boardgame of some sort. I wonder
what  it looks like. I wonder if it
contains  a  lifesize poster of the
fab @BSorcha@N?@L
Anyway,    I   give   Willow   Five
lovepotions  out of Five. Perhaps a
little bit generous, you may say. I
have  given  away  another fiver in
this ish. But alas, isn't that what
they are for. Jokes aside, this one
is also worth it.@L
Yours   truly,   in   caverns   and
dungeons, @BStarfire@N for Exceller8.  

The Man With No Name_-_Yet! has now
got a name and it is @BTECHNO@N.@L
@KBest_Concerts@N:      Hunters     and
Collectors     in    Malmoe/Sweden,
Sugarcubes in Roskilde/Denmark@L
@KBest_Comix@N: Batman (Frank Miller)@L
@KBest_Game@N: Wizmo (Ha ha)@L
@KBest_Demo@N: Godbrains House disk@L
@KBest_Magazine@N: I-D@L
@KBest_Record@N:    Pet    Shop   Boys:
Introspective,      Hunters     and
Collectors:  Fate,  Cocteau  Twins:
Blue   bell   knoll,   Skin:  Shame
Humility Revenge, JAM's: Who Killedthe JAM's@L
@KBest_Movie@N: Hope and Glory@L
@KNicest_Girl@N: Bjork from Sugarcubes@L
@KThe Funky Worm@N@L
"Hustle to the music"@L
Some videos are ridiculous. This is

@P@KTom Tom Club@N@L
A bit strange this one. Is this the
first underwater video? Why is Tina
Weymouth wearing an umbrella on her
@KThe Highliners@N@L
"Henry the Wasp"@L
I  didn't  know  they made 'em like
this anymore. Stump on a bad day?@L
@KNew Grass Revival@N@L
"Can't stop now"@L
You've  heard  of Speed Metal? This
is Speed Country and Western!@L
@KEllis, Beggs and Howard@N@L
"Where Did Tomorrow Go"@L
They borrowed my car for the video.
I   promise!   Let   us  hope  they
continue to go round in circles!@L
"Tied Up"@L
Is  there  someone  like  me,  that
doesn't   like   that  deep  voice.
Urghh. I hate it. Where do they buy
their suits?@L
@KThe Mighty Lemon Drops@N@L
"Inside out"@L
They'll  wipe  the  floor  with any
other band.@L
@KThe Darling Buds@N@L
"It's all up to you"@L
Sounds like a Blondie hit played on
a buzz-saw.@L
"My Chico"@L
Good  close-ups.  Now we've got all
of you!@L
@KStatus Quo@N@L
"Burning Bridges"@L
I'm getting dizzy! Rock and @BROLL@N.@L
"Good Life"@L
Is the cameraman high on Ecstacy?@L
@KGeorge Michael@N@L
"Kissing a Fool"@L
Not much going on here.@L
@KOfra Haza@N@L
"Im nin' Alu"@L
A  real  hit.  What's next? Arabian
@KBest     Commercial_-_@NLevis     501
"Rolling Stone"@L
@KEric B and Rakim@N@L
"The Microphone Fiend"@L
Supposed  to  be  @BTHE@N  best  of the
hip-hop  boom.  Myself,  I am bored
stiff with fat goldchains.@L
@KBon Jovi@N@L
"Born To Be My Baby"@L
Bruce does this much better.@L
@KSigue Sigue Sputnik@N@L
Will   they   get   away  with  it?
@KAnnie Lennox and Al Green@N@L
"Put a Little Love In Your Heart"@L
@KNorthern Pikes@N@L
"One Good Reason"@L
This  is  one good reason to switch
on   to  MTV.  A  real  drummer.  A
@KSam Fox@N@L
"Love House"@L
Burning down the house.@L
@KTil Tuesday@N@L
"Belive You Were Lucky"@L
A couple of good ideas here.@L
@K2 Brave@N@L
"Stop That Girl"@L
Another druged cameraman. Shot from
the hip.@L
"How Can I Fall"@L
Is it a Coca-cola commercial?@L
@KMost    Thilted   VJ_-_@NMarcel   Van
@KThe Stranglers@N@L
"Big In America"@L
Nice  hats.  Great fun. Have a nice
@KThe Timelords@N@L
"Doctor In The Tardis"@L
Best  car  video  ever!  A true hit
"Bring Me Edelweiss"@L
@KAl Jarreu@N@L
"So Good"@L
@KPet Shop Boys@N@L
"Left To My Own Devices"@L
A  view  from  below. Not bad. Good
groove.  They  are actually dancing
to   their   music,   or  at  least
@KGail Ann Dorsey@N@L
"Where Is Your Love"@L
Question: Can she actually play the
@KRun Dmc@N@L
"Christmas in Hollies"@L
How do they manage to play two gigs
at the same time. Truly amazing.@L
"New Years Day"@L
Brrrr.   Swedish  winter  (shot  in
Dalarna,Sweden).  Just  keep moving
those  feets boys. Stay warm. Clear
as ice this one!@L
@KSkin Games@N@L
"Brilliant Shining"@L
What  do you do when you don't have
a  good idea? Let the camera circle
around   the  band!  Not  that  bad
though. Looks like where I live.@L
@KDuran Duran@N@L
"All She Want Is"@L
Chopped to pieces. Fascinating!!@L
@KUB 40@N@L
"Come Out And Play"@L
"I En Annan Del Av Varlden"@L
Probably  the  best  Swedish  video
around  at the moment. Recorded not
so  far away from where I live! The
car? A Volvo!@L
@KMost hated commercial_-_@NM^M "Movingin".@L
@KPhil Collins@N@L
"Two Hearts"@L
One  Phil  Collins is a pain in the
ass. What do you think four is?@L
@KVan Halen@N@L
"Finish What Ya Started"@L
Cut  it  and  keep  the best parts.
Forget the band. Was it always this
fun in the west. Woohaa, crack that
"You Are The One"@L
Manhattan skyline.@L
"Evening Falls"@L
"Theme From The Silk Road"@L
Like beeing hit by a five ton truck
of boredom.@L
@KNeneh Cherry@N@L
"Buffalo Stance"@L
Ha!  Sucker!!  Don't get fresh with
me. Great.@L
@KLevel 42@N@L
Wasn't  there  a  hurricane  called
@KRobin Beck@N@L
"The First Time"@L
This  @BIS@N  a  Coca-cola  commercial.
Coke is it?@L
Descent    into   the   stroboscope
@KSinead O'Connor@N@L
"? (the latest)"@L
Edit me out.@L
@KSteve (B)lame_-_@NWot, another hat?@N@L
@KLittle Feat@N@L
"Let It Roll"@L
What  happened? Did they run out of
decent videos?@L
@KPrefab Sprouts@N@L
@KSheena Easton@N@L
"The Lover In Me"@L
I  don't  know  what Prince sees in
her.  Totally  without any trace of
talent. Bimbo!@L
"Orange Crush"@L
This  issues  best  black and white
video. Style!@L
@KThe Escape Club@N@L
"Shake For The Sheik"@L
Doesn't  this  sound  exactely like
their  previous  hit? Or at least a
Xerox copy of INXS.@L
@KKissing The Pink@N@L
"Stand Up"@L
I  remember  one  of their old hits
"The  last  film  I  ever  saw"  or
something like that. Nice.@L
@KKim Wilde@N@L
"Four Letter Word"@L
Is  she  getting  fat?  Kinky! Nice
@KFrazier Chorus@N@L
"Dream Kitchen"@L
Serious?   Boring!  Competitor  for
lamest video.@L
@KTanita Tikaram@N@L
"Cathedral song"@L
She   does   it   again!  Beautiful
sadness. A hard competitor for best
Black and white video.@L
@KJulian Cope@N@L
"5 O'Clock World"@L
A  designer  microphone  stand. Not
@KWee Papa girl Rappers@N@L
A slow-speed Milli-vanilli rip-off.
@KNik Kershaw@N@L
"One Step Ahead"@L
Didn't   he  know  that  he  was  a
one-hit-wonder?     Three     steps
@KKylie ^ Jason@N@L
"Especially For You"@L
Who  the  F**K  is  Jason? And does
anybody care? -Kylie, stick to your
own stuff!@L
"Edge Of A Broken Heart"@L
Come on lads!@L
@KMichael Jackson@N@L
"Smooth Criminal vers #2"@L
When  people get tired of the first
one, go for this. $$$$$$$, violence
and machine gun totin'.@L
And last but not least:@L
@K@B@FMilli Vanilli@N@L
"Baby Don't Forget My Number"@L
Let's give'em a handkerchief. Don't
use  your  hands lads. Same quality
stuff.    Choreography   by   Roger
Rabbit?  Jump  to  the  beat, stomp
your  feet. Were they to sick or to
lazy   to   re-program   the   drum
Acting  improved.  Best heavy metal
drummer  of  -89. Good headbanging.
Entrance  the  dynamic duo -_Follow
that  car!  Keep it up, keep it up.
Watch  out  lads,  icy roads ahead!
Beat  him  up  it's his fault. More
gore!  Aaaah happy ending. Couldn't
be  better.  Almost  as good as the
last video, or is it the same?@L
Hang  in  there  lads.  A true mega
@BTechno and Foetus@N    @C@L
@BXOR@N    are    looking    for    new
swapping-contacts  worldwide.  Just
call  :46/46/142902 (in Sweden) and
ask for "Figge". If you're a lamer,
don't bother.@L

THE  MAFFIA!  A newly started group
from  Sweden  is  looking  for  new
contacts.   All  letters  answered.
Write    to:    Christer   Nilsson,
Nackrosvagen  2, S-194 60, UpplandsVasby, Sweden.@L

Contact  Writing  Force,  Write  to
Mattias Andersson, Biologigrand 31,
902 41, Umea, Sweden. No lamers!@L

@P@H1"Tune in , turn on, drop out"
@B@K@Z"Pet Shop Boys"@N@L
@K@Z"* * * * *"@N@L
The  Pet Shop Boys has been feeding
us  a steady flow of good pop songs
and  with this longplayer thay have
made their hitherto best release.@L
Like  the "Disco" album it contains
remixes of their old songs and some
new  ones  as  well.  All  in  full
length versions (rang. 7_-_9 min.).
It's  amazing  how  they  manage to
make  those  long  tracks  sound so
good.  They  could  go  on  and  on
forever.  They  never bore you like
remixes  usually do. All six tracks
fit together like hand in glove.@L
Either you just sit back and listen
to  it  or,  preferably, dance. You
just  can't  sit  still, I promise.
Swirl  around  to "Domino dancing",
jack your body to the house version
of  "Always  on  my  mind", or just
dance   your  life  away  to  "It's
alright",  the  best  track  on the
album.  9 minutes and 24 seconds of
pure brilliance.@L
It    is   a   milestone   in   pop
production,  from the guys who know
how  to  make  hits.  One  of  this
decades  finer  products.  This one
will be remembered.@L
5 parallel lines@L
@K@B@Z"The house sound of London vol IV"@N@L
@Z"The jackin' zone"@N@L
@K@Z"* * * *"@N@L
This  is  the  fourth  album in the
"House  sound..."  series  (and the
best  I have heard). This one takes
us  to  England  and it's House and
Acid House scene. If you want to be
introduced  to  House  music it's a
good platform to start from.@L
It  contains  some very good songs.
Jamie  Principle's "Rebels", a real
House sermon. The very up beat Acid
House   track   with  Houseaddicts.
D-mob's  "We call it Aciieed", very
good  if you can stand the shouting
(ha ha).@L
Some   other   views  is  found  in
"Salsahouse" with Ricki Rich and in
the  smooth "I have a dream" by The
It's well worth checking out if you
like  to  get into the House groove
jungle. Just pump up the volume and
jack your body.@L
Four smile's@L
@BTechno@N  @C@K@B@Z"Todd Terry"@N@L
@Z"To the batmobile, let's go"@N@L
@K@Z"* * *"@N@L
Todd  Terry is back with his latest
House/sampling extravaganza.@L
The record is built up around a few
different  sounds  which  he use in
almost  every song, this makes it a
bit monotonous at times. But do not
play the record in one go. Play the
tracks  loud  one  at  a time so to
speak.  This  one  is  not for easy
listening,     it's     for     the
You    can    find   samples   from
Kraftwerk,   Beatmasters   and   of
course Adam West from the Batman TV
series.  Todd Terry sounds the best
in  "Weekday",  when  he  let's the
bassline through thouroghly.@L
Not  that  good  at  first  but  it
Three smiling Batmans@L
@K@B@Z"Front 242 + Nitzer Ebb"
@N@Z"Front by front + Belief"@N@L
@K@Z"* * * *"@N@L
These  two bands has taken the lead
in, what finally got itself a name,
"Electronic  Body  Music". Although
they  have  been doing this sort of
music   for  a  long  time,  nobody
really   paid   any  attention.  In
Belgium   they  have  been  playing
Front in the clubs for a long time.
But  with  the  aid  of  House  and
Acidhouse it really saw it's light.
They  have  spawned many bands such
as  @BCassandra  Complex, Ministry, A
split second, A grumh, Manufacture,
Skinny Puppy@N and many more.@L
With  Front's  "Front by front" and
Nitzer's  "Belief"  they  have made
their  best  albums to date. Nitzer
keeping  to purer sound while Front
keep on using samples.@L
And they do it good.@L
With  the rythm going straight into
your  body.  Two very fine products
both  earning four stars. "Let your
body learn"@L
@B@K@Z"The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu"@N@L
The JAMs, Justified..., Disco 2000,
Timelords.  They  are all the same.
Infact  they  are  Rockman rock and
King  boy  D  alias James Cauty and
William Drummond.@L
A band that created a great deal of
fuss  in  87-88  with their unusual
way   of   making  records_-_Taking
sampling  to  the  limit.  Also  by
mixing   together   many  different
styles   of  music  like  Hip  hop,
House,  Eurodisco,  Seventies disco
and much more. Creating their music
by  sampling  all  sorts of things,
like someone said:@L
"You might even find your own voice
on the records".@L
They  (ofcourse)  also  ran  into a
load  of  copyright problems. Their
first   single  "All  you  need  is
love",  contained  samples from Sam
Fox,  MC5,  Hall and Oates and AIDS
advertisements  plus  a  lot  more.
They  immeditely (?) caused a stir.
Some   major   labels   refused  to
distribute  it,  but  a few records
got  out  to  the  press, radio and
clubs  and  other  stray copies got
sold  for round 30 pounds under the
They  had  to  change their samples
and  master tapes to get the record
into   the   shops.  The  copyright
problems  were  a  hint  on what to
expect  when they released their LP
"1987 What the F... is going on".@L
The  record  got  good  reviews and
everything was fine until they were
sued  for  stealing @BABBA@N's "Dancing
Queen"  and  using  it  in the song"
The  Queen  and  I" mixed together
with  @BSex  Pistols@N  "God  save  the
Queen". The JAMs were instructed to
withdraw  all  copies  of the album
and to destroy the master tapes.@L
The  JAMs tried to set up a meeting
with  the  boys from ABBA, and this
led to their fabled trip to Sweden.
This  was  also  the time when they
bought   their  car,  an  old  Ford
policecar,  said  to be a prop from
Superman IV.@L
On  their  way  from  Gothenburg to
Stockholm,  they  had just begun to
laugh  at the road signs "Beware of
moose"  when  they  managed  to hit
one,  killing  the poor animal. The
trip  continued and they arrived in
Stockholm  at  3am,  driving around
playing  ABBA's  greatest  hits  at
maximum volume through the external
They  also  managed to make a blond
girl pose for them, reciving a gold
disc   with   the  inscription  of:
"Presented to Bjorn, Benny and Stig
to  celebrate  sales in excess of 0
copies  of  the  LP  '1987 What the
F...  is  going  on'". They thought
they  could  pass  this woman of as
Agnetha Faltskog.@L
Later  they found Polarstudios, and
here  they performed their only gig
ever.  Blasting  out "The Queen and
I"   through  the  public  announce
system of the police car.@L
They  decided  to return to Britain
and on the way back They decided to
hold   a   ritual  burning  of  the
remaining   copys   of   their   LP
"1987...".     But    unfortunately
Rockman   took   the   wrong   turn
somewhere  and  they  ended up in a
farmyard.   The  problem  with  the
ritual  burning was that the farmer
didn't approve of the burning so he
chased   them   out  of  the  field
swinging  a  big  shotgun  over his
Rockman  managed  to run over their
camera  equipment  (destroying  all
pictures  of  King  boy D grappling
the dead moose) while escaping from
@BSven   Rambo@N.   When  they  finally
managed to get back on the highway,
they hear three loud cracks and the
engine  starts smoking. The farmer,
@BSven Rambo@N, is standing by the road
holding   a   big  shotgun  in  his
"-He tried to kill us!"@L
Finally   back   in  Britain,  they
release a version of Petula Clark's
"Downtown"   featuring  The  London
Gospel  Choir. This was supposed to
be  sample-free  at  first  but  it
isn't.  As  King Boy D puts it: "As
the dog returneth to his vomit so a
fool return to his folly". King boy
D:   "It   was   definitely  to  be
unsampled."  Rockman  rock: "But we
couldn't   really  help  it,  could
They  then release their second and
final  album "Who killed the JAMs".
On     this    record    we    find
Shang-ri-las,   Sly   stone,   Jimi
Hendrix,   a   version   of   Donna
Summer's  "Sunset  people" and many
other   things.   It's  like  their
"1987.."  album an orgy of sampling
and sound theft.@L
This  album was the end of the JAMs
(They  did  appear  later,  in  the
magazine  "The  Face",  with  an ad
where  they were trying to sell the
last   five  copies  of  the  album
"1987...".  The  price  was  set at
1000 pounds.)@L
Later  The  JAMs returned under the
name  The  Timelords (actually it's
the  car!).  They  made  it  to the
number  one  spot  on the charts in
England,   with   "Doctor   in  the
tardis".  The Gary Glitter_-_Dr Who
You  never know what to expect from
these  boys.  One  thing is certain
though.  They made it into the rock
history  with their two albums. For
the  full  story  of the JAMs check
out their LP "Shag Times" (Parts of
this   text   is  taken  from  that
album).  They have also released an
edited  version  of  "1987..." with
all  samples  withdrawn.  There are
gaps   where  you  can  insert  the
samples by yourself. If you got the
equipment. Haha!@L
@K@Z"* * *"@N@L
So,  here  he is again, at last. Mr
J.G.  Thirlwell  alias  Clint  Ruin
alias  @FFOETUS@N with a new record and
a  new 'name'. After the two latest
records   which   in   my  view  is
masterpieces  FOETUS  has retired a
bit  from  the  throne  (of agony).
There's no question about that this
record  is good, but if you're used
to  the high standard of his latest
records  (especially  the  singles)
this    one   is   a   bit   of   a
Mr.  Thirlwell continues to exploit
the  other side of music in his own
strange  way. This record (like the
others)  contains  music(!) without
any  kind of compromises. If you're
inte raw and hard rock (no heavy or
speed-metal)    (Hardcore!    -Ed.)
you'll love this record.@L
In my point of view the music isn't
as  great  as it used to be, FOETUS
has  missed  a bit of the melody he
used to have in his older songs and
replaced  it  with  just noise. But
the  lyrics is still good enough to
kill  every  member  of  the  Moral
Majority, and he's still one of the
few  guys  in  the world that knows
how to use a Fairlight!@L
gives 'THAW' 3 corpses out of 5.@L
@Z"In Visible Silence (12"CDV)"@L
@K@Z"* * * * *"@N@L
Well,  @BThe  Art  Of Noise@N Live (and
with   picture)   could   that   be
anything? The answer is obvious (of
course  yes!).  Who  could  believe
that a group that uses so much High
Tech   could   be  so  great  live.
There's  not much to say about this
record  except  that  if you have a
CDV-player  (or  the possibility to
buy  one)  buy  the  record and you
will  be saved. 60 minutes of great
music  (every  song  is better than
the   original  version)  and  even
better picture.@L
gives   @B'ART   OF   NOISE  LIVE'@N  5
CDV-players out of 5.@L
@K@Z"* * * * *"@N@L
A  smash!  This is incredible! They
have managed to make another smash.
I  thought  that their first album,
Bridge  of  Spies,  was  as good as
music  can  get,  but  Rage exceeds
even  that!  The  album  starts off
with  Arms  of  Love  and then goes
over  to  Only  the Lonely which is
one of the better ones. (If one can
say   that,   when   they  are  all
Running   Away   follows  and  then
Between  the  Lines,  which  is the
only  track  that  @BRoy Thomas Baker@N
did  not produce. This one was made
by @BRon Rogers@N playing guitar, @BCarol
Decker@N  vocals  and  @BTim Burgess@N at
the  Drums.  The  others  are: @BDean
Howard@N    -   Lead   Guitar,   @BMike
Chetwood@N   -   Keyboards  and  @BPaul
Jackson@N on Bass Guitar.@L
The   Disk  (CD  version  reviewed)
continues with  Road to our Dreams,
and  this  one  says very plainly -
whatever you do - @BNEVER GIVE UP@N.@L
Next  up is my favorite. Island. In
this  track  Carol  Decker   really
shows  off  her voice. In Bridge of
Spies  they  made a song, Heart and
Soul,   in   which  Carol  had  two
different lyrics. One that she sang
as  usual,  and  then  one that she
talked.  This  one was mixed behind
the  first  and  that  gave  a neat
sound.  They  have repeated this in
Island  but this time with the same
lyrics  and  I tell you - It sounds
great!  This  song alone is  reason
to buy this record.@L
Heaven  is a song of a lost love. A
slow  and  beautiful  melody backed
with  Carols  great  voice.  A sure
card in a good hand. In Taking time
Out   they  explain  that  you  can
become  what  you  want if you only
can  learn  the alphabet? Well that
alone  is  one  reason  for you out
there who can't read.......why do I
bother,   you   can't   read   this
Catchy.   Secret   Garden  is  very
catchy.  First  time  I heard it  I
could  not  forget  it  even  if  I
wanted  to.  (I  didn't  want to.) 
Time  will  Tell when someone tells
lies and eventually they will sneak
around  and hit you in the back. As
true  as  it  is  said. Stay to the
truth. It is easier.@L
This  Girl  ain't  for sale! is the
chorus  of  the  last  song.  Money
can't  buy  love.  (Not @BREAL@N Love.)
But  if  in the right amount it can
buy  everything  else. Perhaps that
is  why  the  trumpet  squeaks  the
theme  from Dallas at the very end.
This  wraps  it  up I think. If you
have  the money, a record player or
CD  player,  then  you just have to
have  this album. It is just great.
Bridge  of Spies was Great! Rage is
even   Greater!   Here   comes  the
verdict. Standing ovations!@L
T'Pau - Rage gets Five Goldbars out
of  five.  It is a record you can't
@BStarfire@N for Exceller8.@L
@K@B@Z"Pink Floyd"@N@L
@Z"Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live)"@L
@K@Z"* * * *"@N@L
Summer 1988. @BPink Floyd@N entered the
stage  to prove that they are still
Pink  Floyd,  with or without @BRoger
Waters@N.      Their      world-tour,
containing      the     spectacular
stage-show    and   special-effects
which  are  typical for Pink Floyd,
resulted   in   this   double-album
released later that year.@L
For  those  of  us  who  were there
(Personally    I    saw   them   in
Copenhagen,   Denmark)  this  is  a
perfect   way  to,  for  a  moment,
return    to    the   extraordinary
experience that it actually was. To
all you others the 36-pages booklet
that  goes  with  the CD might give
you  a  clue  to  the visual wonder
Pink Floyd are on stage.@L
The  music on the other hand speaks
for  itself and even if it's a live
recording the sound quality is very
good.  The  first part of the album
(as  well  as the concert) consists
mostly  of  songs from the album "A
Momentary  Lapse  of  Reason" while
you  find  all  the old classics on
the second one. And if you're still
one  of  those  who think that Pink
Floyd  and Roger Waters is the same
thing,  I'm  quite sure these songs
will  convince you that such is not
the  case.  Just  listen  to  David
Gilmour's  versions  of  "Wish  You
Were  Here", "Comfortably Numb" and
"Us   and   Them"   and   you  will
surrender.   In  other  words.  For
beeing a live album, this is rather
a  good  one.  @KTwenty Minutes@N gives
Pink   Floyd   "Delicate  Sound  of
Thunder" 4 flying pigs out of 5.@L
PS.   Whatever  "The  Man  With  No
Brain_-_Yet?"  wrote  in  the  last
issue   of   this   magazine,   The
Waterboys  album "Fishermans Blues"
was the best one in 1988! DS.@L
@BTwenty minutes@N@L
@Z"Smashes, trashes and hits"@L
@K@Z"* * *"@N@L
Kiss  did  recently  release  their
third  compilation  album, an album
that  I  think contains a selection
of songs that shows how strong Kiss
have  been  over the last 15 years.
The remix of songs like "Love Gun",
"Strutter"  and  "Rock  n' roll all
nite"  have  brought  new life into
One  big  surprise is a song called
"Beth",  (Kiss  biggest  hit  ever)
which  were  sung  by  the original
drummer Peter Criss but now has the
vocals  of  drummer  Eric Carr. His
voice  has always been a mystery to
the  fans  of  kiss, but now we all
now  what  a  wonderful  voice he's
got. I really hope he gets a chance
to sing on the forthcoming album.@L
"Smashes,  trashes  and  hits" also
contains  two new tracks "(You make
me)   rock  hard"  and  the  latest
single  "Let's  put  the  X in sex"
which   proves   that   their  song
writing  capability  is still among
the best in the world.@L

@C@H1"More Quotes!"@L
Peace   might   sell,   but   who's
@BJoan Baez@N@L
A  cult  figure is a guy who hasn't
got  the musical ability to make it
onto the charts.@L
@BJohn Cale@N@L
The  only  thing  that stands up is
whether  you've  got it or not. The
only thing that counts is if you're
still   around.   And   I'm   still
@BVan Morrison@N@L
Everybody  I like is either dead or
not feeling very well.@L
@BTom Waits@N@L
I    like   sound-effect   records.
Sometimes  late  at  night  I get a
mint  julep  and just sit there and
listen   to   sound   effects.  I'm
surprised  more  of  them aren't on
the charts.@L
@BBob Dylan@N@L
The  governors  of the music branch
of the Academy are arseholes.@L
@BRobert  Stigwood,  when  his  disco
movie    "Saturday   Night   Fever"
justifiably   failed   to   win  an
Academy Award.@N@L
A thoruogh survey may prove that it
is  impossible to buy a plain white
or  decently  tasteful shirt in the
whole of Las Vegas.@L
@BJann Wenner, editor "Rolling Stone"
I  think  it's  great because @KWho's
who@N  is an American institution and
I  believe  in  anything that is an
American  institution, such as Hugh
Hefner, Walt Disney, the Boy Scouts
and Budweiser.@L
@BAlice  cooper,  ne Vincent Furnier,
on  his  inclusion in "Who's who in
America" 1974/5.@N@L
Living  in  New York is like coming
all the time.@L
@BGene Simmons, Kiss@N@L
The  singer'll  have to go, the BBC
won't like him.@L
@BEric  Easton,  on  beeing shown The
Rolling   Stones   by  Andrew  Loog
They  may be world famous, but four
shrieking  monkeys are not going to
use   a   privileged   family  name
without permission.@L
@BFrau Eva von Zeppelin@N@L
I'll take today's teenagers any day
to  the ruckus rousers and souvenir
scalpers   who   made   our   lives
miserable   during  the  heyday  of
Goodman   and  Sinatra.  The  worst
thing  these  kids do is feed sugar
to the horses.@L
@BNew York City cop, 1959@N@L
@BAll  quotes  from  the book of rock
quotes 1982.@N   

@BBy Jazze@N@L
(Mar 21 - Apr 20)@L
This month you'll invent the wheel,
but  the  planet  Thalumus-5 moving
into  your  third  ascendant  means
you'll  have  a  few  probs  at the
Patent   office.   Thanks   to  the
appearance of Neptune in your sign,
this   month   is  going  to  be  a
disastrous  one  for doing anything
that  begins  with  the letter "P".
"P"laying computer games is out, as
is  "P"assing  the  salt  to  Aunty
Beryl.  You'd  better avoid fluids.
Your lucky number is 23,457.6.@L
(Apr 21 - May 21)@L
Mars  shifts  back  a  few  million
miles  into the asteroid belt later
this month. However, this shouldn't
concern   you  because  your  lucky
colour  is  orange  and  your lucky
vegetable   is   the  swede.  Lucky
(May 22 - Jun 21)@L
You'll  be  having a lot of trouble
getting  your  bath or shower water
to the right temperature. No amount
of fiddling will get the result you
want, so don't bother. In fact it's
probably   for  the  best  to  give
personal  hygiene  a  miss  for the
month.  Lucky  gardening  utensil -
the trowel.@L
(Jun 22 - Jul 22)@L
Oh  dear,  you  'crab' folks are in
for a bit of a rum time this month.
It seems that the free gift in your
breakfast  cereal  is  a large gold
ingot   stamped   with  the  legend
'Brinks  Matt'.  The mystery of why
the  carrier-bag handels snapped at
the super-market is solved. Unlucky
people  to  find  at your front (or
back)  door - CID officers. (C.I.D.
- Criminal Investigation Department
(Scotland   Yard))   Lucky  writing
paper - Basildon Bond 4 gram.@L
(Jul 23 - Aug 23)@L
An  absolutely  brilliant month for
being   absolutely   brilliant   on
everything    (as   usual).   Lucky
motorbike  - the Benelli 6-cylinder
(Aug 24 - Sep 23)@L
This  month's lucky colour is quite
a   complicated   one   and  hasn't
actually  got a name. It's the sort
of   colour   only  primary  school
children can manage to create (when
mixing  powder  paint). It's a sort
of   mixture   of  everything  that
doesn't go together. It's a sort of,  blleeeaarfffgghhhh!!! Lucky
boomerang shaped yellow fruit - the
(Sep 24 - Oct 23)@L
You'll    suddenly   realise   that
McDonald's     hamburgers    aren't
actually  'fast'  food  at all, but
that  each  burger  is individually
hand-crafted  by  one of McDonald's
'food  sculptors'. These chefs pour
their    very   souls   into   each
creation,   and   often  include  a
little  'joke'  (such  as a missing
piece   of  gherkin,  or  too  much
tomato  relish). Your lucky medical
company boss - Refaat el Sayed.@L
(Oct 24 - Nov 22)@L
Pluto  will  be  moving  into  your
first  house,  closely  followed by
Mickey   Mouse  and  Donald  Duck's
irritating  little  nephews,  Huey,
Duey    and    Luey.   Your   lucky
cement/sand  mix  ratio  (for  hard
weather pointing) - four to one.@L
(Nov 23 - Dec 21)@L
Romance     is    in    the    air.
Unfortunately  you  haven't  got  a
helicopter,  so  you  can't get it.
Your  lucky  item which is produced
from trees is cardboard.@L
(Dec 22 - Jan 20)@L
You  Capricorns  are  still  at the
trying  to  break into the world of
advertising lark. Your zippy slogan
this  week  (for  fish  fingers) is
'It's   not   just  fish,  it's  an
eye-less,   tail-less   rectangle!'
Unlucky  marine  animal  - anything
vaguely cod-like.@L
(Jan 21 - Feb 19)@L
This  month  you  Aquarians will be
jumping on the Capricorn bandwagon:
attemting    to    get   into   the
advertising  world. Your concept of
a  product  to  rival  fish fingers
which you call 'Fish Toes' will not
be  received with cries of ecstasy.
Lucky  sub-atomic  particle  -  the
(Feb 20 - Mar 20)@L
Thanks  to  the  appearance of Mars
(the  crap-moons  planet)  in  your
sign,  this  month is going to be a
brilliant   one   for  accidentally
tipping  your  toast  and marmalade
onto  the  carpet. All toast/carpet
encounters   will   result  in  the
marmalade  side  pointing  upwards,
saving  you  the  bother of picking
out  all the hairs, pieces of fluff
and  discarded  toe-nail clippings.
Lucky insect - the bee.@L
(Mar 47 - Mar 92)@L
You don't exist. Go away!  

@PContact one of the best in Sweden.@L
Wings of tomorrow@L
Send some disks:@L
Carrion, Persuddsvagen 1@L
831 52 Ostersund, Sweden.@L
Do it write now.@L

@S0Contact  Destiny  ^  Zigag  finnishHQ!@L
@Z"P.O.B Box 620"
@Z"20301 Turku"
Specials  to:  Quartex,  Mad Monks,
MFC,  WOW,  BS1,  D.O.C,  AFL,  RED

@S0TUC  ^  TMC are still searching for
members  and  contacts to swap best
stuff. Write to:@L
@Z"PLK 038544 B or PLK 047652 D"
@Z"Both in 6630 SAARLOUIS!"
If you want to swap send some disks
with hottest stuff at once!@L

This   one  is  very  simple.  Just
follow  the instructions. At first,
take   an  old  milkbox,  empty  it
(important!)  and  open  it in both
edges.   Then,   get   a  piece  of
cardboard (about 10*10 cm) and find
five  resistors  with the following
1843 Ohm@L
4712 MOhm@L
1    mOhm@L
.17  kOhm@L
5    Watts@L
Then   find   a   transistor  named
NPN(PNP)  18-43.3.  You also need a
60W    light   bulb   and   a   car
accumulator.   Go   and   ask  your
grandmother  if  she  has  got  one
oscillator  P-2. And... at last, an
oscilloscope    with    diffrential
multipartsync.  Oh, I almost forgot
the  A/D converter, get an A/D conv
with    17  bits static ROM (then I
mean a ROM with 17 bits, stupid!)@L
Simply  put the resistors together.
Any  problems  yet?    No, ofcourse
not...    Now  put  the  branch  of
resistors  together  with the utter
left   edge  of  the  oscilloscope.
Beware of witch way you are holding
the bunch!@L
Beware of virus!@L
Now connect the bottom back side of
the   first   left   pin   of   the
oscillator,  and  try  not  to burn
yourself!   Now   throw   lots   of
components  into  the  milkbox  and
then  the A/D on the top. close the
milkbox silently (preferably whilst
praying)  and put it into the place
where  the  extra  512 kB should be
located  (if you own an Amiga 2000,
just  open the box and throw it in.
If  you own an Amiga 1000, sorry!).
If  the  hole  already is filled up
with  candys (IC's) or love-letters
(!),   you  have  to  clean  up  in
That's  all  folks,  and  good luck
with your new sampler!@L
Oh,  if  you've  got  any problems,
call Germany 110!@L

@P@H1"New advertisements system"
From the next issue Exceller 8 will
have  a  new advertisements system.
It  will  be  possible  for  you to
design  and write your own ad's. To
be  able to do that all you need is
Deluxe paint 1, 2 or 3.@L
Design   your   picture  in  Medium
resolution  300 pixels wide and 200
pixels  high. You are limited to 16
colors  minus  the @Ffour@N first ones.
We  use  these  four  colors in the
main program.@L
If   you  want  to  put  an  ad  in
Exceller  8 send your picture/ad to
us  on  one  of your own disks plus
four  new,  error  free  and Double
sided/Double   density  3.5"  disks
from the following brands:@L
We  will  return your disk together
with   a   copy   of   Exceller   8
containing your ad as soon as it is
If   these   conditions   are   not
fulfilled  then  we  will  eat your
disks  alive!!!  (and your ad won't
get printed!).@L
If  you don't own four high-quality
branded   disks   you  can  instead
insert  a  small ad of six lines of
35  characters each, including your
address,  for only one 3.5" branded
disk!  (PS. We will not return your
disk!!).  All ad's will be randomly
dispersed through the issue.@L
We  chose  disks as payment because
they  are good galactic currency in
the whole universe.@L

THE   INNER  CIRCLE.  In  Australia
Would  Like Some Hot Amiga Contacts
From  All  Over The World. Only The
Latest Will Do Write To:@L
@Z"G.P.O. Box 2812 Canberra ACT"@L
@Z"2601 Australia"@L
@Z"No Lamers. We Keep Lame Disks."@L

You   can   order  a  copy  of  our
magazine  directly from us. (If you
think  your contacts are to slow or
you want to order an old issue.)@L
Just  send two branded (error free)
3.5" disks (One disk as payment for
postage.) to the following adress:@L
Exceller 8@L
Heimdalsgatan 37@L
S-261 62 Glumslov@L
@KFor accepted brands see the article
on the new ad system.(Page 88.)@L
If  you  don't send accepted brands
you won't see your disks again.@N@L

@P@H1"The End is near..."
OK,  the  end  of  another issue of
Exceller  8.  Hope you enjoyed this
one  as well as the first issue. We
try to make our best you know.@L
I  would  just  like  to  say  that
Exceller   8   does  @FNOT@N  take  any
responsibility what so ever for the
seriousness of the advertisments in
this issue. We also do not take any
responsibility for you burning your
fingers  or  blowing  up your Amiga
while trying to build your own MIDI
interface      or      your     own
The  next  issue of Exceller 8 will
be  a  big @KUS-SPECIAL@N with a lot of
material  from  the  major American
In  the  next  issue  you will also
find    the    second    part    of
Celebrandil's      raytrace     and
vectorgraphics    article,   MaCron
One's  DIY guide to making your own
MONO-sampler   (complete   with   a
drawing).  And  of  course a lot of
articles around and about USA.@L
Deadline for issue #3 of Exceller 8
is March the 23th 1989.@L
Releaseplan for 1989:@L
Issue #3: first week of April.@L
Issue #4: first week of June.@L
Issue #5: first week of August.@L
Issue #6: first week of October.@L
Issue #7: second week of December.@L
Bye, and remember:@L
@BThe editor.@N