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YIEEEEAAAAHOOOO!!!!    Mahoney & Kaktus proudly presents the intro to issue #2 of - EXCELLER 8 -         In these two scrollers you will find the history of us!    The upper scroll is Mahoney"s, and this one is mine (Kaktus!)                                            So, ended school at 15.30, met a girl in town, came home at 18.30, no money left, and now I"m supposed to write the story about my life...                                   <It won"t be better delaying it...  Better start immediately!>                         Ready?                           ... Just wait a moment ...                                     Now I"ve read Mahoney"s scroll, and also corrected some bugs.           Who will correct my bugs???                                   Now about my life:                           In the beginning, it was 1982. (There was a time before that year too, but, in no sence..)          As usual, we had a one-week holiday in February. (It"s still 1982!)    I had nothing special to do, and my mother asked me to join some course of instruction. (Is that the right phrase?)     After looking through a lot of cathaloges, I found two (2) interesting ones:   1. A 5days typewriting course, and 2:  A computer briefment.     By some reason, I chosed selection number 2.   It sure wasn"t cheap, but my parents payed! (They started the thing, remember?)               At the place, they put me and another little boy behind a typewriter, called ABC-80.       Ah!      The computer!               I learnt how to get letters on the screen (by tapping the corresponding letter on the keyboard)             The last day of the course, I knew how to make a reset, and how to make a bubblesort-routine! (In fact, they didn"t teach me that, I found it out myself!     Wow!)                          That summer (Still 1982!), Mogwai (one of my friends) bought an ABC-80!      I showed him how to bubblesort, and he showed me how to play "the worm"!    (As understood, Pacman didn"t exist then!)                     At Christmas (Still 1982!     (Or 1725??)), my parents bought me my first computer!      It was a Texas Instruments, TI-99/4A!    16 Colors, 32 Sprites, a 16/16 bit processor (First homecomputer in the world with that stuff!), and it cost my parents 6000 Swedish crowns... Much money in 1982!     Poor parents...   But it"s getting worse!                    <<Argh! My 1010 is "Klick"-ing, better feed it with something..>>               <<Crunch, Wroom-Wroom>>                  <<Burp!>>                          I learnt about sprites, binary, hex, move, and much, much more..             Then, Mogwai bought a spectrum 48k!      Wow! 2.4 times more memory, but the processor, Z80A, 2-3 Mhz...          I didn"t like the speccy, so I continued to learn my lovely Texas!                 Two years later, I sold it, and bought one of the first c128"s in Sweden!    (I bought it two days after my classmate "Moppe" bought a 64!)             Wow! Opportunities!!!     Direct engine-code access!  Without any kind of battery-backuped RAM!      Lovely, but...         1.02 Mhz (alt 2.04)...       A bit (nybble?) slow, but...       WOW!!!              (Now, my parents were on the verge of ruin...)                             I played games for about half a year, and found in my despair, that I would have use of a diskdrive!        Back to my parents...        Yes, at last, they did buy me a drive!  My dear loved 1571!!!           In the meantime, I wrote my first proggie on the 6510:   >.$1F40:   INC  $D020       >.$1F43:   JMP  $1F40         (Looks a bit like Mahoneys firstie?)                       And also in the meantime, Mogwais parents bought him a c128d!                     <End of Chapter One!>                          <Chapter Two: Growing! Includes "When I met Mahoney">                               One sunny day (such days are always sunny!), I was by a friend called UFO (proud owner of a 64!)..      We were looking through some of his old computer-magazines.     Then suddenly, we (or was it he) found an address to a guy living only about 2 kms from me!        We took our bikes, and we were there in three minutes (2kms on 3 minutes makes 40 km/h!)             The guy we met at the given address, called himself REX!      So did I meet him...           We grounded a group together, and we were LAME!                   A year later, I could program the 64 (well, at least a very, very little bit (word?) of it, I didn"t master the 64 before "SKRUV", and that was the end. More about that later)                 A kid called Yankee called me, and so I joined S.O.S (Hi!)         Oh, I forgot to tell you, one sunny day (more of them.. life must be wonderful!), a person from Hyltebruk called me..     He was very kind, he wanted to give me a lot of proggies!    Nice guy!    (Hi Bengt G!)     I and Rex called him "Sportfiskaren", quite uninteresting, and i won"t tell you why, too long story...                     In one of my sendings to him, I gave him my latest demo...     -Two Days-  (The post is slow in Sweden!)   And his boy called me...   That"s how I met Alastor, and his friends Gaston and Sir Gawain (Now Horizon members)                      <<<Puuuh, just two years and 101 messages left to write...>>>                            Gaston and Sir Gawain did also become members of S.O.S, and then, it was the time of the Furulund-meeting!           It was the 3-4th of October 1987 (And not 1725)..  (Hi NTC!)     I met Alastor, Gaston, Sir Gawain, Ron (S.O.S), Sal (S.O.S, now Vortex 42), Piq (S.O.S, also Vortex 42 member today) and ofcause the other members of S.O.S. Sorry, I won"t mention you, you are not forgotten, but I must be alive tomorrow!               << Mahoney just called, he"s having a test tomorrow! >>        On the meeting, I also met a lot of guys, with I should recognice later on.             After some troubles with Yankee (And I say and mean that it was Yankees fault that we left S.O.S, he was soo lame!), we did leave S.O.S!        One of Gaston"s contacts, Mastermind, let us join his group, Crackmasters!           The first of November 1987 did I and Mogwai join the (possibly) smallest meeting in the world.       We were five (5) freaks there!     And the place was in Mahoney"s cellar!      I recogniced him immetiately, That was the guy that had used my power-connection in Furulund!   (The one that without permission was ripped out from the net without asking at 06.00 in the morning the 4th of October!)  - (The one that now is located under my desk) - (The one that Mahoney put is footprints on, and they"re still there!)     - THAT connector!                     Well, I met Mahoney, the other two guys (Mogwai not included) will I or Mahoney maybe tell you about in some other text some other time, some other computer...                       I met Mahoney, and Mogwai dropped his Vesuvio on his floor!        That day, we made our first demo together!           The now classic     CP-DEMO II     (Soon for release on Amiga!)              << HAVEN"T TOLD YOU THAT I CALLED MYSELF "THE DARK OVERLORD" THEN! >>                     <<< I"m getting rather tired, I have now been writing for three hours! >>>                          The next little meeting I joined was at Parrot"s!   (He was one of the other guys at Mahoney"s little meeting!  (The other one was Conan, the man who never will get an ice-cream))                        At Parrot"s meeting, I joined The Defiers (Mahoney"s gang!)     I thought that it was much better than staying in Crackmasters (At this time they were reformed to Thundercats!), because it was 180 kms to the nearest member of them!        It became 1988, and I got an Amiga!     We made some 64 demos, quite good!    Better than a lot of new demos...    A big lot of new demos...     Mahoney was then, as now, the more active freak, I was a bit lazy (I want to do what I want to do, and no one will tell me what I should do!)           It became February, the spring came slowly, I crunched a knee in a volleyball game, and I also found the nicest girl on earth!!!   (Promise!)             No demos for two months...     (Hey "Pex", do you understand me now?)                I talked a lot to Mahoney, and we dedicated to call me Kaktus!  (Nice name!)           We left The Defiers (Whom now was infected by LAMERS!), and joined Triumph...     (Sounds like an old useless car..)                       We (now we were Mahoney & Kaktus) made the superdemo "Alvesta-Sirap" together. Our first real creation together...     Peoples nowadays says that it"s lame, but a very big lot of new demos contains our ideas from it ...        No names..       Anyway, we didn"t like Sirap...    The day it was ended, we started to code our success: SKRUV!            (Even here Yankee lamed around...)                       If people stole our ideas to Sirap, then SKRUV was a goldmine for all idea-stealers...                              Oh, the 5th of january, Mahoney put together "CP-DEMO IV". He wrote some "CP"-greetings, and that was the beginning to his war with Xakk (Whom has no sence of HuMoUr, I think!)                       << Ugh, continue tomorrowZZZZZz >>                                             << And now, it"s a new (sunny) day! >>               Gnarp, Mahoney and I visited some small meetings, and the time ran fast.   It went to be summer, and we met at his summerplace in Ystad...      There we finished our work with Skruv, and there we started with our Amigas!!       ... The rest is History!                                  It"s time to send some messages!              Kaktus sends personal messes to:                      Mess $01 to Mahoney, I"m going ro beat you, I"ve got a whole day in front of me!          Mess $02 to Parrot: Hej Gojan!  I"ll send your disks any day, thanx for the nice photos!          Mess $03 to my Amiga, sure that these keys will last for 2.000.000 presses? (or 101 messes?)          Mess $04 to Moppe, buy either a real drive or an Amiga!          Mess $05 goes to Zizyphus, and mess $06 goes home.          On even days, mess $07 is red (and do follow the green line on the floor.)          Mess $08 is dedicated to Nizze (Hi!), mess $09 is false.          Mess $0A is greeting Monopoly, mess $0B is talking shit about Yankee.          Mess $0C to Conan (The man without ice-creams), mess $0D is in a mess...          Mess $0E is about Knasen, try to run "SKRUV" on your c128!  Sad, buy a new computer (for instance, an Amiga!)          Mess $0F is #15 in decimal, and mess $10 is %10000 in binary.    Mess $11 is mess $10 + $1,  and mess $12 is f(x)=12x*x+12x-((x+2)*x)*arctan(1/x/pi).      Mess $13 doesn"t mean bad luck, but mess $14 is to Mr.Kernal, Hej-Hopp!          The last mess is to Spike, and mess $15 is telling Alastor to call me.     Mess $16 tells Gaston to call me, and reverse, Gaston calls $16, just to notice the wrong number, and $17 (mess 21) is telling Sir Gawain to call me...          Mess number $18 is feigned, and mess $19 is simulated.          And as mess $19 is simulated, mess $1A is a dummymess.           Mess $1B is lost.   Mess $1C is lost.   Mess $1D is lost.          Mess no $1E is to Bogge:  Pleeeeezee!          Mess $1F tells you that mess $1E was not very serious, but mess $20 is to Dark Helmet:  I DON"T KNOW HOW TO SET THE COPPER!!!!   No idea continue asking!!!          Mess $21 is transformed to a virus, and mess $22 tells you that there will be 67 more messages!          Mess $23 is to Mahoney:  Here is your message, as you hoped that I should write. Just to tell you that I"ll beat you. Watch out for more Mahoney-dedicaated messes in the future (about $20 messes forward!)          Mess $24 tells you that I would have a good use of a real Message-Creator now!            Mess $25 is the 37th in the row, and mess $26 is already sleeping.   Mess $27 is to Hotspur:  ZZZZ!        Mess $27 has the same name as mess $27, but mess $27 is just a twin to mess $27, witch means that mess $27 has nothing really to do with mess $27. Actually.           Mess $28 is telling you why, and mess $27 is before mess $29, that means I"m counting backwards.   Mess $29 is the one that right now is in realtime, and $2A is the width of this screen. The MESSAGE $2A is in the border, but it"s not crying.   Message $2B is writing a letter to message $2C, about message $2D.    Message $2C doesn"t know about the letter, and message $2D is, as I said, mentioned in the letter (the one written by message $2B a looong time ago...               Message $2E is about love:  Love is immortal, it just is! Read more about it in one of Mahoney"s messes...           Message $2F IS WRITTEN WITH BIG LETTERS, message $30 with small ones.    Message $31 loves Mahoney"s message number 59. Message $32 is a serious one!  To Jenny S:  I love you!! Read more about it in Mahoney"s mess...        The one about love, I mean      And message $33 is to Mahoney:  Who"s Jessi???    Maybe the one at the cinema??        Message $34 is to Ron & Piq:  Hejsan, God Jul och Goda Negerbullar??   ..Bleugh...          Message $35 is to Patrik Ekdal:  I draw my own Mandelbrots in about a 14th of the time it takes you!  (Forget your LISP-system it"s just shit!   And 120.000:-?  Not cheap..)     Also, keep up the mathmatics!                   Mess $36 is also a dummy one!  (Something wrong with this sending??)        Mess $37 is detonated, mess $38 stood too close to mess $37 when it exploded, and mess $39 is odd...         Mess $3A is hurt!      Mess $3B is thinking about the serious in these message.. But, I"ll beat Mahoney!  He has just written #100 messages, and I"ll write #101 ($65)!         Mess $3C is scrolling by...                                       Message $3E is about 100 pixels late...           Mess $3F is to my mother: please quit that vacuum-cleaning!  NOW!              Mess $40 is to Foetus: I can"t stand your music...  What does something like that do on a CD??             Mess $41 goes to Atom of NS: HI!   (That"s all!)           Mess $42 goes to Daniel: still reading!  In my next demo (if there will be more of them..) I"ll put in a special super-color-effect, that will make your eyes burn out...       Mess $43 goes to Jenny Green:  You have told me some very interesting things about BlackShadow...  Thanx!  ... And, I like you!          (Some day I might LEARN you the Soundtracker..  You"ll get a much better result then...)       Thanks for the Cognac...          Mess $44 goes to Sofia Thelin:  Thanks for the vocals in my N1A-tune...   Hope you"re reading this on your brothers Amiga??           Mess $45 to Omega:  Thanks for driving... (That"s all I could remind ... Sorry!)           Mess $46 to all lamers:  Write something in Datormagazin..           Mess $47 to all comunists and socialists:  Do as Maggan, die!!           Message number $48 is dedicated to Mahoney:  Here"s the secound response...   Beat it.... ..              Mess $49 to mess $48:  ???  A bit "flummy" message...          Mess $4A is to Jenny S**********r (Again!): What about going to the cinema??  I"ve heard that the film "Maybe Baby" should be very good! (??)   Then, we could miss the buss twohundred times..  And read the time-table upside down..          Turtles??  I love you!!                 Mess $4B is not that romantic. To:  Maja T, yeah, I understand how much you must have liked that I missed two busses..   (So you could be alone with me for one hour at a time...)          Mess $4C is written just to say that time passes...           Mess $4D is a suplement to mess $4C. It reads: "fast"!           Mess $4E is booring, mess $4F is odd, mess $50 is even, and Mess $51 is just #20 messages from the end of this scroll...            Mess $52 is another step closer to immortal eternaty           Mess $53 is out of fuel...           Mess $54 is to VIP of Radioactive:  Very, very, very DEAD, I suppose??           Mess $55 to AVT (Opsalut Voedka Tajm):  Nice ideas, where did you get those from??            Mess $56 to Rawhead:  What? Jaevla Svaenskar???    Jaevla Noerr-gutter!?!   (Harr-Harr!)           Mess $57 is another step closer...           Mess $58 is to Mats Jornell (Michelin):  FUCK (Not a nice phrase at all) YOU!!           Mess $59 is here at last....           Mess $5A is telling you that I"ve got 20 pages of history tomorrow...    Waaargh!             Mess $5B is written specially to Anja Hellmark:   Yep, the EXP-key on your calculator is used to??  Forgot your homework?   Another try:  What to you use the "="-key to?  Hahaha...  Funny!   But if you call me another night, I"ll kill you...             Mess $5C is to Celebrandil:  Soon I"ve got more girl-mess (!) than you had in your little RC-part!           Mess $5D is to PECC (Patrik or Pascal) (Secound mess?):  My Mandelbrot was drawn in less than two hours..  32 colors!!  And you?  25 hours!!  And just two (2) colors!!   LISP- (Lots of Infernal Stupid Pharantheses)-fool!   (No hard feelings!)          <<--A lot of spellingerrors in the past!--   --Sorry for that, I haven"t got time now...-->>             Mess $5E to PECC:  Again, try to begin with the imaginary part instead...           Mess $5F is too close...           Mess $60 is dedicated to a future lunch-pause.          Mess $61 is written to be read by my english-teacher:  no one has been living for that long...  You are soon dead, hag!            Mess $62 is sooo close...           Mess $63 is a preparation to the end of the journy, or to the start of the new one.  A preparation for heaven, or hell, including all other dark dungeons, Defiers-meetings, torture-chambers etc..  It"s a journey in time, in history.  It"s a journey that is so much more important than the "Costa Del Sol"-trip..   Yes, it could be a wrong-trip, an immortal bounce between galaxies (galaxys?), stars and states...   End of shit-talk..........                     Message number $64 is in english number #100!  This long came Mahoney, I"m going closer to the forthcomming immortalisation!            Here is comes:  Message $65! The last in a long row...   I thought to dedicate it to Hip-Hop, but it"s too important!    Message number 101 is dedicated to my life, Jenny!  (That"s the least I can do!) ...   Oh, I"m so...      Goodnight!!                                                         -= Haha - the scroll is infinite! =-                                                                               

                                                                                               NorthStar & FairLight presents:   - EXCELLER 8 -     Issue #2                    Instead of destroying the mag, I (MAHONEY) will write my stuff in this scroll ...      So, if you haven"t got about 15 minutes free from now, you can just as well press the button, becoz you won"t have time to read the whole story .............                    At the end of this scroll (it"s LONG!) you"ll find some personal hellos from me.     Here"s the story ...                         The history of Mahoney ....    (Also written in my 64-demo - Gnarp! - (But this is a fresh version))                       In 1979, I started working with computers.    My brother borrowed a PET from my father"s work ...    I just love the design, looks like an old type-writing-something-like-box-shit-computer.           A year later, my brother and I bought a little ZX-80 ...     1Kb ram, 4Kb rom - That"s really amazing, don"t you think so ?????    That was basic-time!  (We"ve still got it, it"s working and it"s soon antique!)              Well, little later, my father bought an ABC-80.   That was a good computer.  (Well, but the graphics wasn"t too good)    I started with some Z80-assembly, but since ABC-80 had so poor graphic, it wasn"t so fun to work with it, you didn"t get a good result .........            The next computer to get under my fingers was the Spectrum.  (Ever heard of it?)   Now I started with real assembler, real programs, and so on ...       I even did a plot routine.   (That was a hell, with that screen-format!)    I cracked some games, but since I was a big LAMER, they didn"t spread more than to my nearest Spectrum-friends ...        Then, a lovely day, my neighbours bought something called Commodore 64.    (In Sweden it was called VIC-64, coz these marketing-guys didn"t like the "foreign" name Commodore)      Well, anyway ...     I spent a lot of time in front of that machine. (BASIC, what else ???)       A bit (byte?) later we sold our Spectrum and our ABC-80.       I finally got money to buy one of those dream-machines: COMMODORE 64!!!!!          I was in heaven ...          So ...      I studied some 6510-assembler, and I was shocked ...     Being used to Z80, and then start using only three registers A, X and Y ....       A week after I got my 64, I made my first machine-code program.       Something like this:   >.$7D00 INC $D020    INC $D021    JMP $7D00          WOW! Flashing Screen!!!!      Anyway, I met Conan, and we founded the group CCC (Commodore Cracking Crew -   that"s a stupid name, but anyway!)       I (ZAX) made some demos, but since Conan (Then called ZAP) was at high-school, he hadn"t got time (or was too lazy) to make any ........       Some year later, I was GREAT on the 64.        I got rid of Conan (almost!)     I (now called MAHONEY!) and Nova founded the group DEFIERS ...       At the Furulund-meeting 1987 (or was it 1988???) we found another member WIZ (give your cute little sister a BIG kiss, will ya!)   He was our grafixer ...         But then, in some way, Conan also went to be a member of Defiers.     He took in some more members, and when I finally left them for my next group, they were about 15 persons (and nobody except me did something)          Under my time in Defiers, I got calls from some groups who wanted me (SOS, Science 451, Agile, Radioactives & Triad)          But I decided to found a new group (this time with KAKTUS (then called The Dark Overlord))    and in that group TRIUMPH, we also had members from the north of Sweden.       I enjoyed those days, I met Yankee (First I liked you, but now you"re a big FOOL!), I met Boerni & Celebrandil and I also got to know Mr.Pinge and Ixion from Triad (I"ve still got your letters!)      We had some conferences, and a lot of meetings ...           Then, about a year ago, Triumph was split and I and Kaktus started on our own.        Those demos we made then was some of the best on the 64.  In the first (called SIRAP) we were first with a lot of things, fex char-scroller where every char went up & down (a bit hard to explain)      But Sirap contained hell a lot of bugs ...       Our second and last demo-disk "SKRUV!" is still some of the best in the world.     I made the first $D017-scroll in the world, and I gave Xakk a lot of shit for what they had written about me ...   (But that"s another story ...)    If you haven"t seen Skruv, then you really have missed something ...      Yeah!  By the way, in the last part of Skruv (The one with that big plot-routine with all the messages)     Try to press the keys "MAHONEY" or "KAKTUS" at the same time .....  (I won"t tell you what"s happening, you"ll find out yourself!)        Eh?   Well, back to history ....      But then, something happened to the 64.     All demos were rasters, Rob Hubbard-musicroutine-tunes, and border-scrolls ...  Nobody ever came up with something new, and it was boring.    Kaktus" father bought an AMIGA for his work (but it was used more by Kaktus than his Father!)      I sold my discdrive (broken) for 1200:-     (to a stupid guy!)       And through Nova, I bought an Amiga direct from Germany for about 3800:-    (In Sweden it costs about 6000:-)        Well, that"s how it all started ...     I"ve now had my Amiga for about half a year, and I"ve done quite a lot of demos:   - Blue -    - Funny -    - Bobby -    - M&K Music-disk -    - Scrolly 2 -       And the unofficial - FlummyIntro -                   Well, everything is in a mess, so why not send some (?) personal mess ...           Message #1 coming up ...         To Parrot:   Hey!  Bought an Amiga?   That"s great!           Mess #2 to Wiz:  How do you do?   Why not get rid of that silly 64?         Mess #3 to Yankee:  Did you really think that I would say something to you?      Mess #4 to Conan:   Forget your ice-cream ...      Mess #5 to Boerni:   What about your music-prg?  I would really like to see it.    Mess #6 to Spexhane:    Why Atari?      Mess #7 to Celebrandil:   Call me! (or I call you!)      Mess #8 to Glue Master:   Fix your tunes, and I"ll do Music-Disk #2    Mess #9 to Foetus:  Well, I just have to send a special greet to you, for letting me write all these messages ...      Mess #10 to Monopoly:   Why not buy a REAL computer?     Mess #11 to Hotspur:   Zzzzzznark!      Mess #12 to Fangoria:  If you ever read this, then I only want to say hello to ya!    Mess #13 to Xakk:   Peace?  I hope so!     Mess #14 to Kaktus:    Now when I send a hello to you, I really hope to get one back!      Mess #15 to Ixion:   Well, we were members!  (In six days!)       Mess #16 to Radioactives:   Nice talkings!  (I never got your number!)      Mess #16 to Ron of SOS:    Keep it up!      Mess #17 to Vortex 42:   I sure like your codings!       Mess #18 to anyone:   Since nobody is going to read all these messages, I can just as well send some more ...    Mess #19 to Nicklas:  Burned your 8th Amiga???      Mess #20 to Mr Kernal:   How about making a new Amiga, with alarm ...    If you turn it on without pressing the keys "MR KERNAL", it will sound as a broken 1541!        Mess #21 to Zizyphus:   How"s the game going?      Mess #22 to Moppe:   Eh?  Sorry, I"m running out of words!      Mess #23 to God:    Halleluja!       Mess #24 to Drake:   Why did you leave?   I loved your music!       Mess #25 to Jessi:  You"re nice!    Mess #26 to Spike:     You"re probably the only one still reading ...      Mess #27 to everyone:   Isn"t there any meeting going on?     Mess #28 to TIP of TNM:   You"re the only one who"ve done something good with the Soundtracker ...       Mess #29:  Eeeeeeh?  What"s up DOC???         Mess #30 to Elric:   Sorry for that, but I don"t like to be in a group 200km from myself ...       Mess #31 to everybody:   I think you"re tired of this music now, but do like this:   Turn down the volume, and listen to some GOOD music instead!      Mess #32 to myself:  God, I"m sooo tired of writing messages!      Mess #33 to Conan:  How"s the army?       Mess #34 to ...    Shit!   The time is over 03:40 in the night!     I better stop with all this messing around ...       Mess #35 to Anders L:  I know you"ll never read this!      Mess #36 is error-free.    Mess #37 is on the toilet,   Mess #38 is having lunch,    Mess #39 is almost the last one,   Mess #40 is too sensible,   Mess #41 is missing,    Mess #42 is too long,    Mess #43 is boring,     and finally,   Mess #44 and #45 is only telling you that Mess #46 is the last one ...         So,     Message #46 coming up:       Message number 46 is going to everybody:     Now, when you press the left one, you"re too tired to read the mag, so just shut of your Amiga, go to bed, and the first thing tomorrow, put in the Newspaperdisk, and don"t look at this intro ...................................             This text was written by Mahoney from NorthStar & Fairlight.       If you really have read this long, you must be some of our greatest fans.     So why not send us a letter?       The address will show up everywhere in the Magazine ..............................    Ok!     Bye for now,  and please remember:        Mad is the world, and we really hope it will stay that way .............................................           ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^                                                                                      Oh!     Since I haven"t got anything to do right now, I might just as well write some more messages ...        Message number 47 goes to Dropsy of the Russians:  I"m sorry about everything, but I"m no swapper ...       Mess #48 to Nizze:   Why are you always so buzy?     Mess #49 to everyone:   Why is the ADD-plst command so bad?  It can"t handle presetlists as big as our.   (Our preset-list contains over 1200 samples!!!)    Pity!      Mess #50 to "Han i gult":   You"ve got my permission to kill Spike ...     Mess #51 to ...      to ...     Eh?     to Santa!!!!    Merry Christmas!!!!       Mess #52 to Crab:   I like you grafix!     Mess #53 to Art of Noice: So, you"re really the masters of noice!      Mess #54 to everything and everyone:   Do you think I can write more than 100 messages?     Mess #55 to the reader of these messages: You may stop reading now, because I"m NOT going to write anything of interest from here ...                  Well, Message #56 goes to Message #57 because of the missing Message #58, the Mess #59 will be excactly like Mess #60, since Mess #61 died yesterday, I just have to send a special Mess #62, which goes to nobody .................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      ____________________ And here"s Mess #63:    So you really WANT to read all these messages?       So, I"ll just continue with Mess #64, and it goes to Ghostman:   Did you like my intro???     Mess #65 to Spexhane:   Do you get your Atari-bootblock to work?    Mess #66 to Svedish Television:   You"re ROTTEN!!!!!!     Mess #67 to Micke W:  I don"t think you ever will read this message, but if you do, then I"m sorry for you, cos there"s just no meaning in this message ...     Mess #69 to Barbro Ohlsson:  You are the WORST teacher I know ...     Mess #70 to myself:  Why do I write all these messages?     Mess #71 to Boerni"s rabbit:   Yeah! Just eat his disks!     Mess #72 goes to the Dark Helmet:   Do you think that I will learn you how to make a demo???    HAHA!    Mess #73 is a little story that you all can tell your childrens when you get older:             Love is a special way of feeling ...    It is the safe way we feel when we sit on our mother"s lap with her arms around us tight and close.     It is the good way we feel when we talk to someone and they want to listen and don"t tell us to go away and be quiet.     It is the happy way we feel when we save a bird that has been hurt ...  or feed a lost cat ...  or calm a frightened colt.      Love is found in unexpected places ...  It is there in the quiet moment when we first discover a beautiful thing ...   when we watch a bird soar high against a pale blue sky ...   when we see a lovely flower that no one else has noticed ...   when we find a place that shelters us and is all our very own.     Love starts in little ways ...  It may begin the day we first share our thoughts with someone else ...   or help someone who needs us ...    Or sometimes, it begins because, even without words, we understand how someone feels.      Love comes quietly ...   but you know when it is there, because, suddenly ...  you are not alone any more ...   and there is no sadness inside you.     Love is a happy feeling that stays inside your heart for the rest of your life.                     That"s the highest grade in English!            Oh!   There"s more messages coming up ...   Message #74 to Hans:  WHAT???  Didn"t you like this intro?    Mess #75 to you:  Yeah!  Only 25 messages left!     Mess #76 to somebody who right now is starting at a wonderful Northstar-intro:    Mahoney is hungry!   He"ll be back in a minute ......     >>>>>>>>>>>>> Hejsan! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<        Mess #77:    Mahoney is not hungry anymore!!!      Mess #78 to AXE:  Thanx anyway!    Mass #79 to my brother:   Volleyball?      Mess #80 to Ron & Piq:  God Jul & Goda Negerbullar???    Mess #81 to Fredrik Hansson from Ystad:  Do you know me???     Mess #82 to Anyone out there: Message error ...       Message #83:  Skruv!         Mess #84 to Zoolook: Hi!              Well, message #85:      I"m running out of time ...    This intro has to be finished tomorrow, because then I have to send it to Kaktus, so he can write his scroll below ...          Mess #86 is some of my future plans:      Well, at Christmas, I wanted to start with a game,   but as you can see, I didn"t ...     Too lazy, too buzy, or anything like that ...        But now, when school has started, I think i will ...    First I will make a simple ball-game, just for practice, and then, I will start with a REAL game, a GOOD game ...       Mess #87:   Well, dear reader, now it"s only 13 messages left!!!     Mess #88 to Front:  Keep it up!    Mess #89 to Danny of AFL:  Continue! This is great!    Mess #90 to DOC:   There"s a BUG in Soundtracker V2.1 ...     Play a sound, and set it to volume $D0 ( C-2 1CD0 )         Mess #91 to Kaktus:   Can you beat all my messages???  I don"t think so ...     Mess #92 to Kerstin Karlsson (another ROTTEN teacher (Our computer-teacher)):     Just you wait and see ...   When my virus is ready on the microbee, your system is GONE!!!!!   SEE THAT???   GONE!!!!!     (The virus won"t spread outside our school, ofcoz ...)       Mess #93:     My next demo (Yes, I"m going to do one more, before my game) will be something nice ...      Mess #94 to Newton:  Historic?      Mess #95 to Alfred Nobel:    I really have to thank you for your beautiful invention ...    (What would the happy new year be like, if we hadn"t got all these pang-pangs???)       Mess #96 to Beethoven:    (He"s dead, but anyway!)  Nice Music!        Mess #97 to Carl Von Linne":   I really want to kill ya for all these stupid names in biology ...       Mess #98 to our King in Sweden, his majesty Carl-Gustav Bernadotte:    Hi!  Nice wife!     (That was stupid, wasn"t it???)    (It fills the memory, hehe!)          Message number 99 goes to myself, just to say that I"m happy that I finally got to MESSAGE #100!!!!!!!!!!!!         Well, message #100:       So, what is going to happen in the future?       I will make one more demo (3D), and then a little two-player ball-game, and then, I"ll be gone from the demo-world, because of game-programming ...      Please don"t cry ...     I know it"s hard ...     But I see ya all again in about 2-3 months ...            Keep in mind:   Watch your steps, MAHONEY is watching ...