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                          E = mystic!   
                        code - CHARON   
                          music - XTD   
                       graphics - CIA   
                      design - CHARON   
          animations - TROCEK and CIA   
                     Have a nice day&   

 " Ilex " is ended*                     
  detail info about this demo :         
   code - Charon                        
     note : sphere   -  5040 dots       
            sinewave - 14000 dots       
   audio - Xtd                          
           songs : " Wavering "         
                   " Light of day "     
   video - Cia                          
        pictures : " Loreal "           
                   " Death "            
                   " Goose "            
                   " Eve "              
        animation: " Tunnel "           
   video - Trocek                       
        animation: " Fight "            
     used two Scala-backgrounds         
   design - Charon                      
 Charon's greets list:                  
 Illusion                    Stan       
                             Axel D*    
 TRSI                        Norby      
 Applause                    Roberts    
 The Edge                    Spiryt     
 Anathema                    Greg       
   and Trocek, Lecho, Yoga, Chomias     
       and all Mystic's members         
       Special words for Cathy :        
 Fight animations are from intro for new
       karate game made by Trocek       
      ( release date - october 94 )     
       Hi guys***                       
 Mars of Mystic is writing some shits*  
 This is our second track'mo and I think
 it's good production (as alwaays)*     
 I haven't enought time coz I'm writing 
 thiz text on Intel Outside Party*      
 I would like to greet my best scene    
 friend aspecially:                     
 all Mystic's members,                  
 Python and Norby from TRSI,            
 XTD of both thiz group,                
 Qwerty and Trash Head from Scope,      
 Qba of Illusion,                       
 and Action of Energy, Sky / Blaze,     
 Metyl / Funzine, Stone, Eb and Drozol  
 of The Interceptors, Lovely / Applause 
 Backfire / Applause, Smile of Turnips, 
 and Goocio, Domin, Dave, Warhawk****** 
 Ok* I'm greeting all my contact in     
 Poland and all over the world*         
 Speciall greeat for Trasher / Sanity   
 and Mr*King/Scoopex*                   
 If you hadn't answer from me then      
 please contact me fast* I answer all   
 letter always* Ok* Thiz text is        
 Some adresses:                         
     CHARON                   XTD       
 Jarek Wetoszka           Piotr Bendyk  
   ul*Pokoju 1          ul*Gdanska 14/57
21500 B*Podlaska           84232 Rumia  
     POLAND                  POLAND     
For swapping write:                     
            ul*Na Stoku 2A              
             84230 Rumia