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"NUMB." A |\/|0V@mEnT E×P@r¡e|\|Ce by Anthony,911 and ALEX!!  Hidden-part: Hold LEFT-MOUSEBUTTON when booting!!! HarHarHarHar!(it's possible that this demo DOES NOT work properly on 4000/40
 because of no such machine in da neighbourhood.... Sorry!!!   )                                                                                       

         a movement experience.          
           brought to you by:            
       code                anthony       
       main graph             alex       
       music                   911       
       design     anthony+alex+911       
       add. graph      lowlife/htl       
       this font               hof       
         `numb.~ was released at         
          the party 3 in herning         
       some things we want to say:       
       magician lord has recently        
       changed handle to anthony.        
       special thanks fly over to        
       lowlife for helping us out        
       with a little gfx-problem!        
       due to not enough time, we        
       are sorry to tell you that        
       `numb~ wasn't tested on an        
             amiga 4000-40.              
       further info and the usual        
       greets can be found in the        
        hidden part of this demo         
       hint : it's not very well         
        `numb.~ is the movement's        
        first trackload-demo. more       
          will follow for sure!          
     movemental family-members are:      
               911    alex               
           anthony    astro              
             bross    liberator          
           meegosh    nam                
            reflex    robotnik           
            skynet    suny               
             storm    toastmaster        
        and no-one else... (yet!)        
        contact us for swapping,         
           and only swapping!            
        - astro / the movement -         
           prinsengracht 63 b            
           1015 dl  amsterdam            
        - bross / the movement -         
          3 bis, bvd richelieu           
           02100  st. quentin            
         the coder of this demo          
       - anthony / the movement -        
            eerste donk  101             
           5233 hk  den bosch            
       for joining and musicians:        
         - 911 / the movement -          
             torenakker  10              
             5731 cc mierlo              
        as said before, find the         
        not-so-serious things in         
            the hidden part.             
       just to clear up some mess        
          we'd like to say that          
         - oops! - ted's farm -          
      - kumimiehet - fishingtrip -       
       are all @ by the movement.        
             - one on one -              
     is @ by the movement and cncd.      

          the hidden part, ta!          
     we're sorry for the not-so-big     
      secret to get into this part,     
     but we didn't have much time to    
     spend on this demo.. also, this    
      will not be a compo-winner we     
     guess, but anyway, the movement    
     delivered a production which is    
     not among the worst, we'd say..    

     some public announcements and      
       news about the movement.         
     - kris and orion were kicked,      
       so they didn't leave like        
       they wrote in eternal 2.         
     - ruben, jef and nugget left to    
       search for luck outside the      
       amiga scene. enjoy life!         

    - one on one is a new coop-label    
      for productions by members of     
      the movement and cncd. this is    
      just for making productions       
      together, so movement didn't      
      join cncd, and cncd didn't join   
      movement. (we write this for all  
      stupid news collectors who write  
      things they don't know about!)    

    - no! `oops~ and `ted's farm~ are   
      not subgroups of movement, they   
      are just labels we like to use    
      to give some extra credit to the  
      creators of the products..        
    - expect some new move-mental       
      productions pretty soon!! ..      
                ( end )                 

      astro, 911 and anthony greet      
    these people we respect and love    
          stellar (dalmak,mac)          
        sanity (trasher,moby,ra)        
             trsi (control)             
           lemon. (the pride)           
           absolute (rackler)           
      damones (casket,hoffi,irwin)      
          dcs (exciter,ikari)           
           balance (subject)            

     dreamdealers (antony,redlight)     
      miracle (kris+orion.. not!)       
    complex (delorean,open eyes,jugi)   
           parallax (legend)            
             faith (melvin)             
razor 1911 (colorbird,john peel, chorus)
             essence (slam)             
            nova (mr. keel)             
            kefrens (zinko)             
       static bytes (quackbuster)       
     spaceballs (kingpin,travolta)      

   and the people that have a special   
    place in the movement's hearts!     
          carillon and cyberiad         
              melon dezign              
             banal projects             
         da mighty rubberboots!         

    some small messages from 911 and    
            anthony to these :          
hof - thanx a lot for getting us        
      your logos in time! great! ahwell,
      in the end we solved that gfx-    
      problem anyway, so there..        
walt - jason 90210 lookalike!           

reflex - too bad about the xmas         
         presents i bought, but, see you
         in february i hope! ..         
mark!  - hij is af!                     
destop - glad i didn't make a bet with  
         you for writing that letter    
         before xmas! eheh. good luck at
         bloodhouse and c ya in summer! 

alex - thanx a lot for your support and 
       fast reply on our call for help! 
       you're a great guy to work with  
       and i'm pretty sure we can get   
       something more `deep~ ready      
       another time..! ehhehe...        
prime premium - nice calls, cool town   
         you live in! (saw it on video!)
murk - hello! loved your latest stuffs! 

heatbeat - still in for some selfmade   
           food swapping ?              
lowlife - hey varken, finished in time  
          and used your gfx!  happy now?
          (digitize-master! haha! joke!)
steroid - kaashoofd! glad ya liked this 
          demo! spread it well, ok?     

hollywood - like this a1200-production? 
            cool letters, expect some   
            weird tapes from me soon!   
t'vaan - grrreat gfx! i'm waiting for   
         your letter, else i'll fax you 
         at steroid's place!            
toastmaster - julemand! luciano's rules!

liberator - still enjoying swimming in  
            the main-street of roermond?
            hey,let's organize a canoe- 
            trip to your place! harhar! 
crew one - nice a1200 utils you keep    
           sending me!  i'll show you   
           my game soon!                
to all of you - watch out for anthony's 
                game, coming soon!!     

   and that's it for the hellos etc..   
    text will restart pretty soon! .