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stellar  jam
accs   intro
stellar time
banal  intro
limbo  intro
pptt   intro
 use arrows
 and return

                  conscience forever !!        yeah !  i made it again
 ...  issue number 4 of the
kumimiehet is a fact and i hope you all find it enjoyable !!        
the credits are (once again) going to #magician lord# for the code ....
#facet of lemon.# for the brilliant graphics@design@fonts .....
this issues music was done by  :  #nao and nuke of lemon.# (thanx michiel and
martin! cool tune lads!) ...    
i want to write a nice scroller but i can't come up with a cool idea!
arg! ... look out for messages later on! .... to all who asked .. :    
!yes!  i   !will!  come to denmark this christmas ! meet you all !   
my pack-scrollers are getting as boring as the scollers in
paragon of desire's pack !!  (well ... almost!) ... ok now read very
carefully   :    look around in your room !now! ... ok now look at the
most useless object you can find ! ... like invite nail-care (?),
broken phones, coverdisks, votesheets for polish chart-mags, disk with
modules by facet, disks with design gfx by 911, faked stamps from some
lamer in brasil, analog packs, lame letters from speedy, santa-hats,
pluche koala-bear wearing the santa-hat, 'not-real roses' for giving
your girl over and over again, photo of yourself (uselessness depending
on your uglyness !  (ugly is not useless !)), 30 metres of phone-wire,
original of starglider 2, a wooden camel being a souvenir you got from
your granny she bought for you on a trip to israel with a lot of granny's,
valetine's day cards from your ex or ! whatever ! you may find useless !
what you do with them ?   just send 'm over ! .. this way swapping becomes
fun again! ...  do it!   today! ...      this issues messages are flying over
to ...  @quackbuster of static bytes@  :  thanx a lot for contacting me
and for sending the great eurochart so fast! .. #911#  :  megathanx for
sending 'conscience' ! yeah! .. je moet zeker met de fransen naar a'dam
komen want ... want ..  nou gewoon!   daarom!
  i think you re-invented the meaning of the word 'organiser' .. well done!
 .... @ikari of dcs@  :  so you finally got your modem eh ? well call our
dutch hq !  looking forward to your pack mate! .... #antony of dreamdealers# 
:  hi antony!  thanx for the great letter and the brilliant live 3 !   
hope to see that new pack-design of yours soon!   meet you this x-mas for
sure!  ... @paragon of desire@  :  not that unimportant ? hueuhheu ...
@speedy of parasite@  :  !think! before you speak you lousy swapperbrain !!
@james of balance@  :  yo mate! .. thanx for the answer and nice send! ...
@pride of lemon.@  :  wiaaaa! ..  cool letters!  nice wares!  stay icy ! ...
@dalmak of stellar@  :  mighty kuuli stellar prods mate! how about my pack
then ? like it ?   ...  wooaaa!  i'm tired of writing messages ! look in
the next issues of live and chitchat for !loads! of messages from me !
prepare for the boring part weemen!! ....   911 and astro send kisses and
hugs to the following friends ....    
all ABCDEFG members!!! -
virtual (rocket) -
sanity (diddle@trasher) -
crusaders (nightshade) -
andromeda (mcs) -
lemon. (the pride@nao@majic mushroom@facet@moxy@nuke@paradroid@dope@dan) -
analog (spoky) -
#cncd# (groo@heatbeat@dean@prime premium@mark@di33y@destop@wdo) -
vision (mr.king) -
banana design (messiah@micro-pal) -
#dreamdealers# (antony) -
spaceballs (kingpin) -
static bytes (quackbuster) -
rebels (everyone except jake!!) -
#melon# (hof@walt@mack@bannasoft@seen@audiomonster) -
kefrens (hawkeye@zinko) -
#banal# (suhu@ukulele@pmb@epidemic@boris) -
accession (zakka@ddt@spot@coke) -
trsi (control@sal-one@tsm@flame@dark@redskin@x-!@saito@capslockman) -
mirage (retep@blo (ed de goey) ) -
dcs (killraven@exciter@ikari@doom@red devil) -
parallax-design of scoopex (legend) -
nova (mr.keel@header) -
absolute (archie@rackler@mental) -
tek (maxwell) -
parasite (speedy@pearl) -
zenith (polaris@lord incognito) -
stone arts (dolphin) -
alcatraz (head) -
logic (xentec) -
x-trade (adder) -
tech (tropeduft) -
vicious (ravedown) -
stellar (dalmak@shadow@mac) -
razor 1911 (colorbird@john peel@limbo) -
agnostic front (funky@howie) -
desire (paragon@nsa@tsm) -
equinox (jackpot@messiah) -
damones (casket@hoffi@irwin@eddie) -
wizzcat (lowkick) -
jetset (skull@stearo) -
#bold and the beautiful!!# (ridge@caroline@clark!) -
ramjam (posdnuos) -
faith (melvin@paragon) -
virtual dreams of flt (d-mage) -
abbys (toxic) -
supplex (decca) -
majic 12 (capman) -
chrome (tornado) -
infect (pace@real) -
#sonic# (model@funky fellow@murk) -
balance (subject@james) -
nuance (thor@andy) -
genocide (messenger) -
decnite (branca) -
delicious (blancmange) -
mad elks (redman) -
energy (docile drawer) -
ngc (matrix) -
iris (overdose) -
wizard (independant) -
alchemy (backfire) ...             
that's all mates,pals etc. !! ....      keep your dick high and make
sure to visit denmark this christmas !!!!    bibibibibibib!