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.....Miracle presents *New Stuff* in 1990!!    Just incase you don't know, This intro was coded by SABBATH!  And it's SABBATH typing... I give my best regards to... * ALL MIRACLE * Mr.Acid * Voyager * The Hitman * Rocksteady * Mr.T * Alan (I.CITY) * Rastlin * Kreator * Del * Tigger * Clarky * Master * J.Drokk * Mr.Big * Rygar...     Well this could be my last intro for a while, Because i might be joining the Royal Air Force... But who know's?   A BIG thanx must go to Razor 1911 for thier cool demo showing off a new 68000 command: -MOVEF-, Without that useful command coding in the 90's would be HELL!! (Ha!Ha!)    If you are a cool Coder, Phreaker or Master supplier. Then contact: PORTA +46 225 13408! But NO lamers.       Well it's hot in England again today. So i'm off for a cool beer!!    See-ya all at the PC SHOW-London 1990!!!        Wrap..........