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           M E R C E N A R Y                            PRESENTS                            FUN IN THE SNOW                                                                 CODING BY SPOOK                   MUSIC BY 4-MAT OF SLIPSTREAM           VECTOR OBJECTS & FONT BY SPOOK                                                 USE JOYSTICK TO CONTROL VECTORS                                                          MERCENARY ARE                    DACO ... Musician, Swapping                  EXIS ... Swapping                  FASH ... Musician, Swapping           FRED ... Compilations, Swapping       GREYSTAR ... Modem & Postal Swapping     HYBRID ... Compilations, Swapping             PUNISHER ... Swapper               SPOOK ... Coding, GFX, Swapping                   SYNE ... GFX                TEMPEST ... Swapping, Representitive            WOLVERINE ... GFX                                                      MERCENARY SEND OUT GREETINGS TO (A-Z)         ACCUMULATORS - SCOTT,MIKE            ACIDFORCE - JAY,HACKER,XTC,WADZ               AMIGA FORCE - GRANT                 ANIMATE - WIZZOID,AEROSMITH                 ANTHROX - COUNT ZERO                   ASSASSINS - DARK LIGHT             AUTOMATION/L.S.D - BOB,ZORRO,POD       ANARCHY UK - NORRIS,MR BIG,GINGER                     AXXIS                         BLITTING IMAGE - CRITICAL                       BRAINSTORM                       BRITISH MADE - PHANTOM                        B.S.S - GREY                     CRYSIS - PAW,XEROX,BATMAN            CHAOS/MEGADETH - FANGS,EMULATOR           DECORUM - SCOTT,ENTIMOLOGIST                  ECLIPSE - DESTINY                       EGON STARBLASTER                       ENIGMA - SIMULATOR                 EQUINOX - TRIDENT,EXCELSIOR               E.S.A - MEDIC,CHURCHGOER                     EXCEL UK - MIKE            FDS/POWERLORDS - ASTAR,ODIA,HBC,MAF,DAVE         EMPIRE,DRAGON,SNAKEYE            IPEC ELITE/WARP9 - PSYCLONE,SPROGGY             MR ACID,ORDAIN,PAUL                  I.T.V - ALF,ROTOR,HOTWIRE                         JANITOR                           L.A.D.S - SDC,POD                        MAFIA - WHIZZKID            MAGNETIC FIELDS- OPAL,COSY,FRAP,YAZ,NO.5        M.A.X B.B.S - JON BROOKS                    MIRAGE UK - TURBO                             N.C.S                              NEUTRON - RADIX                   NEW DIMENSION - HIGHWAYMAN                ODYSSEY - CYRUS,AXXION          ORACLE - LEE,TECHNICIAN,SCOOTER,VELKRO           PARADOX UK - MAVERIC                          PHANTASM                                 PHILY                            POWER FORCE - SLAYER                     POWERDRIVE - STEVE                  PSEUDO OPS - JOCK ROCKWELL       SHARE AND ENJOY - FLASH,POWERCUT,ANIMAL    SMURPHOID,DREAM WARRIOR,STORM GOD               HOBBES,OGRE,APACHE           SIRUS CORP - ABYSS,ROBOTRON,ASSASSIN,RAT SLIPSTREAM - DAN,QUARTERBACK,CRAIG,DAZ              ENIGMA,4-MAT                        STARTIDE/FOFT - TYRANT                 SUNDRAGONS - MOLE,STIGA                    SYNAPSE - MARAUDER                        T.C.S - SKULL                           TECH - HORDAX                THE MIGHTY DRUIDS - ALCHEMIST,GALDOR          GANDALF,LIGHTFOOT,MASTER              THE 2 DAVES - BIG AND DODGY             T.H.R - ASH,STUDIO MASTER,JJ                TRISTAR - NUTRIBRAIN                UNTOUCHABLES - SPIRAX,SHADOW          VISION FACTORY - IRON MAN,SLAINE              WATCHMEN - RORSCHACH                           ZARCH                             ZOMBI SQUAD - SAM            ........................................WELL, BOYS AND GIRLIES - TIME FOR YOU TO     GO CRYING TO MUMMY BECAUSE....      THERE IS NO MORE TEXT LEFT (SOB, SOB!) IF YOU DID NOT FEATURE IN THE GREETINGS   THEN YOU MUST BE A LAME ASSHOLE!!!!                                                    HERE'S A QUICK JOKE...         WHY IS THIS DEMO LIKE A U.S. GOLD GAME ?BECAUSE IT WAS RUSHED OUT FOR CHRISTMAS!             HA HA HA HA HA              FUCK ME!!! THE TIME IS 1:30 (A.M.!!!)    MUST GO, ONLY TIME TO SAY A QUICK...                 THANK YOU                TO 4-MAT OF SLIPSTREAM FOR THE AMAZINGLY      FUNKY JINGLE BELLS REMIX!!!!      ----------------------------------------   SIGNED SPOOK OF MERCENARY 23/12/89   ----------------------------------------           M E R C E N A R Y                       M E R C E N A R Y