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 YEAH ! YEAH !  YOU ARE SO RIGHT ! JUST FUCK ME ! PUSH ! PUSH ! INTO MY CUNT ! IT GLOWS ALREADY ! YOU MAKE ME SO DAMN HORNY ! YOU ARE SO MACHO !' SHE SAID...         ' THERE, THERE YOU PIG, NOW YOU HAVE THE JUICE, NEXT TIME I WILL SPRAY IN YOUR THROAT !'...                 FOR A LONG TIME, A LEGEND HAS SAID THAT FRENCH MEN ARE GOOD LOVERS AND ROMANTICS... WELL FOR GOOD LOVERS, ASK YOUR MOTHER (COZ SHE IS A GREAT LAY TOO!)   AND AS FOR ROMANTICISM, THIS MELONSTRATION CONTAINS A LOT OF ROMANTIC DESIGN, ROMANTIC TEXT AND ROMANTIC MUSIC...    SO, FOR THE POOR KIDS WHO DON'T LIKE THIS, YOU'D BETTER LOAD A NICE ANDROMEDA DEMO, COZ THE ROMANTIC STYLE IS BORN !         HOF MACK WALT WANT TO THANK MANY PEOPLE FOR BEING THE ORIGIN OF THE ROMANTIC MOVEMENT AND FOR PUTTING US ON THE RIGHT TRACK... SO THANXX TO OPEN EYES FOR THE PRECURSOR OPEN EYES STYLE...                                          TO TMB DESIGN AND JOACHIM B. FOR BEING THE BEST GRAPHICS ARTISTS IN NORWAY...                                          TO THE PORNOS FOR HAVING NO MOUSTACHE...                                          TO THE LOGO ABOVE FOR HAVING ONLY 3 COLORS !...                                          TO FACET FOR BEING THE BEST...                                          TO UNO FOR BEING THE WORST !...                                          TO ARTCORE DESIGN FOR BEING THE WORST TOO !...                                          TO KENZO FOR THE 'JEANS TEE-SHIRT' ET LE PARFUM...                                          TO US FOR BEING ROMANTIC...                                          TO XLARGE AND 26 RED FOR THE CLOTHES...                                          TO BENSON FOR NOTHING...                                           TO KYD+BALLE FOR BEING LAZY...                                          TO DEE DEE 7 FOR ?...                                          TO LAXITY FOR KILLING THE ALIEN...                                          TO WILDCARD FOR THE TRANSFERS...                                         TO PLAN B FOR THE SKATE DEMO IN DA STREET...                                          TO LONE STARR FOR BEING AN INNOVATOR...                                          TO MISTER MIXX WHO IS SO GRUNGY...                                          TO BOOKER T. FOR DA MUSIC...                                          TO CONDOMS WHO PROTECT US...                                          TO PACO FOR ALL BEVERLY-HILLS DIGITS...                                          TO GUNSHOT AND BLACK FLAG FOR MANY ROMANTIC SONGS...                                          TO FRANCE WHICH IS EUROPE'S NUMBER ONE...                                           TO NUMBER 6 WHO IS A KILLER...                                           TO AKSEL FOR STEALING THE CAR...                                           TO MODE 2 FOR DA DOUBLE-SOURCE'S FLOOR...                                           TO TOMBOA LAPIEZ FOR HAVING NO RESPECT FOR 'EAST 17'...                                           TO SIM+DRAKE FOR GIVING US THE SPEED WE NEEDED...                                           TO PARLIMENT WHO HAS CREATED THE FONKADELIC MEGA-STYLE...                                           TO SEEN DA BOSS, FOR BEATING OUR HEADS (A LOT..) AGAINST HIS UGLY GREEN WALLS...                                           TO ARMY OF LOVERS AND DEEE-LITE WHO JIVE THE DISCO VERY WELL...                                           TO PEOPLE WHO GO AND SLAM DA CHURCH WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING...                                           TO GOD WHO IS DA WORST OLD BANGER SELLER OF DA MILKY WAY...                                           ALSO THANXXX TO LEMON FOR HAVING SHOWN US EVER SINCE THEY WERE IN ANARCHY THAT THEY'RE ONLY ABLE TO COPY...                                           TO TITAN OF DIGIT-ALL FOR MAKING 3D LOGOS,S,S,S...                                           TO TRON AND THE POTATOES OF SANITARY WHO TOUGHT US HOW TO USE THE DESIGN...                                           TO CHAOS WHO LIKES THE DESIGN OF OUR DEMOS AS MUCH AS HIS PARENTS LIKE THE DESIGN OF THEIR SON...                                          TO THE FOOLS WHO 'TRY HARDER' AND ARE STILL WAITING FOR THE ANSWER FROM A THIEF AND RIPPER...                                           TO THE RUMOURS WHO'LL SAY THAT THIS LOGO IN HI-RES WAS MORE OR LESS MADE BY ONE GRAPHICS ARTIST ONLY...                                            TO THE AIDS & WARS IN THE WORLD...                                           TO GIRLS FOR HAVING 3 HOLES AND 2 HANDS FOR WASHING THE DISHES...                                           TO THE ROMANTIC STYLE...                                           TO YOU FOR READING THIS...                                           AT THIS CRITICAL JUNCTURE, YOU ASK YOURSELVES THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:   ARE MELONSTRATIONS FOR ALL PEOPLE OR JUST FOR A RESTRICTED POSSE ?      FOR US OR FOR THE OTHERS ?         WHAT'S THE MEANING OF MELON ?        WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE LIKE MELON ?         EVERYBODY ? NONE ?      WHO ?       WHY ?         NOBODY NOZ...