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Welcome to
The Official Eurochart
* 25 issue Jubilee *
Batteries not included!

Featuring `Stardance"
by Bjørn A. Lynne
Quite possibly his last module
ever on Amiga!

Now totally AGA-fied!
What does this mean to you, then?
Oh... Only the implementation of
* EuroStatistique *
* More pictures *
* More colours *

For the first time in our part
of the Eurochart saga:
A new no. 1 graphician!

Who topped Facet?

* Slideshows *

Is `Seven Seas" finally going to
claim pole position or will
`Prism" live this one out, too?

Jester got some competition
in the musician chart

Will Moby, winner of The Party 2 and 3,
take the lead?

...or has the `harddisk-effect"
brought Heatbeat fame and glory?

* The Official Eurochart *

Jah, den er go', den er go'!

The Fishing-Trip 1994
The Choice of a New Generation!

A milestone in scene-fishingtrips
Read all about it in the EuroNews!

Be there or be nowhere!

Also in the EuroNews:

Gathering 94 report, `Montage" CD review
EuroNews On Tour
(The final chapter!)

All this and more!

* The Official Eurochart *

The chart with new graphics
in every issue!

A warm `thank you" to
Genocide and Stellar
for making a truly
magnificent trailer for us!


`Er der nogen der vil have
noget kaffe?"

* Airwalk *

* "How 2 Scan a Kid"-intro credits *

Music : Heatbeat
Font : Solnova
Code'&'stuff : Slammer

Subliminal Douglas Adams message
also by Heatbeat!

...A few greetings!
Robotnik - Toast+ - Slammeur - Hithansen
Facet - Mega Madness - Joachim - Jason
Airwalk - Spin - Jones - Vention - Dice
Solnova - Kollaps - Æsel - Tron - Xience
Hannibal - Liquid - Djengis Khan - Archmage
Goy - Mount - Droid - Slide - Zinko - Seen
Astro - William - Castor - TMB Designs
Hyde - Helmet - Kingpin - Bjørn Lynne
Clawz - Dr.Outtasight - Mac

...we * you all!

* The Official Eurochart *

Verdens fedeste chart ifølge
os selv!