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     MELLOW IS BACK !     
      with a preview      
  of what you can expect  
    on our forthcoming    
       music disk !       
       quick credz:       
        code stuff        
    the mayhemic huib!    
     and the krypton!     
  yes , this is the man   
  from the picture!       
  the picture is a bit    
  about 4 or 5 months!    
  i am now 5 years old    
  and the only toddler    
  in the amiga scene!     
  my IQ equals 219        
  and that makes me more  
  intelligent than all    
  pc-users together!      
  last night i visited    
  my good friend bill...  
  you know bill clinton!  
  i told him the solution 
  to his big dilemma.     
  and he paid me a million
  bucks! to bad i can't   
  take it out of my       
  savings account untill  
  i'm 21 ...              
  fuckerdyfuckfuck !      
  anyway i'm now champion 
  of the world in speed-  
  i beat doogie houser    
  without breakin' a      
  erm ... if you nead     
  an iq test send some    
  disks to :              
  sandifortstraat 3       
  2035 RH haarlem         
  or send some to :       
  mayhemic huib/mellow    
  kennemerstraatweg 230   
  1851 AX  He¬°loo         
  it's time for some      
  greets & messages!      
  to noodle/fp & desire   
  hi dude , send me some  
  of those heavy metal    
  comix ... they are cool 
  to infant/fp & desire   
  if you go to rebbels    
  i will kick your ass!   
  facet's pussy rules!    
  to ramon/fp & desire    
  was hokus pokus as good 
  for u as it was for me? 
  i know there where some 
  mistakes in the text and
  some bugs in the        
  routines but they will  
  be eliminated in issue 2
  to diesel/razor 1911?   
  you stink dude !        
  why did you suddenly    
  stop sending?           
  are you as stupid as    
  to facet/SB             
  thanx for the hokuspokus
  design man !            
  i know i'm sort of      
  depressed all the time, 
  but still , always cool 
  conversations on the    
  phone! could you tell   
  hein he's the best ?    
  thanx , later!          
  to flynn/outlaws        
  wow dude , bummer !     
  don't quit the scene man
  stay a while ... stay   
  for ever !! hihi        
  thanx for all yar help! 
  i still have lots to    
  learn about assambler   
  but i'm lazy you know ? 
  i mean i can do faders  
  and scrollers but i like
  the simple style , hehe 
  can you tell me anything
  about trackloaders ?    
  to radavi/effect        
  hows life bro ?         
  are you going to infant 
  and noodles party ?     
  i'm going so maby ill   
  meet you there.         
  cool chip pack dude     
  only i hate waiting and 
  your aga-fader was so   
  slow i just had to reset
  axis is the coolest !   
  you are going to win at 
  saturn party i can feel 
  to sasha/mirage         
  why are you hanging     
  with that wimp magic    
  or fulco whatever the   
  hell his name is ?      
  he's a small slimy      
  backstabbing wimpy      
  little pimpelface!      
  he's nothing! come      
  and swap for mellow!    
  or for both!            
  and to haralampie/us    
  expect big package soon!
  tell smoovy i loved :   
  what does crayon s.     
  mean to you. see ya!    
  enough messages for now.
  how do you like the     
  music ?                 
  there will be more of it
  on our music disk.      
  there is no release date
  set yet , coz we are all
  lazy bastards and we    
  hate amiga scene ,      
  pigs can fly , nuclear  
  power is safe blablabla 
  blabablabllbala bla     
   blbala           bla   
  i'm sorry but i'm gonna 
  leave you now.          
  baywatch is on , and    
  well i have to watch    
  girls in small          
  bathing suits , coz...  
  well it's the law!      
  salut mes amis !        
  don't forget to send    
  your votesheets for     
  hokus pokus to us !     
And here are sum messies  
from extraterrestial huib!
Noodle / Facet's Pussy:   
I AM WAITING!!!!!!!!!     
Zibi / Flying Cows:       
keep up the great swapping
you rule!                 
Receiver / indep.:        
sorry for delay..         
next time i will be faster
Cybergod / RamJam         
Have a nice swapexperience
With the Mayhemic Huib!!!!
Well..that's all from Huib
(i mean for the messies!) 
HUIB greetz all who know  
his name...............!